From Sheltered To Shielded

About the Author

Jameka L. Marble is from Salem, Alabama where she graduated in 1996 from Beauregard High School. She received her Bachelors in Business Administration with a Concentration In Human Resource Management from Strayer University in 2017. She is a wife, mother and a woman of God who is sharing her testimony with countless others to help them break free from their past, live for the present and prepare for greater future. She is a survivor of a past that so many share but are afraid to talk about and she is ready to start the conversation. In sharing her story, she hopes to become a motivational speaker. She currently resides in Salem, Alabama with her husband, Harvey, and her 3 children, Keziah, Kaden and Harvey III.

About the Book

From Sheltered To Shielded, by Jameka L. Marble, is the true story of how I overcame the struggles of depression, abuse, bouts of suicide, low self-esteem and so much more. I share my story in hopes that others may begin to heal. See how I use my faith to find my way back to loving myself and others.

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