Selling the Fantasy

(Author Stacey L. Ford)

About the author

Stacey L. Ford became a novelist by chance. After numerous talks with her girlfriends about the lack of available, single, quality men, Stacey and her friends jokingly had conversations about their perceived options as single Black women between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five: lesbianism, celibacy or polyamory (multiple partner relationships).

"None of these were viable options for me and my girlfriends, but the idea of man-sharing sure did stimulate a hot topic of discussion,"she says. The result was a manuscript titled, Selling the Fantasy, Stacey created to start a buzz about another alternative lifestyle starting to surface in African American communities.

"Black people are testing out so many different lifestyles five or ten years ago would have been considered taboo, such as bisexuality, swinging and polyamory. The idea of two women sharing one man, unfortunately, is not a new concept, but with poly relationships at least women can make the conscious decision if they want to participate, rather than finding out about the other woman across town,"she says.

Selling the Fantasy allows readers to peer into the life of a typical, single, Black woman and the tough decisions she must make if she wants to have the man of her dreams. It also compels women to contemplate the question, "Could I live this lifestyle if done correctly?"Stacey describes the novel as a compelling mixture of humor, romance, erotica and betrayal.

Stacey is a native of Oakland, California. She received her bachelor's degree in sociology from UCLA and an MBA in marketing from California State University, East Bay. She is a member of the National Black MBA Association and currently lives in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area with her son. She is presently hard at work on her next novel.

About the book


Would you...
Isolate yourself from family and friends?
Abandon your child?
Engage in a polyamory (multiple partner) relationship with your man and another woman?

Lisa Johnson appears to have it all. She is smart, attractive, has a successful career and could have any man she wants. Life is good for her, right? Wrong! Lisa consistently chooses men who bring heartache and drama to a relationship because of their exceptional good looks and ability to deceive women. Lisa's personal life undergoes an unexpected change when she meets the man of her dreams, who turns her entire world upside down.

Kenneth Maxwell is a hot new comedian who is suave and debonair, but also a master of manipulation. As Kenneth's power, fortune and fame continue to flourish, so does his desire to persuade two women to enter into a poly relationship. Kenneth gets his wish by successfully enticing beautiful, executive chef, Cassandra Russell, to commit her entire existence to him and his lifestyle and he sells Lisa the fantasy of a life filled with luxury, wealth and romance if she chooses to make three "small"sacrifices.

Lisa, Kenneth and Cassandra begin their journey together by sharing intimate moments and unspeakable sexual adventures. The thrilling ride comes to a screeching halt when one of Lisa's friends executes a plan to demolish Kenneth's career and sabotage their romance.

Selling the Fantasy is an erotic and emotional roller coaster you will definitely want to ride and not get off.

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