The Road to Self Love

About the Author

Tajah resides in Murfreesboro, NC where she attends Hertford County High School as a High Honor Roll Freshman. She is a member of Menola First Baptist Church in Woodland, NC where she is faithfully committed to serving God and her church as an usher. She has plans to attend college and become a veterinarian. Keep your eye open for her future endeavors. This is only the beginning.

Zyriphia resides in Murfreesboro, NC where she is a Hertford County employee. Her passion for helping others is the driving force behind who she is and who she’s becoming. Zyriphia is an author, photographer, mentor,and artist.

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About the Book

The Road to Self Love
The Interactive Parent and Child Journal

Together, Tajah and I spent 21 of our summer days focusing on loving and caring for ourselves. Each day we actively worked together and individually writing, completing activities, and communicating about each chosen topic. We used this time to be open and honest about our thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants for ourselves and as a team.

If you are looking for a way to refocus on yourself, teach your children the importance of self-love and care, and/or opening the lines of communication with your children "The Road to Self Love" is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Tajah and I are happy to share our assignments, activities, and journal topics with you. Please join us on our journey of self-love and self-care.

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