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About the Author

Cecie Cenales is an Author, Youtuber, and Photographer. She lives in Atlanta GA with her oversized fur baby Geneviève. Before her writing, she held a variety of occupations from freelance photography to specializing in Pediatric Dentistry. She has always had a love for writing and storytelling. As a child, she would put on a blazer and carry around a notepad and pen creating new stories from events that went on in her household. They could find her around any corner saying, "reporting the news live, from Juliet drive." Nowadays she enjoys vlogging, writing and creating videos. She loves to take pictures, travel, and staring at the ocean waves even though she can't swim, she also loves anything dipped, covered or smothered in cheese.

About the Book

This is the true story of ten-year-old Cecie Cenales who was tortured and abused by family members after her mother’s unexpected death. Cecie quickly learns that a mother’s unconditional love does not carry over with others responsible for her care. Cecie had to learn how to deal with her grandmother’s dementia that was riddled with paranoia and abuse, her father’s angry tirades and family friends who sexually abused her and being abused within the foster care system. 

With each adult she was passed off too, Cecie had to learn to live within the rules of her abusers or she was made out to be a liar. No one believed Cecie about the nightmare she was living, she had no one to turn to, but her tenacity to live and keeping her promise to her mother that she would succeed kept her alive—the idea that someday she would be loved unconditionally again.

More about Cecie:
Twitter and Instagram @ceciecenales and on YouTube at Cenales

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