A Color and A Season

About the Author

I have recently delved into writing Urban Fiction, and my first novel, A Color and A Season was self published back in 2009. I am a St. Louis native, and it is still currently my home. I started writing at a very early age, short stories and poetry. I attended some college at Clark University, before returning home in 2001. I was married November of 2009, and gave birth to a baby boy (Sire), December 17, 2010.

I am currently employed with United Healthcare insurance Company, but am hoping to expand my audience, and eventually write full-time. In my spare time, I love reading and writing, as well as excercising, and spending time with my family. My goal is hopefully to inspire more black women to come out and tell their stories, so that we may continue to have role models that we can identify with.

About the book

When people show their true colors, they change like the seasons.

Zaria and Noelle have been best friends since their early high school years, more like sisters. The girls are complete opposites, but drawn to each other through love, and a sisterhood bond. Zaria makes a terrible mistake and is sworn to secrecy by Carry, Noelle's boyfriend, and the world as they know it crumbles. Their friendship appears irreperable, and they can no longer trust anyone around them. Friendships become few and far between, and enemies are closer than they both think. Will betrayal tear their friendship apart, or will they find it in their hearts to forgive?

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