Destined to Live, Despite Me

About the Author

Yolanda A. Shanks is a Bible study facilitator and small group leader. Having survived a suicide attempt early in life, Yolanda writes with warmth and compassion offering scriptural truths and practical solutions for the many painful issues attempted suicide survivors face. Yolanda has an amazing family and a rewarding career.

About the book

Destined To Live, Despite Me speaks on the topic of suicide directly to the actual attempter in terms of spiritual direction, after they have sought counseling. It's coffee table tone also invites anyone, including individuals who may not have ever contemplated suicide, but who simply need direction in living a meaningful and purposeful life built on biblical truth. While D2LDM steers clear of giving medical or psychological guidance (The author understands and supports the need of individuals obtaining necessary medical counseling first), it doesn’t apologize for its direct approach in providing spiritual guidance for the rebuilding of one’s life on the fundamentals of our faith in God, and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The author understands that choosing to deliberately live life to its fullest; in peace and freedom, yet not absent from the storms of life, which are certain to come, but “through” the torrent conditions during this journey requires something other than “a name and claim it attitude” or “a wishful thinking mindset.” It demands faith in our Creator to perform the work that He has begun in us.

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