Love and Lies in the River City


About the Author

Author D. Elaine Fields is a member of Richmond, VA's thriving creative community.

About the Book

Having fallen for the propaganda hook, line, and sinker Dawn Roberson is sure that she'll never find a husband; after all young, professional African American females never do. She's so eager for the man of her dreams in fact that when handsome successful Lawrence Moses crosses her path she's more than willing to overlook a fatal flaw - he's married. Convinced that Lawrence has already decided to divorce his wife Dawn dives head first into a love affair that she's sure will deliver her happily ever after. Her choice throws the lives of others into flux as Lawrence's unsuspecting wife discovers that her husband has moved on without her. The former Mrs. Moses finds herself suddenly free of the bonds of an unhappy marriage and hotly pursued by her first love - the man who's never forgiven himself for letting her get away.

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