Kwanzaa in Hawai`i

About the Author

Ayin Adams, Ph.D., is an award-winning poet/playwright, actress, author, filmmaker, and healer. Her whose works have been published in magazines and numerous anthologies including, “Bum Rush The Page” a Defjam Poetry Publication. Her work has been translated in Dutch, French, and German. The author of more than 5 volumes of poetry and 2 novels, author of the acclaimed, “The Woods Deep Inside Me’, Adams won the Pat Parker Poetry Prize Winner, The Audre Lorde Memorial Prize, The Zora Neal Hurston/Richard Wright Award, 2004Rap-it-up Black Entertainment Television (BET) winner. Adams boldly challenges herself and becomes one of the voices which documents the history of African Americans in Hawai`i as Barack Obama, became the acclaimed President of the United States in her most recent ground-breaking book, “African Americans In Hawai`i: A Search For Identity”. Adams is without the shadow of a doubt a gifted and prolific poet who walks with an incredible determination.

About the Book

Kwanzaa is a celebratory period of seven days from December 26 - January 1 that acknowledges spirit, the ancestors, and seven principles for living more harmoniously in a ritual that is popular with many African Americans. It celebrates certain values to be embraced by the community, the family, and the individual to help create better, more productive, and fulfilled lives. Although the African American community is small in the Hawaiian Islands, resident groups of African Americans and their friends and families gather together in a tradition to celebrate the 7 principles of Kwanzaa at the end of each year. The principles are: umoja, ujima, ujamaa, kujuchagulia, nia, kuumba, and imani. Dr. Ayin M. Adams has put together this delightfully creative and informative book to share the philosophical values, cultural poetry, recipes, and photographs of the unique beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and enhance the meaning, scope, depth, and intimate ritual of Kwanzaa."

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