Making Peace With Broken Pieces

About the Author

My name is Liz. I recently wrote a book (my very first book) about my experience with domestic violence and my journey back to happiness. I chose October as the month of release because October is domestic violence awareness month and I would be honored if you were willing to share it on your blog.

About the Book

Making Peace With Broken Pieces shares the personal experiences of a woman who lost herself as she dealt with years of emotional, physical and verbal abuse from an ex partner as she tried to live up to societal standards. This book discusses the emotional changes she underwent as she struggled to understand and contain the internal war between logic and the visionary images of life and love she thought were common in relationships. Through mistakes and madness, outbursts and mental breakdowns, the author shares the tools and tips she used on her journey to find her way back to sanity was long and hard as she realized that, as a giver, she needed to set boundaries because a taker never would.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Lisette has-like many of us- had her fair share of life stressors that have held her in a constant downward spiral. One of her most celebrated accomplishments was the day she found the wisdom and strength to say "No More" to domestic violence and "Yes, Please" to living a happy and purposeful life. Her experience is ushering her into the next phase of her journey as an author, life and mindset coach, and the owner of Life Lessons and Love Sessions, LLC.

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