Looking For The Promise

About the Author

As a music consultant and creative writer Patrice Baylor Leigh finds time to share her music and educator experiences with the public via radio, print media and as a consultant. After beginning her work on a PhD in educational leadership, she discovered with the help of colleagues that her best career move would be to pursue “a career that allowed for growth and room for invention and free expression of ideas.”

Patrice Baylor Leigh’s creative works include published songs, poetry and inspirations that can be found on her blog at www.orientation-leigh.blogspot.com. She is a member of The Association of Gospel Songwriters, Inc., and can soon be heard on I Like Me Radio.fm. an internet radio format.

About the book

The story of Marva Stewart Shepherd is told in a series of flashbacks dating back to her teenage years. Marva, an attractive forty something year old woman has lost her charismatic edge due to a series of unfortunate incidents. She looses herself in the process of caring for others. The ill treatment she receives from the men in her life causes her to take an extended vacation at the family's summer retreat. Alone she can reflect on the status of her life and marriage.

While on the beach the story of her life plays out and what happens as a result of her past involvements is cause for laughter, tears and possible victory.

Marva's desire to escape her circumstances brings around old friends who spark memories of life in the promiscuous lane. Having come from a large family, Marva's ultimate goal is to leave her parent’s home to pursue her life's dreams. Her way of life is threatened when the one she thought would fulfill her longings is caught up in his own issues of infidelity and theft.

When Marva interrupts her vacation and returns to her home in the city, what she finds sends her into a rage. As a result her life takes her on a very interesting journey of loss and redemption.

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