Books: Because No One Told Me / No Longer Scarred

About the Author

Jasmine J. Moore is a Motivational speaker, Philanthropist, and Youth advocate that has been working with youth for over 10 years. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and mentor to many young woman who she identifies with in many unique ways. Currently she is the Program Director for a Homeless and at-risk youth program in Camden City, Chairperson for the Southern NJ Youth and Education Committee, and she has also worked as a social worker for Covenant House in her hometown of Atlantic City.

Growing up, she would often see different things occur that she just knew one day she would have the power to change. Her change started with her education, she was a first generation family member to attend college where she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice and Masters in Public Administration. Jasmine is currently preparing to take her LSAT to be admitted to Rutgers Law School in Camden as a Social Justice Scholar where she will be working as legal counsel on issues such as homelessness policies, human trafficking, and access for disenfranchised communities.

Within the past year Jasmine has published her first book, moved into leadership at her church (Victory in Christ Christian Center), mentored young girls in her hometown with the In My C.A.R.E Mentoring program, and has also assisted the founder with opening a chapter for girls in Camden City. Jasmine is so excited, blessed, and grateful for the purpose that God has for our lives because anything is attainable with God!

About the Books

Because No One Told Me

This Journal will help you understand who you are in the Kingdom as God has planned for you. Upon finishing these readings and journaling you will understand what to do in certain situations and how to respond accordingly when the enemy tries to block your pathways. Jasmine will tell you everything that she now knows about purpose and navigating one of the hardest times in her life, adolescence.


No Longer Scarred

The healing process for our emotional scars sometimes imitate the healing process of our physical scars. No Longer Scarred will take you through the pain that Jasmine had endured throughout her young adult life. Now, in her late 20’s, she realized that the path after her pain would help women who are still going through some of the things that she had experienced. Ladies, you must realize that scars do not have to be permanent or negative things. Just as one would learn in biology, scar tissue is part of the normal healing process. However, scar tissue that has not been properly remolded ensures a life of worrisome health complications. Whether this book will cause you to peel back layers of an old scar and start over in the healing process or walk you through the healing process of a recent wound, Jasmine is confident that you too will soon be able to say that you are No Longer Scarred.


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