Imagine Potential

About the Author

Public Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Iraq War Veteran, Forensic Fingerprint & Mortuary Expert, Juvenile Justice Advocate, Deputy Sheriff and Active Humanitarian. T. Denise Manning imagined a future for herself and refused to stop short of her potential. Learning early that life provides some children with little more than an imagination and a potential, T. Denise has overcome hardship and loss to succeed where failure is the easier path. Raised amid rampant gang violence and a raging drug war near Oakland, California, she found her way out through inspiration, action and drive. A story of family upheaval, grief, goal identification and brazen tenacity, Ms. Manning’s life and worldview is a shining example of what the human spirit can endure and achieve.

Born just one generation beyond prostitution and abject poverty, T. Denise Manning first moved beyond expectations by graduating high school with honors when many thought she would never walk the stage. Entering the military allowed her to pursue her education without interruption and to focus on her many intellectual interests. Today, with over thirteen years’ military service in the United States Army, including a one-year tour in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom, OIF 09-10), Ms. Manning holds degrees in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Administration, Psychology Life Coaching as well as receiving a PHD, in Theology .T. Denise has also worked with various police departments in fingerprint analysis and crime scene processing. Currently Denise is a well sought after Life Coach and Public Speaker; Denise is the Life Coach for Florida A&M University. Ms. Manning also serves as a Deputy Sheriff Reserve for Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office and has worked diligently for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice advocating for Youthful Offenders.

Never one to forget others, Denise has also dedicated herself to public service with programs forat-risk populations. She has established and facilitated several creative writing and poetry classes for youthful offenders already in the criminal justice system; Ms. Manning has received numerous commendations for Outstanding Service and Distinguished Service and has been highlighted for community service leadership in several print publications, on television, and on the web and from various organization's and universities.

It’s no secret that Ms. Manning is an overachiever and she holds membership in many social and civil organizations, She is the charter president for the Greater Tallahassee National Council of Negro Women, a Commissioner for the status of women and girls for Leon County Florida, a Human Relations Council member for the City of Tallahassee, A board member for the Boys And Girls club, Chair of the Leon county Minority, Women & Business Enterprise Council, A recognized national top leader for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and the list goes on….

Charismatic, direct, inspired and POWERFUL, Ms. T. Denise Manning speaks to the core issues of overcoming hardship and achieving personal success – through courage, tenacity and imagination. Denise Manning inspires others to reach the potential they’ve always imagined!

About the Book

To any and every girl that needs an extra push, to the girl that was told she wasn't good enough or ever felt that she couldn't or wouldn't accomplish her dreams because of what someone said or her upbringing. This book is for you! Tap into your thoughts and control them. Realize that you have a power inside of you that has authority to thrive. 

Never give up on whatever it is you hope for. Use your imagination and zone out. Get in your zone and use your imagination. Never stop, never stop planning, never stop talking about it, never stop wishing for it... Never! To all the young women that love themselves so hard that they refused to listen to the haters, the men that caused havoc or the family members that didn't believe in you. You don't owe anybody! This life is for YOU to live.

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Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath

About the Author

I was born in Houston, Texas but grew up in multiple places including California, Colorado, and a few other areas around Texas. I graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and Western University in Pomona, California.

I started writing poetry and short stories when I was young (around nine) and continued through high school. In college, I drifted away from writing to focus on my studies in the sciences. Years later, after graduating from Spelman, I took a creative writing class that re-ignited my passion for telling stories. I began with random short stories, which led me to revisit poetry. At the time, I began to learn the guitar, so my love of music led me to learn how to write lyrics, which led to songwriting.

After I finished graduate school, I was able to write my first novel, Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath. It is an urban fantasy story that was born from a strange dream. When I’m not writing or reading, I enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, trying to play guitar, playing basketball, and drawing. I live in Texas with my plants.

About the Book

Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath is an urban fantasy filled with multicultural characters, that includes stories of friendships, love, and a little bit of action, with a supernatural and paranormal twist.

While out with friends, Jasiri, a fortune teller, reveals that Cinnia’s life will be turned upside down. Cinnia hopes it is due to a new job she is after at Sciecor, a company that she has long dreamed of working for. But she has no idea of the secrets that hide in their basement.

A new neighbor moves in with a hidden agenda. Friendships change.Cinnia will realize that things may not be as they appear. Magic may not only belong to fairy tales. And we may not be alone. Will Sciecor still be the company of her dreams? Will she be able to live the life that destiny has seen? When she finds out what hides beneath.

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Return to Kemet

About the Author

JoAnn Gardner began using her gift as a child. In venues ranging from the Comedy Store, the African-American History museum, to Biola University. She has performed one-woman shows, head-lined a show for the deaf community, and composed for a U.S. Senator. As a member of Toastmaster's she views each occasion to speak, as an opportunity to affect change in someone's life.

About the Book

Return to Kemet, is poetry for those who travel faster than light. It sheds light on the fact, that we each have a responsibility to complete the purpose, we were sent into the world to accomplish. Whether that purpose is surrendered in waves, or a single act, it is God's plan for our journey. These poetic thoughts are an offering to my people, they were written to up-lift, reflect, and celebrate our unique crossing.

Scotty Unfamous

About the Author

Born and raised in London, England, Shakira 'Scotty Unfamous' Scott burst onto the scene in 2009 with her candid, loud and proud YouTube show 'SDTV'.

In 2010, Scotty originally posted her first published book, 'Unfamous', on Facebook. Later on that year, Unfamous was adapted into a stage play by the Flourish Drama Company. The Unfamous play went on to become the first stage production in history to sell out London's Lost Theatre.

In 2012, Unfamous secured Scotty the BYA Literary Arts Award, and in 2013 it was turned into a web series. Scotty received multiple award nominations from the BEFFTA and Screen Nation awards including Best Author, Best Web Series, Favourite Web Series and Favourite Web Series Ensemble. The buzz around the Unfamous series made Scotty catch the attention of the Virgin/EMI group who hired her later on that year as the assistant producer for a short film for Rap/Vocal group, ‘The Rascals’, to promote the release of their ‘Class 90’ EP.

Along with Unfamous and SDTV, Scotty also has also had her own radio show, hosted events, been featured in various blogs, magazines and much more.

Scotty is currently signed to the Peppergrain Media Agency, and is managed by Deb McKoy.

About the Book

Rio Greene is starting her first year at Brompton University on a mission to reinvent herself and become a part of the most popular people of her generation –the Unfamous. Unfortunately, with a complicated past like hers, Rio’s fantasy turns out to be a lot harder to make reality than she had anticipated, when it follows her into her new life with some unfinished business.

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Laila's Life

About the Author

Darcel started Laila's Life a couple of years ago after completing her bachelor's degree in Education.​ She has a master's degree in Performance & Training Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. She recently has decided to get back into education and teach both elementary and college level courses. She plans to continue to write and be an inspiration. Her goal is to be the best example she can be for her daughter and hopefully motivate others while doing it. She has also just launched the Laila's Life Annual Scholarship for a deserving graduating senior starting in 2015.

About the Book

Laila's Life has taken on many forms from when it started until what you see now. One thing that hasn't changed is the overall message of the book. That being, that our children need to learn what it means to develop a positive character. Teaching our children to make positive choices is vital. Lending a helping hand to someone in need and being a leader are just a few ways to help them get there. Laila's Life does exactly that. Through the main character's journeys, she urges children to communicate effectively, not bully, have confidence, be a good friend, and be a great leader.#TeamLaila

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God Can Deliver You : 'The Gay Society'

About the Author

Kristie is married with two children, a graduate from EIWTC in Ministerial Training, author, business owner, and a woman living for Christ. She lives a life that is truly an inspiring testimony and encouragement for everyone that may be evilly influenced in all unnatural sex practices. Convinced that Christ died for her deliverance and yours, she is spreading love that causes deliverance for those who need a way out. She has had her own share of personal encounters with homosexuality and understands the totality of it by God's grace and enlightenment. At the age of five Kristie experienced sexual abuse and that was only the beginning. Her life took many turns and she flowed as if she had no paddle or will to paddle.
By the age of 23 she heard God speaking and that is when deliverance came. With Kristie all ears and willing God had no other choice but to make her aware of who she really was. She had always known that homosexuality was not of God but didn't know how to get rid of the desires. No one had told her it was wrong but she felt deep within a lack of peace. Jesus was constantly tugging at her, He felt her yearning to be loved and have peace. Kristie is a firm believer that God will come if you desire Him. She says, if you want change, you can have it, by accepting the changer which is Christ. With her life as a testament she now stands in the gap for her family and all of those who suffer with identity crisis. Kristie has set out to allow God to use her to build a bridge for deliverance, by God's grace and love. With the Word of God as her bag of tools, she knows and is willing to love others by sharing Jesus until their lives change. Kristie is confident in knowing that good and evil cannot be constructed together. Jesus is the foundation and there is no room for Satan! She says: Allow God to deliver you, use you, and task you with an onsite job. The Lord God loves to love you, so let Him.

About the Book

Feeling Trapped In Homosexuality? Looking For A Way Out? Or Know Who Is?

Many people are barely keeping their heads above the water struggling to survive in a pool of mental torment and pain. The voice in the mind forming homosexual desires can be extremely loud. But listen for the whisper that is giving you instructions to break free, that's God! He's calling you to be delivered. God Can Deliver You: The Gay Society, is simply a tool of guidance for someone who is walking in the same shoes the author once walked in; searching for peace. This book is written by someone with first-hand experience looking to influence the world with love, give direction, and answer those quiet questions tucked away in a person's heart. Why have I felt this way for so long? Is there a way out? Why are people gay? What does the statistics prove? To some, the pathway may seem impossible, but it's not. The unsettling tracks built in someone over time can be reversed by deposits of God's word. Yes, you can live free, happy, and peaceful. Jesus loves you and has paved a way for your deliverance.

Note from Black Female Author:
The Black Female Author Group is a place for all Black Female Authors around the world. This is a safe space where we may not always agree but always agree to respect each other. One aim of this group is to share the works of black female authors even though we may not always agree with their points of view.

It Wasn't Tradion

About the Author

A.Intisar Turner was born in New York and grew up in Boston where she went to Latin Academy. She graduated from Boston College, then went on to teach mathematics in both middle and high school. She is a poet, writer and entrepreneur. "It Wasn't Tradition" is her first children's book. She also published "Love Inspired," a compilation of inspirational poetry for teens/adults.

About the Book

When a young butterfly decides to take flight, she is met with much opposition because she lives in a world where female butterflies are not allowed to fly. This story is full of inspiration and humor as it brings light to some of the challenges one may face when trying to break a long held, but not necessarily good tradition.

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Rewriting the Script

About the Author

A life-changer, author, inspirational speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur, Arlether Wilson’s story resonates and touches any heart that listens. Growing up in the foster care system, and constantly moving from place to place, Arlether understands the guilt and uncertainty associated with parental abandonment. Approachable and compassionate, Arlether openly shares her story, encouraging others to find their own voices as well so they too can defeat the odds.

Arlether obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. After completing her education, Arlether remained in the Texas area, working as a Texas peace officer and standing as a 2014 Doctoral Candidate. Quickly becoming a leader in her profession, Wilson earned her Master Peace Officer certification, the highest honor bestowed upon a Texas peace officer. During her tenure, she became the first female captain in her department and was subsequently honored as “Officer of the Year” in 1998. Certified as a Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigator, Arlether earned several congressional and senate commendations for coordinating all victim service operations within her department.

The award-winning author of Rewriting the Script, is here to tell her uplifting and motivational story to everyone willing to listen. In congruence with her successes as an author, Arlether has also launched three successful businesses-- MARC Investigations, Jerant Publishing, and AWC Medical Supplies, LLC. Speaking at numerous women and youth organizations, local conferences, schools, and national conventions, she believes it is her duty to pay it forward, happily donating her time and resources to local organizations.

As she continues her journey, she remains on a mission to empower others to rewrite their life’s script and live their lives without limits. She believes that it is easy for so many youth and women to believe that they have to settle for the script that they were born into. This is not true. Everyone is their own screenwriter of their life. As a therapist, life coach and motivational speaker, Arlether encourages others to reject the negative messages received during childhood and to choose a new path and direction for their lives. Firmly standing by the affirmation that we are all unique, she asserts that no one else can fulfill the unique purpose that God has for us and our lives. This is the foundation of the Living Your Life Without Limits Movement.

About the Book

Plagued by a life not meant to be lived by any child, Author Arlether Wilson shares her soul-stirring and motivational tale that will tug at your heartstrings and cause you to take stock of your own life.

Having been forced to survive in the streets and placed into a failed system designed to protect her, Ms. Wilson's formidable years were ravaged by the devastation around her. Choosing to not fall prey to the crime, drugs, and violence around her, Ms. Wilson chose a brighter path, despite her circumstances, to not only change her life but to change her family's history. Her mission was not to simply survive, but to thrive.

Rewriting The Script details the heart-wrenching life of a child determined to stop at nothing to make a life for herself. This poignant debut novel will walk you through the desperation, grief, and well-deserved triumphs of a courageous girl, confirming that it is possible for anyone to Rewrite Their Life Script.

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The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: HYDRA'S NEST

About the Author

Fumi Hancock :Filmmaker, screenwriter, bestselling author, TV/ Radio show host, public speaker philanthropist

While living in New York she hosted, produced and directed a local Christian “Straight Talk”in conjuction with the Rhema Prayer Ministries, Inc. as well as a 30 minutes talk show called “Stepping Out with Dr Fumi.”In addition, she has coordinated several programs for women and children with many social service agencies in New York and New Jersey areas, ranging from foster care, adoption, second chance homes for battered women.

As the President of Adassa Adumori Foundation, a US based 501(c )3 nonprofit organization in Tennessee, doing work in Africa and other 3rd World countries; she recently interviewed the African Union Ambassador to the US. She is a noted Mental Health columnist for the New American Times, an Immigrant Newspaper serving Middle Tennessee and has been invited to guest speak at several women’s conferences in the US as well as address governmental leaders such as governors and highly placed business executives in the international arena.

Fumi has been featured in various newspapers and online magazines such as Princeton Packet, The Tennessean. She has been instrumental in assisting start-up organization with their business development and is often called on to help dysfunctional organizations get back to the successful road. She has also written several inspirational Books, Starting Right Now, Diary of an African Princess as well as eBooks:; Her Online Television Program: Princess in Suburbia was recently released in the year (2013). It is a place dedicated to love, life, relationships and everything in-between. With many women (men alike requesting to be coached by dynamic Innovation Gurus) alongside Yolanda Shields, they are preparing to launch their very first Business Coaching Enterprise Let’s Go Innovate™ with a city tour across the United States of America.

Fumi "Stephanie" Hancock is a walking example of how an ordinary person from a shackled life of broken promises and shattered dreams can live a fulfilled destiny. After twenty years of dropping her pen, she picks it right back up again by releasing November 2012 Teens Amazon Bestseller -The Grimmlyn Series: The Adventures of Jewell Cardwell, Hydra's Nest. Though graduated with a postgraduate degree in communication arts, and undergraduate degrees in English studies and nursing, she ascribes her writing to her life experiences. She aspires to one day write a mystery/detective novel for the adult audience. But for now, she is content with her young adult audience. With her background in nursing, she gently nurses her unusual characters to life for her readers to enjoy. Her second book in the Grimmlyn series, The Sorcerer’s Purgatory is scheduled for release soon.

About the Book

When free-spirited and more than a little rebellious, seventeen-year-old Jewel Cardwell gained admission to Grayton Preparatory School, a prestigious, girls-only, top-notch private institution nestled in the South African farmlands of Limpopo, little did she know it would begin a trail of mysterious and unfamiliar events, changing her life forever! At Grayton prep, a battle line is drawn between 'good and evil' especially when there's a full moon and dark forces swirl and turn up in the form of hideous monsters and frightening demons. With her school fre-nemies, rivalry and treachery become the order of the day and Jewel is forced to question everything she thought she knew as she struggles to stay alive in a dubious place riddled with demonic activity! Armed with a magical secret from her dying grandmother, a golden locket, she sets a new course in motion. In the middle of this whirlwind of events, she is caught between two boys: Darwin Morton, a lad she's known growing up, and Eric Broder, a soccer team leader with a silver spoon in his mouth. Why her love life has to get interesting now is a question she can't answer!...

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Deliver Us From Evil

About the Author

Through spell binding prose and expert storytelling Cheryl invites you to a world where love is dangerous, and allegiances are tested. These themes are echoed in both of Cheryl's novels, Every Goodbye Ain't Gone, released in February 2006, and her latest release in September 2008, This Ain't Over.

A unique hallmark of Cheryl's writing is the use of the novella, rather than the novel format. Cheryl understands that her reader’s lead busy lives and many don’t have the time to dedicate to long novels. To ensure that busy professionals of today aren't cheated out of a quality reading experience she developed her One Night Stand series of novellas, which includes both of her current titles. These novels offer readers pure entertainment, strong character development, and exciting plot twists without requiring the reader to reschedule their current commitments.

It’s the best of both worlds for Cheryl’s readers as they are able to enjoy quality writing that fits into their busy schedules. Many of her readers comment that the books were so captivating that they finished it in one night yet didn’t feel cheated out of a complete and well conceived story.

Cheryl’s passion for writing was born in high school when her beloved grandfather passed away. The pain of her loss eased as she penned a short story in his honor entitled Going Home. All through high school and college, Cheryl continued to write poetry, and short stories, which she shared with only her closest friends.

However in 2005, she promised her daughter, and God, that she would no longer ignore her love of writing. The following year she self-published her first novel. Though Cheryl faced many of the time constraints of working mothers everywhere such as juggling work and family, she tireless promoted her book all along the east coast of the US. After completing her book tour for her debut novella, she began working on the sequel This Ain’t Over which debuted in 2008 to critical acclaim.

Most recently Cheryl is completing her third book to be released in 2014.

About the Book

Deliver Us From Evil and Forgive Us Our Trespasses. Deliver Us From Evil is a thrilling story about mystery man Spencer McNeel and his girlfriend Tori Maxwell. Tori slowly unravels the truth about her man and his past and present, but not without paying the ultimate price.

The book can be purchased for $12.99 at: