How I Escaped the Prison of Rape- The Journey to Total Freedom.

About the Author

Elle Clarke is the C.E.O. of Elle Clarke Media Group. She is an Author, a Motivational Speaker & Coach and the Founder of I Am Queen: The Movement. Known as the ‘Encourager” , Elle is a Sexual Violence Expert. She served as a Detective for 12 years until July 2015 when she decided to retire to pursue purpose. She has also survived her own story of molestation and rape and now helps women overcome the hurt of their past, transform their pain into profit and embrace the Queen within.

“So many people are living their lives based on the pain of their past. It is this type of behavior that is prohibiting many from accomplishing their dreams and living in the abundance God promised. My mission is to help hurting women embrace their story, mend their wounds and share their truth.”

She is a Contributing Author for The Women Behind the Mask and How I Escaped the Prison of Rape. Her books share the tragedies of her life while using biblical principles as the foundation of her triumphs. She is Founder of the popular conference ‘Kingdom Entrepreneur & The Way Forward, where she connects with businessmen and women to discuss the most effective business methods for the Kingdom entrepreneur.

About the Book

This book tells the story of how Elle Clarke, who was a Police Detective at the time of the incident; was raped in the presence of her 5-month-old daughter. This book illustrates how she was able to emerge from the ordeal victorious.

Book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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