Dedicated to Love

About the Author

Nicole Dannielle, an exciting, passionate, fiery and driven Author and Poet is on the brink of greater success. Beneath the surface, Nicole has seen words as art and with passion to unviel the depth of poetry. In her new book, "Dedicated to Love", available now on, Nicole Dannielle showcases her depth and vulnerability to the art of spoken word combined with a love story. "Dedicated to Love", is Nicole Dannielle's first publication of her writing career with a poetry book soon to follow. Nicole Dannielle can be heard on up and coming radio spots and slams all over Ohio.
Nicole Dannielle's poetry pieces and varied scripts can be found on her Facebook page/nicole.dannielle.1 or on Twitter@Nd17Dannielle. Dates of appearances can also be found in both media social sites. Nicole Dannielle is very transparent, vulnerable, inspiring, well-versed and true to her art. Nicole Dannielle defenitly has a promising career ahead of her as being well known in the world of literary art and beyond.

About the Book

Rayna Ransom, a fun, fiesty, sensual and driven telecommunications company executive is on the brink of greater success. Beneath the surface, Rayna struggles with the demons of her past that make her feel ill-equipped to face the challenges of a budding career and a promising love life. Because of a failed marriage, an absentee father, and struggles with alcoholism, Rayna decides to focus on her career and family to shield herself from the potential of another heartbreak. Rayna’s best friend, Shonda, introduces her to Dorian Sloan, a man with outrageous good looks and a questionable past. With too much on the line, Rayna is afraid to lose at love again. She initially resists his advances but when she is finally ready to admit her attraction, her future gets caught in the cross-hairs of her past. Believing that her best friend has betrayed her with her new lover Dorian, Rayna sets out to make her betrayers pay.

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