Return to Kemet

About the Author

JoAnn Gardner began using her gift as a child. In venues ranging from the Comedy Store, the African-American History museum, to Biola University. She has performed one-woman shows, head-lined a show for the deaf community, and composed for a U.S. Senator. As a member of Toastmaster's she views each occasion to speak, as an opportunity to affect change in someone's life.

About the Book

Return to Kemet, is poetry for those who travel faster than light. It sheds light on the fact, that we each have a responsibility to complete the purpose, we were sent into the world to accomplish. Whether that purpose is surrendered in waves, or a single act, it is God's plan for our journey. These poetic thoughts are an offering to my people, they were written to up-lift, reflect, and celebrate our unique crossing.

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