Sacred Lotus

About the Author

Sat'Ra ~Tracey~ Lumumba (born August 13, 1982) is a Self-employed work from home mom of 5 and a wife. The name of her business is Sat-Ra's Touch where she allows her innovative craftiness to come alive in many forms such as but not limited to writing; She is a blogger and Independent Published Author releasing her first book "Sacred Lotus" in January of 2017. Birth work; she is a Certified Doula since 2015, & Culinary Arts; she is also a plant-based wellness Chef and advocate for Holistic Wellness highly reknowned for her infamous Love Kale Salad which she says is purely the magic of her signature Love Sauce.

Lumumba began writing as a child. She would write short stories and poems for fun and as she grew older would use writing as a platform to express her deepest sentiments. "I express myself best through writing" Sat'Ra says "Its just something about a pen, piece of paper and a peaceful atmosphere." During the pregnancy of her fourth child, Lumumba decided she would write a detailed story about her life thus far and open up about her experiences of Domestic Violence and childhood Sexual Abuse.

She struggled with the demands of writing her book though. Being in a new relationship, while preparing for the arrival of a new baby and caring for her other three children, plus being in a whole new state inevitably called for Sat'Ra to put some things on hold. By 2016, after her fifth baby was born in 2014, and she had time to put somethings into perspective, Sat'Ra was then ready to complete the book she started. By January of 2017, Sacred Lotus was published and released.

About the Book

Sacred Lotus is an autobiography about the life of author Sat'Ra Lumumba. She courageously shares with readers her trials in life as a survivor and how she moved from victim to Victor. Sacred Lotus is available on

The Blakk Dahlia books:Wrong Vengeance and Rushing to Distraction

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, published model, actress, author/blogger, editor-in-chief....Alexcina Brown wears many hats. According to her, she sums it up as, "I'm a creator..."
Alexicna began by modeling for photography projects and fashion shows for established/upcoming designers, and fashion show production companies. She has worked with clothing, beauty, and accessory brands for print and web campaigns along with being featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines for fashion designer, model features, beauty and health editorials.

In the acting world, she has worked on indie films, web series, theater, and major sitcoms. Taking her aspirations back to the educational side, she's studied with the best in the business to ensure a lasting and lucrative career.

In business, Alexcina has worked behind the scenes for various brands within the music, fashion, & entertainment industry. She created and now serves as Editor-In-Chief for BRASH! Magazine (digital media platform for new and established Indie Music Artists).

Her latest venture, writing under the moniker The Blakk Dahlia, she documents her life lessons and random adventure in her lifestyle blog along with releasing the new book series, the Heartbreak Diaries. Determined to tell her own stories to inspire, release, and entertain along the way.

About the Books:

Wrong Vengeance

Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy Sullivan appears to be a woman who has it all together, however readers will quickly learn that she’s living in a world in which she despises. Dealing with abuse in many forms within her own home, she escapes however carries the weight of the post trauma as she tries to move on with her life. While the world continues to turn, Brandy is stuck wondering if love will give her more than what she received. Will she allow past hurt eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.

Wrong Vengeance displays how a good/warm heart can turn cold. The Blakk Dahlia took a personal experience and created a tale of romance, chaos, pain and self-discovery.

Rushing to Distraction

​Rushing to Distraction is the first entry from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. This story goes deep inside of a heart that ignores the warning signs when potential love shows up. Immersing everything into just getting it to work out.

Farrah is driven, focused, and knows her worth until she runs into Jamie. After a long time of putting love on the back-burner, the guard quickly crumbled over this man's potential. She wasn’t asking for the romantic feelings, however, when they showed up, it was hard to let go.

Jamie knows she's wrapped around his finger; slowly drawing her in with the potential for a great love. For Farrah, her yearn for companionship blinds her to the reality that taking it slow is imperative when getting to know someone. Her goals fell by the wayside, her personal relationships faltered; all because she’s distracted by a possibility.

Will her constant attempts to make him love her fail? Or will he see her sacrifices as admirable and CHOOSE her?

This lust-filled suspense read will open reader's minds to questions that goes un-asked when dating. Do you see me as the one? Are you ready for a relationship? No? Well, is it because you simply don't want it with me?

Tap into the heartbreak and engage in the conversations many are too afraid to start with lovers...

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Afrocentric Education

About the Author

My name is Cynthia Cornelius. I am a native and product of Oakland, California and a single mother of three productive adult children and one grandson. I grew up in a time when the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was on the rise and Black Power and Love was a mindset. I attended schools in the Oakland unified school district. Schools that indoctrinated students on mainstream hegemony. Schools that taught Black children to be inferior and not superior. Teaching history that only viewed their ancestors as inferior and uncivilized beings in World and Human Civilization. Schools that did not center their Blackness in their education.

Upon graduation, I enrolled at Merritt College and began my matriculation not just in higher learning but also in learning about my TRUE Black heritage and culture. Over the years, while raising my offspring, I continued to attend higher learning, whenever I could. I went on to obtain both my Bachelors in Africana Studies (2008) and my Masters in Equity and Social Justice in Education (2013) from San Francisco State University. After completing my thesis, Afrocentric Education And Its Importance In African American Children And Youth Development And Academic Excellence - A Comprehensive Analysis, I decided to transform my thesis into a published book. I felt there was a void in this subject matter that needed to be presented.

In 2011, I created a non-profit organization, The Chinue X Project, Inc, (TCXPI), an Afrocentric Educational Resource Service to bring awareness to African/Black heritage and culture through Black History. Through my non-profit, I established a pilot program for young scholars in Oakland to begin discourse on a k-12 level that reflects true history of African descendants and to center them in their education. My goal is to facilitate education that is centered in African heritage and culture for young scholars to see themselves, to love themselves, to respect themselves as product participants in society.

About the Book

Afrocentric Education And Its Importance In African American Children And Youth Development And Academic Excellence - A Comprehensive Analysis

This comprehensive analysis will examine the value and viability of Afrocentricity and African Centered Education as alternatives to Eurocentric education, and critically analyze the theoretical frameworks of Afrocentricity as pedagogy for children and youth. It will seek to answer the following questions; Does Afrocentricity in children and youth shape their identity? Does Afrocentricity in children and youth shape their academic achievement?; and, Does Afrocentricity in children and youth shape their development?


A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises

About the Author

Dr. Veronica L. Hardy is an inspirational speaker, author, and educator. She is currently a university-level educator and licensed clinical social worker. As a mental health professional, she desired to learn how to improve her ability to integrate Biblical scriptures into her clinical services. This led her to obtain a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from a program that enabled her to better grasp the impact of spirituality in counseling.
Dr. Hardy is an insightful author as showcased through her book, A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises. She also communicates her passion for empowerment and confronting life challenges through multiple publication venues including her roles as a contributing writer for the book, Navigating the Doctoral Journey: A Handbook of Strategies for Success, co-author of academic journal articles, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Practice Implications for Mental Health Professionals and Spirituality Group with Female Prisoners: Impacting Hope, and a contributing article writer for The CFM Group Magazine Publishing.
Dr. Hardy is also the organizer of multiple empowerment events including Conversations: A Women’s Empowerment Symposium, a forum to identify and confront barriers to living a beautiful life; Woman to Woman: There is Power in Our Stories, a platform for women to share their spiritual journeys of resilience; 60 Seconds, a domestic violence awareness event; and Creative Strategies, a seminar series designed to highlight the leadership strengths of social work professionals. Through her writing and public speaking, she uses the power of story to reveal and confront challenges experienced by the readers and listeners. Overall, she believes that life is art and is committed to helping others realize their essential value, unique design, and limitless potential.

About the Book

A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises is a unique work designed to empower women through story, spirituality, and reflection. Dr. Veronica L. Hardy creatively highlights challenges experienced by women including intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, relationship conflicts, and self-image.

The use of a key story from the New King James Version of the Bible is the basis of the book. Tamar, the daughter of King David, experienced a form of sexual assault - rape, which impacted her identity. She carried the weight of this act on her shoulders but was able to confide in someone close to her. Through A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises, you will find inspiration and power in Tamar’s story. It is time to embrace the power in yours.
A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God's Promises is a 2019 publication of WestBow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan.

More about Dr. Veronica L. Hardy:


A Few Steps Away from Victory

About the Author:

Desolyn L. Hicks is a speaker, biblical counselor, mentor, author/writer consultant and the founder of Faithcures, LLC a publishing company that focuses on healing the hearts of God’s people throughout the world. Desolyn holds Bachelor of Science degrees in business management from LeTourneau University and biblical counseling from the College of Biblical Studies. Desolyn has successfully received training from the Inspire Women Leadership Academy; and serving as a facilitator for Inner Circles which is designed to replenish women spiritually of their daily challenges.

Desolyn focuses on imparting practical wisdom and providing spiritual guidance that encourages women to passionately pursue their purpose in God. Her heart is to see the people of God healed, delivered, and whole again.

About the Book:

Inside this new, revolutionary book, you will be empowered with step-by-step spiritual guidance, and discover how to move forward from brokenness, control of your negative emotions, have a forgiving heart, and balance your life, trust God by changing your mindset with key Bible verses and prayers that will encourage you.

God loves you, and wants you to be healed from disappointments, unmet expectations, and betrayal from individuals that you trusted wholeheartedly; and start experiencing His abundance. God has the perfect plan for your life you are destined for a divine purpose! A Few Steps Away From Victory helps in jumpstarting your healing process, and places you in a perfect position to experience God’s promises, and ignite His power to walk with absolute confidence.

More about Desolyn L. Hicks:

IG: @authorhicksspeaks
Twitter: @desolynlhicks

The Road to Self Love

About the Author

Tajah resides in Murfreesboro, NC where she attends Hertford County High School as a High Honor Roll Freshman. She is a member of Menola First Baptist Church in Woodland, NC where she is faithfully committed to serving God and her church as an usher. She has plans to attend college and become a veterinarian. Keep your eye open for her future endeavors. This is only the beginning.

Zyriphia resides in Murfreesboro, NC where she is a Hertford County employee. Her passion for helping others is the driving force behind who she is and who she’s becoming. Zyriphia is an author, photographer, mentor,and artist.

You can learn more about her work by visiting the website: CLICK HERE

About the Book

The Road to Self Love
The Interactive Parent and Child Journal

Together, Tajah and I spent 21 of our summer days focusing on loving and caring for ourselves. Each day we actively worked together and individually writing, completing activities, and communicating about each chosen topic. We used this time to be open and honest about our thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants for ourselves and as a team.

If you are looking for a way to refocus on yourself, teach your children the importance of self-love and care, and/or opening the lines of communication with your children "The Road to Self Love" is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Tajah and I are happy to share our assignments, activities, and journal topics with you. Please join us on our journey of self-love and self-care.

Click the Link to learn more and order your copy: CLICK HERE

Books: Because No One Told Me / No Longer Scarred

About the Author

Jasmine J. Moore is a Motivational speaker, Philanthropist, and Youth advocate that has been working with youth for over 10 years. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and mentor to many young woman who she identifies with in many unique ways. Currently she is the Program Director for a Homeless and at-risk youth program in Camden City, Chairperson for the Southern NJ Youth and Education Committee, and she has also worked as a social worker for Covenant House in her hometown of Atlantic City.

Growing up, she would often see different things occur that she just knew one day she would have the power to change. Her change started with her education, she was a first generation family member to attend college where she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice and Masters in Public Administration. Jasmine is currently preparing to take her LSAT to be admitted to Rutgers Law School in Camden as a Social Justice Scholar where she will be working as legal counsel on issues such as homelessness policies, human trafficking, and access for disenfranchised communities.

Within the past year Jasmine has published her first book, moved into leadership at her church (Victory in Christ Christian Center), mentored young girls in her hometown with the In My C.A.R.E Mentoring program, and has also assisted the founder with opening a chapter for girls in Camden City. Jasmine is so excited, blessed, and grateful for the purpose that God has for our lives because anything is attainable with God!

About the Books

Because No One Told Me

This Journal will help you understand who you are in the Kingdom as God has planned for you. Upon finishing these readings and journaling you will understand what to do in certain situations and how to respond accordingly when the enemy tries to block your pathways. Jasmine will tell you everything that she now knows about purpose and navigating one of the hardest times in her life, adolescence.


No Longer Scarred

The healing process for our emotional scars sometimes imitate the healing process of our physical scars. No Longer Scarred will take you through the pain that Jasmine had endured throughout her young adult life. Now, in her late 20’s, she realized that the path after her pain would help women who are still going through some of the things that she had experienced. Ladies, you must realize that scars do not have to be permanent or negative things. Just as one would learn in biology, scar tissue is part of the normal healing process. However, scar tissue that has not been properly remolded ensures a life of worrisome health complications. Whether this book will cause you to peel back layers of an old scar and start over in the healing process or walk you through the healing process of a recent wound, Jasmine is confident that you too will soon be able to say that you are No Longer Scarred.


From Sheltered To Shielded

About the Author

Jameka L. Marble is from Salem, Alabama where she graduated in 1996 from Beauregard High School. She received her Bachelors in Business Administration with a Concentration In Human Resource Management from Strayer University in 2017. She is a wife, mother and a woman of God who is sharing her testimony with countless others to help them break free from their past, live for the present and prepare for greater future. She is a survivor of a past that so many share but are afraid to talk about and she is ready to start the conversation. In sharing her story, she hopes to become a motivational speaker. She currently resides in Salem, Alabama with her husband, Harvey, and her 3 children, Keziah, Kaden and Harvey III.

About the Book

From Sheltered To Shielded, by Jameka L. Marble, is the true story of how I overcame the struggles of depression, abuse, bouts of suicide, low self-esteem and so much more. I share my story in hopes that others may begin to heal. See how I use my faith to find my way back to loving myself and others.

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Not Taylor Made

About the Author

Cecie Cenales is an Author, Youtuber, and Photographer. She lives in Atlanta GA with her oversized fur baby Geneviève. Before her writing, she held a variety of occupations from freelance photography to specializing in Pediatric Dentistry. She has always had a love for writing and storytelling. As a child, she would put on a blazer and carry around a notepad and pen creating new stories from events that went on in her household. They could find her around any corner saying, "reporting the news live, from Juliet drive." Nowadays she enjoys vlogging, writing and creating videos. She loves to take pictures, travel, and staring at the ocean waves even though she can't swim, she also loves anything dipped, covered or smothered in cheese.

About the Book

This is the true story of ten-year-old Cecie Cenales who was tortured and abused by family members after her mother’s unexpected death. Cecie quickly learns that a mother’s unconditional love does not carry over with others responsible for her care. Cecie had to learn how to deal with her grandmother’s dementia that was riddled with paranoia and abuse, her father’s angry tirades and family friends who sexually abused her and being abused within the foster care system. 

With each adult she was passed off too, Cecie had to learn to live within the rules of her abusers or she was made out to be a liar. No one believed Cecie about the nightmare she was living, she had no one to turn to, but her tenacity to live and keeping her promise to her mother that she would succeed kept her alive—the idea that someday she would be loved unconditionally again.

More about Cecie:
Twitter and Instagram @ceciecenales and on YouTube at Cenales

Making Peace With Broken Pieces

About the Author

My name is Liz. I recently wrote a book (my very first book) about my experience with domestic violence and my journey back to happiness. I chose October as the month of release because October is domestic violence awareness month and I would be honored if you were willing to share it on your blog.

About the Book

Making Peace With Broken Pieces shares the personal experiences of a woman who lost herself as she dealt with years of emotional, physical and verbal abuse from an ex partner as she tried to live up to societal standards. This book discusses the emotional changes she underwent as she struggled to understand and contain the internal war between logic and the visionary images of life and love she thought were common in relationships. Through mistakes and madness, outbursts and mental breakdowns, the author shares the tools and tips she used on her journey to find her way back to sanity was long and hard as she realized that, as a giver, she needed to set boundaries because a taker never would.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Lisette has-like many of us- had her fair share of life stressors that have held her in a constant downward spiral. One of her most celebrated accomplishments was the day she found the wisdom and strength to say "No More" to domestic violence and "Yes, Please" to living a happy and purposeful life. Her experience is ushering her into the next phase of her journey as an author, life and mindset coach, and the owner of Life Lessons and Love Sessions, LLC.

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