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Dre Lett was born in Vallejo, California and spent most of her childhood years in California. She attended High School, Undergraduate and Graduate College in Michigan. She has spent 25 plus years in Corporate America. She is married with Christian mother of 2 and have called Atlanta, Georgia her home for over 10 plus years. Her hobbies are reading and writing novels. In her spare time she loves to Roller Skate and on occasion she enjoys relaxing at a beach nearby with her family.

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It all takes place in 1968 and spans until 2008 in Vallejo, California, Ann Arbor/Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia. This is a story about a young girl and boy who grow up together in Vallejo amidst adversity. Both children have huge dreams and aspirations as any child would. Throughout their lives their paths cross over and over again but never coming full circle until the age of 40. This tale has funny, loving, sexual, and mystery moments that will keep you guessing until the end. This book illustrates what life was like in High School, College and Adulthood during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. 


This story is about a group of men and women that reside in Atlanta Georgia by way of other cities. Each person comes from a complete different background but yet face similar struggles. The one thing that brings them together is love and a robbery in a drugstore late one night. After the robbery their lives will never be the same again.


This story is about a married career driven woman who becomes annoyed with her husband’s behavior and infidelity. Nonetheless she remains in the marriage for the sake of her children until her soul is awaken by a man who becomes her friend, her sound board and ultimately her lover. The Pair indulge in the ultimate sin that leads to betrayal and death. This book will captivate your inner love soul and keep you on the edge of your seat. This Tale has several characters in this book that everyone at some point in their life can relate to. This is definitely a story that will have you smiling and crying at the same time. This book is written from a man and woman’s perspective therefore it is definitely a MUST read.

Father, Daddy, Dad

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My name is Natasha Sayles and I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. When I was a young child my family relocated to Southern California were we bounced around year after year until finally settling in Riverside California. I discovered my love for writing at the age of 15 after completing a high school poetry assignment. However, I didn't really bother with it much. In fact, I was totally into art. I would sit and draw for hours. Eventually it became a way for me to escape my surroundings, which by now were filled with domestic violence and emotional, mental and verbal abuse. In my book “Father, Daddy, Dad” I used my life experiences to tell the story of Natalie. I speak about my struggle with cerebral palsy and how at times I hated being different or deemed handicapped. I also talk about growing up in an abusive household which in turn left me dealing with low self-esteem and searching for love in all the wrong places. Last but not least, I tell the story of how I struggled with trying not to become a product of my environment.

About the Book

Growing up is hard enough, but imagine growing up in a world full of chaos.
In Father, Daddy, Dad, Natalie struggles to find her place in this world, all the while desiring the love of the father she never knew. Follow her on her journey as she battles with cerebral palsy, low self-esteem, and attempts to overcome the obstacle of growing up in a home full of domestic violence.

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Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness

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Joyce & Debra Glenn, “THE GLENN TWINS” are models, actors, TV Hosts and entrepreneurs. Aside from their pursuits in the entertainment industry, the twins are passionate business women with BBAs in accounting and are members of the prestigious business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. The twins have always had a desire to use their influence to empower women and bring awareness to social issues that will initiate positive change within the black community. 

About the Book

Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness is a call to action to challenge black women to live up to their full potential. Black women are strong, beautiful, astute and invaluable leaders worthy of the title “Queen.” 

This book insists that black women raise their personal standards and lead lives reflective of greatness. In particular, there are five specific areas black women should improve upon to advance their own lives and the state of Black America. 

These five areas include: managing our love lives, understanding men, strengthening our sisterhood, changing our views on single motherhood, and improving our self-image. 

Keeping Your Crown is an eye-opening book that forces black women to realize, they hold the power and potential of the black community in their hands. Keeping Your Crown encourages black women to live with purpose and intention and serve as positive agents of change within the black community.

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‘Ima’ Colored Girl

About the Author

Renee’ B. Drummond is a renown poetria and artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the author of: The Power of the Pen, SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight-I’ll Write Our Wrongs, and Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight.

Her work is viewed on a global scale and solidifies her as a force to be reckoned with in the literary world of poetry. Renee’ is inspired by non-other than Dr. Maya Angelou, because of her, Renee’ posits “Still I write, I write, and I’ll write!”

‘Ima’ Colored Girl

Who hides her smile
All the while
Sometimes late
But always on time
‘Ima’ colored girl
Who holds her past
Make no bones ‘bout’ it
I’ll take you on a swirl
But I know that I know that I know
The first will be last and the last will be first

‘Ima’ colored girl
Who wears a mask
Maya and Paul Laurence Dunbar
Said it’s OK to grin ‘n’ hide
But whateva’ you do
Bear that tide
‘Ima’ colored girl
Naps ‘n’ all
Braids down my back
Expensive weave bought at the mall

‘Ima’ colored girl
Ash claim my knees
Crust own my ‘feets’
But when cleaned up
YOU ‘betta’ ask somebody ‘bout’ ME!

‘Ima’ colored girl
I even have a song
‘Lawd’ have mercy
Marvin Gaye
“Lets get it on”

‘Ima’ colored girl
I don’t need your acceptance
Ima’ colored girl
And that ain’t
What you was expecting!

Author: Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown
(Authored: Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight and

Dedicated To: Renee’ (Dee-Dee) and Raven (Blackbird) You Black Girls Rock!
No part of this poem may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without written permission from the author.

All Rights Reserved@2016‘Ima’ Colored Girl

How I Escaped the Prison of Rape- The Journey to Total Freedom.

About the Author

Elle Clarke is the C.E.O. of Elle Clarke Media Group. She is an Author, a Motivational Speaker & Coach and the Founder of I Am Queen: The Movement. Known as the ‘Encourager” , Elle is a Sexual Violence Expert. She served as a Detective for 12 years until July 2015 when she decided to retire to pursue purpose. She has also survived her own story of molestation and rape and now helps women overcome the hurt of their past, transform their pain into profit and embrace the Queen within.

“So many people are living their lives based on the pain of their past. It is this type of behavior that is prohibiting many from accomplishing their dreams and living in the abundance God promised. My mission is to help hurting women embrace their story, mend their wounds and share their truth.”

She is a Contributing Author for The Women Behind the Mask and How I Escaped the Prison of Rape. Her books share the tragedies of her life while using biblical principles as the foundation of her triumphs. She is Founder of the popular conference ‘Kingdom Entrepreneur & The Way Forward, where she connects with businessmen and women to discuss the most effective business methods for the Kingdom entrepreneur.

About the Book

This book tells the story of how Elle Clarke, who was a Police Detective at the time of the incident; was raped in the presence of her 5-month-old daughter. This book illustrates how she was able to emerge from the ordeal victorious.

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Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace

About the Author

Keithra L. Morley is a wife, mother, an entrepreneur and the Founder of The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Bahamas. She seeks to empower the youth and young adults of her generation to believe in themselves and create opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. Her interests are reading, writing, dance and mime, she also enjoys mentoring young girls and learning new information and skills. She currently released her first book 'Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace' early 2014. She is married to Ta-Shaughn Morley and they have 3 beautiful kids, Ahmad, Tajhanae and Tajhanique. They reside in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas.

About the Book

The book, Confessions of a Woman Saved by Grace, is my personal story of a difficult childhood, mistakes that ensued, and ultimately the decision I made to follow Christ which has lead to a triumphant victory over the enslavement that I found myself in. I feel that the journey the reader will be lead through in this personal reflection of my life will bring inspiration and empowerment to all who read the pages of this book.

I have a great passion to see young girls taught at an early age that they are not bound by the circumstances in their life. They are fully capable of making life changing decisions that will lead them on a path worth traveling. I hope to inspire precious girls to seek God’s direction for their lives and not let the fear of failure rule over them. Instead, I want to encourage them to seek positive people to influence them and help them reach their goals, being ever mindful that God is greater than any of their circumstances.


The Book "Confessions Of A Woman Saved By Grace" is now available on

A Mother's Tragedy

About the Author

In March 2009, Christina Lewis, Latrell King and her son Kilano Capron were involved in a hit and run car accident. The accident was so impactful and lifechanging that it inspired Latrell King to write a book about it.

Latrell and her mother Christina Lewis have had countless emergency doctor visits and sleepless nights with Kilano for the past seven years. The road to Kilano's full recovery after the accident was and is nothing short of a miracle.

Why the title A Mother's Tragedy you may ask? Well imagine you gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy and only 7 weeks later the joy of having a baby was taken away in a split second. Imagine your heart skipping beats as you find out your baby may never wake up? Imagine that it was you visiting your baby in the Intensive care unit everyday for three weeks? IMAGINE IT WAS YOU!!!!!

To experience it all in the eyes of the author Latrell King purchase a book from Amazon and give hope for Kilano's future... Proceeds from book help with everyday medical expenses

This book speaks volumes to the hearts of it's readers in more ways than one. It is a quick and easy read guaranteed to touch the heart of it's readers

About the Book

A Mother's Tragedy is a must read non-fiction biography of Kilano Capron's life . It is an inspirational book etched with words of hope, tragedy and faith.He is seven years of age and actively fighting cerebral palsy.

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Diary of a MisEducated Baby Mama

Photo credit: Tyquane Bates

About the Author

Tamykah Anthony-Marston is a 31 year old passionate and award winning scientist. Most people who know her know of her work and her commitment to inspire young people who look like her to pursue careers in the various fields of science. What most people do not know is what she has had to overcome to achieve her success. They do not know her story. Before getting married on her 30th birthday (April 26th, 2015), she was a single mother of two children by two different men. In her relationships with the fathers of her two children, she has experienced physical abuse, verbal abuse, abandonment and so much more. Her journey from being a single teenage mother of one, to a single adult mother of two, to now a happily married woman expecting her third child has been filled with pain, sadness, anger and disappointment but has been nothing short of miraculous.

About the Book

A raw autobiographical poetic memoir, Diary of a MisEducated Baby Mama is unapologetically honest about the sad and sometimes unspoken realities of being a single mother and the complexities of dealing with fathers who are not present in their children's lives. This short but powerful debut piece from Tamykah Anthony-Marston is also sprinkled with much inspiration for those who have had and continue to have similar experiences. Diary of a MisEducated Baby Mama encourages sisterhood, female empowerment, forgiveness, hope and faith.

The book Diary of a MisEducated Baby Mama is available on Amazon

Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life

About the Author

Dawn James is the founder of an organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and support related to understanding and enhancing vibrational frequency for overall health and well-being (personally and globally).

Dawn is the author of the best selling book Raise your Vibration, Transform Your Life : A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace, (English and Spanish), and the book How to Raise the Vibration around you.

She has lectured and taught workshops in Canada, USA, UK and Mexico. Today she shares her knowledge through webinars and retreats, TV and Radio and she shares her gift of healing through sacred sound circles. She is an international speaker, green living advocate, musician and mentor.

About the Book

Say Goodbye to Stress! Learn the Laws of vibration and start living consciously with grace and ease! Based on 20 years of research, interviews and experiences, author Dawn James shares some simple and effective ways to regain balance in an unbalanced world, detox your mind and body, and embrace your innate intelligence and inner wisdom. Raise your Vibration, Transform Your Life is your personal road map to creating inner peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.

Through a series of daily practices, exercises and techniques you will be guided and inspired to break the cycle of stress and toxicity once and for all, and learn to make conscious choices that are beneficial to their well being..

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