A Mother's Tragedy

About the Author

In March 2009, Christina Lewis, Latrell King and her son Kilano Capron were involved in a hit and run car accident. The accident was so impactful and lifechanging that it inspired Latrell King to write a book about it.

Latrell and her mother Christina Lewis have had countless emergency doctor visits and sleepless nights with Kilano for the past seven years. The road to Kilano's full recovery after the accident was and is nothing short of a miracle.

Why the title A Mother's Tragedy you may ask? Well imagine you gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy and only 7 weeks later the joy of having a baby was taken away in a split second. Imagine your heart skipping beats as you find out your baby may never wake up? Imagine that it was you visiting your baby in the Intensive care unit everyday for three weeks? IMAGINE IT WAS YOU!!!!!

To experience it all in the eyes of the author Latrell King purchase a book from Amazon and give hope for Kilano's future... Proceeds from book help with everyday medical expenses

This book speaks volumes to the hearts of it's readers in more ways than one. It is a quick and easy read guaranteed to touch the heart of it's readers

About the Book

A Mother's Tragedy is a must read non-fiction biography of Kilano Capron's life . It is an inspirational book etched with words of hope, tragedy and faith.He is seven years of age and actively fighting cerebral palsy.

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