AFRICA 101, WAKE UP CALL, the Book from Dr Arikana Chihombori

About the Author

In her role as Permanent Representative to the African Union Mission in Washington DC, Her Excellency, Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD worked tirelessly towards fulfilling her mandate which was to undertake, develop and maintain relationships between the African Union and the Executive and Legislative branches of the US Government, the African Diplomatic Corps, the Africans in the Diaspora and the Bretton Woods Institutions. This was specifically in relation to the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and advancing the priority areas of Agenda 2063. In fulfilling this Mandate, she brought renewed energy to the AU Mission as well as new ideas and programs that were implemented since her appointment in 2016 to her departure in 2019. Her efforts at mobilizing the Diaspora as people of African descent and not as citizens of any single African country is unprecedented and exemplifies her ability to unify people around a common goal, speaking with one voice as one Africa and one Continent.

Additionally, Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD has been actively involved in various programs and projects of the African Union. In 2012, she became the Chair of the African Union-African Diaspora Health Initiative (AU-ADHI), where she was involved in mobilizing the African Diaspora health professionals to assist in addressing the healthcare needs of the African continent.

Even prior to her appointment as AU Ambassador, her contributions to the cause of Africa had earned Her Excellency, Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD many prestigious honors and awards. Two of her most cherished ones are an achievement award received in 1996 from the incumbent President at the time, Her Excellency, the late President Nelson Mandela of the Republic of South Africa and the African Woman of Excellence Award in July 2015 during the AU Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. She received this award alongside 15 other prominent African Women including the former President of The Republic of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the former President of The Republic of Malawi, Madam Joyce Banda, and Mrs. Winnie Mandela, former First Lady of the Republic of South Africa.

She has firmly established herself as an advocate for women. In 2012 at an international conference for women, Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD represented Africa in Mar-Del-Plata, Argentina where she delivered a rousing speech on Violence Against Women. During this meeting, she shared the stage with two Nobel Peace Prize Winners, Adolofo Perez Esquivel from Argentina and Rigoberta Menchu from Guatamala.

In addition to the above honors, during her 3-year tenure as AU Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD won over 70 awards and attestations from various organizations within the Americas including Ambassador of the Year from Howard University. She also received numerous recognitions from Members of Congress as well as Governors, Mayors, and County Executives from across the United States. In January 2020, after being featured having “A Profile in Courage”; Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori Quao, MD was honored to be named 2019 Person of the Year by The Guardian Newspaper which is the largest Newspaper in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa with a population of over 200.96 million people.

Prior to her appointment, Her Excellency, was a renowned Family Medicine Doctor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where she practiced medicine for over 25 years. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a member of the American Association of Family Physicians as well as the Tennessee Association of Family Physicians.

She is married and the proud mother of 5 children.

About the Book

Africa 101: The Wake-up Call is a book about the “hunters” and the “hunted.” The hunters are Africa’s exploiters, slavers, colonizers, and neo-colonizers, and the hunted are the African people who survived against severe odds. In this book former African Union Ambassador to the United States Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao, MD. tells the story of Africa in her usual in-your-face style. Although she served as a diplomat, she says that being diplomatic about the real issues facing Africa will do us no good. 

She warns in this book that the hunt is still ongoing and calls on Africans and people of African descent all over the world to rise up in defense of our beloved continent. Using personal stories, her father’s accounts from the village of Chivu in Zimbabwe, and solid historical references, Her Excellency, Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao, MD. educates, motivates, and challenges the status quo with respect to western countries’ abuse of Africa. This book will challenge you to your core and move you to action.

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The Rose Letter.

About the Author

As a Creative Writer and Mommy of 2, I enjoy blogging about love & relationships as well as news & opinions. My goal is to inspire women to live unapologetically.

About the Book

The Rose Letter is a memoir of a young woman reflecting on love and relationships as a rite of passage into womanhood.

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Looking Up

About the author

My novel Looking Up is a story about family separation, migration and love through the eyes of thirteen year old Esi. Thirteen-year-old Esi is reluctantly on her way to London, England.

After many happy years with Grandma in Ghana, she is joining Maggie, the mother she hasn’t lived with since the age of six.

Her move to London, not only forces Esi to deal with challenges she’s never faced before, but it brings up lots of questions about Solomon, her absent father, and Maggie - the answers to which in the end change her life.

About the book

Looking Up is a breezy read that gives great insight into teenage life, immigrant viewpoints, and multicultural perspectives. Through her migration and adjustment story, we learn more about her family roots and cultural traditions in Ghana.

Esi’s grandmothers and school friends are critical characters. Some are the source of her challenges while others guide her through tough times. The story covers the topics of bullying, parenting styles, divorce, the role of extended family, and ethnocentrism/racism.

For example, Esi is put in lower level classes because of assumptions made of her previous schooling in “Africa.” She is mistreated by friends because of the way she talks and who she hangs out with.

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BLACK GHOSTS (2020), a fantasy novel about death.

About the author

DNKris is a young African American writer whose dream has always been to become an author ever since elementary school. She has a BA in English and has been published in esteemed literary journals. She writes diverse fiction books, and her work often pertains to the harsh realities of life, embodying death, faith, and trauma, in hopes of removing the veil from humanity's eyes. She wishes to create an open dialogue for "taboo" topics, especially in the black community, and she does just that in her debut novel, BLACK GHOSTS. Coming soon (October 2020).

About the book

Those who die with regret become ghosts, and ghosts cannot pass on—no matter what.

At heart, Slixx is a young ghost who loves jokes and pranks, but in reality, Slixx is a ghost bound to a realm living amongst humans. She is linked to a student and must follow her around everywhere she goes, which means mostly parties and school, until one day her boring and purposeless life turns into a nightmare. A massacre occurs as a crazy shooter and his ghost set out on a mission to “free” humans and ghosts. They kill many—one of which being Slixx’s human—and once a human dies, their ghost dies, too. This happens to everyone … except Slixx. Her human dies, but she doesn’t. Purposeless and confused, it is then that she starts to ponder the notion of paradise. Maybe it does exist. Like humans, maybe ghosts can pass on, too. Thus she begins her journey to paradise, meeting friends along the way. Together, they encounter mysterious riddles, vicious demons, giant centipedes, an enslaving ice queen, a villain with a heart of sin, and more. Will they make it to paradise or die trying?

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Xpressionz Through My Eyes / Rated Triple R Xpressionz: Restored, Repaired & Reprogrammed By The Blood

About the Author

Enigmatic Mahogany has been writing poetry as an outlet to her innermost emotions to xpress herself as far back as she can remember. Enigmatic Mahogany delivered her first oral delivery as a freshman at Tennessee State University, where she studied Speech Communications Theater, Radio and Television. During her matriculation at Tennessee State University, she formulated an event entitled XpressionZ, in which she provided a platform for all artists to xpress themselves. Not only did Enigmatic Mahogany xpress herself through her poetic pen, but was also afforded the opportunity to xpress herself via musical selections while serving as host for WTST Radio of Lady L In The Wet Zone.

It was following her obtaining her Bachelors Degree at Tennessee State University, that she pursued her innermost passion - poetry. XpressionZ , an online group established via Facebook, was re-birthed as a platform for all artists to xpress themselves. Upon becoming more familiar with Facebook and the various venues provided for poets worldwide, she began to incorporate online radio shows as a part of her tapping into her passion and staying honed in on her craft. It is during this time, various doors were opened. Enigmatic Mahogany served as Social Chapter President of world recognized P.O.E.T. (People Of Extraordinary Talent) organization, one of the most elite entertainment groups in the mid-west for Spoken Word Poetry. Not only did she hold the position of Social Chapter President, but also graciously worked with the 2013 and 2014 National Poetry Award Winning Radio Station in the capacity as station manager as well as host of Inspirational XpressionZ, which aired weekly over the web and phone allowing artists from near and far to inspire others through their pens.

While working with P.O.E.T. Enigmatic Mahogany was provided the chance to provide an additional outlet for those searching for an outlet to all forms of xpression. She also served as station manager for The Epiphany Forreal Radio and Entertainment Network. Although, always eager to assist she also wanted to provide an additional platform for artists to be recognized near and far for all forms of xpression. She also wore the hat of host of Enigmatic XpressionZ, airing weekly via web and phone. Enigmatic Mahogany has been recognized for her rewind poet skills as she ensured during each show to provide back to each poet portions of their piece to ensure that each poet knew that to her life they had made a difference. Her recognition has come in various forms, from being awarded GANSPA Poet Of The Year For The State Of Alabama, featured on poetic musical compilations, featured on various radio shows to being featured in various magazine articles as well. Enigmatic Mahogany has also worn the hat of actress, playwright, album cover designer, host and event coordinator. Enigmatic Mahogany, most recently released her first book of poetry, “Xpressionz Through My Eyes”December 2018 s well as her second book, “Rated Triple R Xpression: Restored, Repaired & Reprogrammed By The Blood, which is a 52 week devotional May 2019.

She xpresses that she is living out her passion and aspires to be a voice for the voiceless, inspire and bring about a change, and last but not least, to leave a dissection of her life through her eyes for her most important contributions to this world, her son and daughter. She lives out her signature piece - Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Her remaining goals include, but are not limited to, composing a compact disc with musical xpressionz behind her poetic pen as well as establishing a venue for artists to xpress themselves without the worry of childcare for she knows the challenges that come with being a single mom, and desires to live out her mission to impact each life she touches through pen or platform in a positive way.

About the Books

Xpressionz Through My Eyes

Creatively Compiled, this collection of poetry offers a look into all forms of xpression revealing the world through my eyes. Each page is guaranteed to give you the food for thought, tug at your heart strings and give you the voices unheard by many while birthing an inspiration within you to bring about a riveting positive change in the world we face.

Poet, Enigmatic Mahogany has captured the intricacies of her life in poetic stance through each trial and triumph!

Rated Triple R Xpressionz: Restored, Repaired & Reprogrammed By The Blood

Upon seeing Rated Triple R, one may think of the very worst scenario. However, Rated Triple R Xpressionz dissects through scripture components of being restored, repaired and reprogrammed by the blood! So many times, people view themselves as broken lacking the tools to heal. Rated Triple R Xpressionz will guide you on 52 weeks of transformation where you won't dare look back and where your grace will be renewed.

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Collecting Wooden Nickels: A Journey of Stepping Out on Faith and Receiving Everything Life Brings

About the Author

My name is Katrina Mosley Stinnett. I am the Author of Collecting Wooden Nickels: A Journey of Stepping Out on Faith and Receiving Everything Life Brings.

I was born in Mobile, Alabama. I am a Veteran of the United States Army, empowerment and motivational speaker for community development, and advocate who has worked with the homeless population to provide them with essential needs.

In 2015, my husband, Quentin, and I launched Everything Life Brings, LLC, which serves as the umbrella for several projects including the Alabama Black Expo and Miss Alabama Black Expo Pageant; Queen’s Gala; the apparel line, ELB Approved; the home goods line, ELB Essence; and our nonprofit organization, the Step Out And Receive Everything Life Brings Foundation.

I received my associates of science degree from Calhoun Community College, earned my certificate in medical administration from, Capps College, and I hold an Alabama real estate license. After over two decades of writing, Collecting Wooden Nickels is my first published work.

I reside in Huntsville, Alabama. When I am not spending quality time with my family and helping others, I enjoy photography, graphic design, and, of course, writing.

About the Book

Have you been carrying secrets, harboring pain, or putting up with less than you deserve? Are you ready to finally have a conversation about it all? If so, grab your drink of choice and join childhood friends Sophia, Eva, Camille, Candace, and Kellie—who can relate to your struggles more than you know.

In Collecting Wooden Nickels, a no-holds barred novel by Katrina Mosley Stinnett that explores friendships, racism, sexism, and relationships, you will find your own reflection in these powerful women who, like you, are determined to build something strong out of the things that threatened to make them weak.

As you allow the truths in this novel to guide you onto a new path of hope, you will discover your courage and realize that now is the time to stop collecting wooden nickels because you have been empowered to step out on faith. The book is set for release summer 2019.

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Sacred Lotus

About the Author

Sat'Ra ~Tracey~ Lumumba (born August 13, 1982) is a Self-employed work from home mom of 5 and a wife. The name of her business is Sat-Ra's Touch where she allows her innovative craftiness to come alive in many forms such as but not limited to writing; She is a blogger and Independent Published Author releasing her first book "Sacred Lotus" in January of 2017. Birth work; she is a Certified Doula since 2015, & Culinary Arts; she is also a plant-based wellness Chef and advocate for Holistic Wellness highly reknowned for her infamous Love Kale Salad which she says is purely the magic of her signature Love Sauce.

Lumumba began writing as a child. She would write short stories and poems for fun and as she grew older would use writing as a platform to express her deepest sentiments. "I express myself best through writing" Sat'Ra says "Its just something about a pen, piece of paper and a peaceful atmosphere." During the pregnancy of her fourth child, Lumumba decided she would write a detailed story about her life thus far and open up about her experiences of Domestic Violence and childhood Sexual Abuse.

She struggled with the demands of writing her book though. Being in a new relationship, while preparing for the arrival of a new baby and caring for her other three children, plus being in a whole new state inevitably called for Sat'Ra to put some things on hold. By 2016, after her fifth baby was born in 2014, and she had time to put somethings into perspective, Sat'Ra was then ready to complete the book she started. By January of 2017, Sacred Lotus was published and released.

About the Book

Sacred Lotus is an autobiography about the life of author Sat'Ra Lumumba. She courageously shares with readers her trials in life as a survivor and how she moved from victim to Victor. Sacred Lotus is available on

The Blakk Dahlia books:Wrong Vengeance and Rushing to Distraction

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, published model, actress, author/blogger, editor-in-chief....Alexcina Brown wears many hats. According to her, she sums it up as, "I'm a creator..."
Alexicna began by modeling for photography projects and fashion shows for established/upcoming designers, and fashion show production companies. She has worked with clothing, beauty, and accessory brands for print and web campaigns along with being featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines for fashion designer, model features, beauty and health editorials.

In the acting world, she has worked on indie films, web series, theater, and major sitcoms. Taking her aspirations back to the educational side, she's studied with the best in the business to ensure a lasting and lucrative career.

In business, Alexcina has worked behind the scenes for various brands within the music, fashion, & entertainment industry. She created and now serves as Editor-In-Chief for BRASH! Magazine (digital media platform for new and established Indie Music Artists).

Her latest venture, writing under the moniker The Blakk Dahlia, she documents her life lessons and random adventure in her lifestyle blog along with releasing the new book series, the Heartbreak Diaries. Determined to tell her own stories to inspire, release, and entertain along the way.

About the Books:

Wrong Vengeance

Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy Sullivan appears to be a woman who has it all together, however readers will quickly learn that she’s living in a world in which she despises. Dealing with abuse in many forms within her own home, she escapes however carries the weight of the post trauma as she tries to move on with her life. While the world continues to turn, Brandy is stuck wondering if love will give her more than what she received. Will she allow past hurt eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.

Wrong Vengeance displays how a good/warm heart can turn cold. The Blakk Dahlia took a personal experience and created a tale of romance, chaos, pain and self-discovery.

Rushing to Distraction

​Rushing to Distraction is the first entry from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. This story goes deep inside of a heart that ignores the warning signs when potential love shows up. Immersing everything into just getting it to work out.

Farrah is driven, focused, and knows her worth until she runs into Jamie. After a long time of putting love on the back-burner, the guard quickly crumbled over this man's potential. She wasn’t asking for the romantic feelings, however, when they showed up, it was hard to let go.

Jamie knows she's wrapped around his finger; slowly drawing her in with the potential for a great love. For Farrah, her yearn for companionship blinds her to the reality that taking it slow is imperative when getting to know someone. Her goals fell by the wayside, her personal relationships faltered; all because she’s distracted by a possibility.

Will her constant attempts to make him love her fail? Or will he see her sacrifices as admirable and CHOOSE her?

This lust-filled suspense read will open reader's minds to questions that goes un-asked when dating. Do you see me as the one? Are you ready for a relationship? No? Well, is it because you simply don't want it with me?

Tap into the heartbreak and engage in the conversations many are too afraid to start with lovers...

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Afrocentric Education

About the Author

My name is Cynthia Cornelius. I am a native and product of Oakland, California and a single mother of three productive adult children and one grandson. I grew up in a time when the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was on the rise and Black Power and Love was a mindset. I attended schools in the Oakland unified school district. Schools that indoctrinated students on mainstream hegemony. Schools that taught Black children to be inferior and not superior. Teaching history that only viewed their ancestors as inferior and uncivilized beings in World and Human Civilization. Schools that did not center their Blackness in their education.

Upon graduation, I enrolled at Merritt College and began my matriculation not just in higher learning but also in learning about my TRUE Black heritage and culture. Over the years, while raising my offspring, I continued to attend higher learning, whenever I could. I went on to obtain both my Bachelors in Africana Studies (2008) and my Masters in Equity and Social Justice in Education (2013) from San Francisco State University. After completing my thesis, Afrocentric Education And Its Importance In African American Children And Youth Development And Academic Excellence - A Comprehensive Analysis, I decided to transform my thesis into a published book. I felt there was a void in this subject matter that needed to be presented.

In 2011, I created a non-profit organization, The Chinue X Project, Inc, (TCXPI), an Afrocentric Educational Resource Service to bring awareness to African/Black heritage and culture through Black History. Through my non-profit, I established a pilot program for young scholars in Oakland to begin discourse on a k-12 level that reflects true history of African descendants and to center them in their education. My goal is to facilitate education that is centered in African heritage and culture for young scholars to see themselves, to love themselves, to respect themselves as product participants in society.

About the Book

Afrocentric Education And Its Importance In African American Children And Youth Development And Academic Excellence - A Comprehensive Analysis

This comprehensive analysis will examine the value and viability of Afrocentricity and African Centered Education as alternatives to Eurocentric education, and critically analyze the theoretical frameworks of Afrocentricity as pedagogy for children and youth. It will seek to answer the following questions; Does Afrocentricity in children and youth shape their identity? Does Afrocentricity in children and youth shape their academic achievement?; and, Does Afrocentricity in children and youth shape their development?


A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises

About the Author

Dr. Veronica L. Hardy is an inspirational speaker, author, and educator. She is currently a university-level educator and licensed clinical social worker. As a mental health professional, she desired to learn how to improve her ability to integrate Biblical scriptures into her clinical services. This led her to obtain a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from a program that enabled her to better grasp the impact of spirituality in counseling.
Dr. Hardy is an insightful author as showcased through her book, A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises. She also communicates her passion for empowerment and confronting life challenges through multiple publication venues including her roles as a contributing writer for the book, Navigating the Doctoral Journey: A Handbook of Strategies for Success, co-author of academic journal articles, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Practice Implications for Mental Health Professionals and Spirituality Group with Female Prisoners: Impacting Hope, and a contributing article writer for The CFM Group Magazine Publishing.
Dr. Hardy is also the organizer of multiple empowerment events including Conversations: A Women’s Empowerment Symposium, a forum to identify and confront barriers to living a beautiful life; Woman to Woman: There is Power in Our Stories, a platform for women to share their spiritual journeys of resilience; 60 Seconds, a domestic violence awareness event; and Creative Strategies, a seminar series designed to highlight the leadership strengths of social work professionals. Through her writing and public speaking, she uses the power of story to reveal and confront challenges experienced by the readers and listeners. Overall, she believes that life is art and is committed to helping others realize their essential value, unique design, and limitless potential.

About the Book

A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises is a unique work designed to empower women through story, spirituality, and reflection. Dr. Veronica L. Hardy creatively highlights challenges experienced by women including intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, relationship conflicts, and self-image.

The use of a key story from the New King James Version of the Bible is the basis of the book. Tamar, the daughter of King David, experienced a form of sexual assault - rape, which impacted her identity. She carried the weight of this act on her shoulders but was able to confide in someone close to her. Through A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises, you will find inspiration and power in Tamar’s story. It is time to embrace the power in yours.
A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God's Promises is a 2019 publication of WestBow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan.

More about Dr. Veronica L. Hardy: