BLACK GHOSTS (2020), a fantasy novel about death.

About the author

DNKris is a young African American writer whose dream has always been to become an author ever since elementary school. She has a BA in English and has been published in esteemed literary journals. She writes diverse fiction books, and her work often pertains to the harsh realities of life, embodying death, faith, and trauma, in hopes of removing the veil from humanity's eyes. She wishes to create an open dialogue for "taboo" topics, especially in the black community, and she does just that in her debut novel, BLACK GHOSTS. Coming soon (October 2020).

About the book

Those who die with regret become ghosts, and ghosts cannot pass on—no matter what.

At heart, Slixx is a young ghost who loves jokes and pranks, but in reality, Slixx is a ghost bound to a realm living amongst humans. She is linked to a student and must follow her around everywhere she goes, which means mostly parties and school, until one day her boring and purposeless life turns into a nightmare. A massacre occurs as a crazy shooter and his ghost set out on a mission to “free” humans and ghosts. They kill many—one of which being Slixx’s human—and once a human dies, their ghost dies, too. This happens to everyone … except Slixx. Her human dies, but she doesn’t. Purposeless and confused, it is then that she starts to ponder the notion of paradise. Maybe it does exist. Like humans, maybe ghosts can pass on, too. Thus she begins her journey to paradise, meeting friends along the way. Together, they encounter mysterious riddles, vicious demons, giant centipedes, an enslaving ice queen, a villain with a heart of sin, and more. Will they make it to paradise or die trying?

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