Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present

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Gloria J. Browne-Marshall is the author of the book Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present (Routledge) as well as The Constitution: Major Cases and Conflicts (Pearson) and The U.S. Constitution: An African-American Context (Law and Policy Group Press). She is the recipient of the Ida B. Wells-Barnett Justice Award.

She is an award-winning playwright writing under the name Gloria J. Browne. Her plays have been produced in New York City, Brooklyn, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee. Her plays include My Juilliard, Jeanine, Waverly Place, and Killing Me Softly. Her plays explore race, class, and the consequence of life changing choices. She is a member of the Dramatist Guild, Mystery Writers of America, National Association of Black Journalists, and PEN American Center.

Ms. Browne-Marshall is an Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) and the Graduate Center where she teaches Constitutional Law, Race and the Law, and Evidence and is a member of the Gender Studies faculty. She has published articles on racial justice in the field of education as well as book chapters on international criminal tribunals and the rights of female inmates living with HIV/AIDS. She is a Civil Rights attorney who has litigated cases on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Inc.. She is a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court.

Browne-Marshall’s civil rights litigation has involved education, children’s healthcare, and criminal justice issues. Gloria has worked with law and policy issues of concern to vulnerable groups, specifically children, women, and people of color in the United States, Africa, and Europe. She has presented interventions before the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, on issues of racial justice and is the former Legal Advisor to the Permanent Representation to the United Nations in Geneva and New York of the African Bureau of Educational Sciences/OAU.

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall is the Founder and Director of The Law and Policy Group, Inc. The Law and Policy Group is a “think tank for the community” that provides policy information, speakers, public outreach, and legal analysis on issues affecting the lives of children, women, and people of color. The Law and Policy Group, Inc. released the first of an ongoing national Report on the Status of Black Women and Girls(R) in 2008. It is the first national ongoing report on the state of Black females in America. To purchase copies for your school, organization, college or high school student, library, community or individual reference, see: lawandpolicygroup.org/

While in England and Africa as an exchange scholar in Fall 2007, Gloria J. Browne-Marshall began research on a new book project. She currently resides in Manhattan and is completing a book of essays titled The Haunted Woman.

About the book

In Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present Gloria Browne-Marshall traces the history of racial discrimination in American law from colonial times to the present, analyzing the key court cases that established America’’s racial system and showing their impact on American society. Throughout, she places advocates for freedom and equality at the center, moving from their struggle for physical freedom in the slavery era to more recent battles for equal rights and economic equality.

From the colonial period to the present, this book examines education, property ownership, voting rights, criminal justice, and the military as well as internationalism and civil liberties. Race, Law, and American Society is highly accessible and thorough in its depiction of the role race has played, with the sanction of the U.S. Supreme Court, in shaping virtually every major American social institution.

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General Authority

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Lahiny Pierre was born in Jacmel, south of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her first public presentations date back to pre-school years at Kindergarten Marie Carline. At the age of fourteen she reunited with her parents in Brooklyn, New York and finished her academic studies.

She now resides in Georgia where she is a full time Writer and grassroots community organizer. Her literary works include poetry, literary criticism, screen plays, and two novels, addressing the struggle of migration, loss, and coming to terms with one’s story, which she believes, affects the present in multiple ways.

About the book

Struggles of migration, loss, and coming to terms with one’s history affects one’s present life. When Denis decides to run from Port-au-Prince, he is not sure the fake passport will take him to New York City. For eleven years he has been the leader of the Engag├ęs, a secret society fighting the Militia for the return of the city and a stop to the “Cut Heads Burn Homes” societal renegades.

Days before Denis and his troops launch a key attack, one of their top men is assassinated. The Militia commands local thugs after Denis who must flee to save his skin. Denis bounds for the U.S. to escape death and maybe stumble into the American Dream. The problem of adapting to this dizzying new world fades as he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an interracial marital meltdown that could send him straight into the arms of his enemies back in Haiti.

This book illustrates themes of the struggle of migration, loss, and coming to terms with one’s history; exile by choice because of economic circumstances; assimilation – cause and effect; the myth of the American dream, an idea held by people worldwide; cultural alienation; socialization of the immigrant; leaving home; learning new experiences; adapting to a new life; speaking a new language; the reuniting of old friends; friendship; male bonding; spirituality; African Deities; Haitian Culture; Voodoo; facing the past; nationalism; community building; cultural awareness; music and dance in the Haitian culture; political unrest; murder; vengeance; and civic duties.

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Hija De Mi Madre

About the author

Carmen Mojica is a 24 year old woman born and raised in the Bronx. She is a poet, writer, producer and model. She is a graduate from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has her bachelor’s degree in Black Studies and Television/Radio Productions. Carmen is a member of the Intangible Collective (intangiblecollective.com).

She teaches writing workshops that are based on self-reflection and examination of one’s emotional and mental health. She is a student in the art of holistic health practices and is on the path of helping the people around her, particularly women. She is currently writing a novel.

About the book

Hija De Mi Madre” explores the identity of African Latinas. The research included in this work entails the ethnogenesis of Afro-Latinos and the effects of phenotype and cultural institutions on identity. It also includes a personal memoir of a first-hand experience of an Afro-Latina.

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A book by Rev. Freda

Anybody ever flip you the finger and tell you to, “GO TO HELL”? Or when was the last time that you sent somebody there? More importantly, when was the last time you put yourself through hell?

What exactly is “hell”? Is it the Christian bible’s description of a lake of fire, ruled by The Devil, specifically created for all sinners and unbelievers (who are not saved) to burn as their eternal punishment after death? Or… is it the Webster’s Dictionary definition that says hell is, “any place or state of misery and cruelty”?

Or… perhaps hell is me–for so many years–not being able to let go of all of my personal struggles, pains and heartaches as a result of growing up as (all said in one breath with violins in the background) “a-poor-black-uneducated-ghetto-girl-who-had-to-endure-the-cruelty-of-her-sadistic-mother-and-the-molestation-by-a-family-member-while-facing-the-shameless-ridicule-of-society-for-becoming-a-young-unwed-mother-who-later-gets-married-and-has-yet-another-child-only-to-force-her-to-finally-come-to-grips-with-her-sexuality-as-a-latent-lesbian-which-causes-her-to-temporarily-lose-the-love-and-respect-of-her-first-born-son-and-family-not-to-mention-her-losing-her-mind-as-well-at-which-time-she-becomes-a-member-of-a-church-movement-that-fosters-and-promotes-the-spiritual-empowerment-of-Same-Gender-Loving-People-of-Color-which-inadvertently-leads-her-to-one-day-become-the-openly-gay-pastor-of-the-same-church-where-she-is-later-betrayed-by-the-founder-of-the-organization-causing-her-to-resign-her-position-and-embark-on-her-own-personal-spiritual-quest-sparking-a-long-and-tedious-tear-stained-yet-joyous-journey-through-the-hell-of-self-discovery-self-worth-and-self-love-only-to-be-inspired-motivated-and-divinely-ordained-to-write- this-book!” (Whew!!!)

Whatever your personal hell is, this book was created to afford you the opportunity to see, feel and experience “hell” in a different light… as a pathway to “heaven” here on earth. You see, we are taught to fear—fear things that we cannot control. Yet and still, it is ultimately those things–call them hard times, obstacles, set-backs, disasters, trials and tribulations—that we have the opportunity to show up and show out in life however we choose. It is those very times of struggle and resistance– when we are going through HELL–that we discover our capabilities, our vulnerabilities, and believe it or not, our strengths and our personal Power.

And guess what? Not everyone is out to get you! Well…maybe some are…but not everyone:) With every hellish person who tries to commit every hellish act, we have the opportunity to see them for who they really are, but more importantly, they hold up a spiritual mirror for us to see ourselves for who we really are, as they provide us with the opportunity to create who it is that we really want to be by choosing how we decide to respond.

When you go through hell, you are literally going through a spiritual rebirth and an authentic awakening, if and only if, you choose to experience it that way. Hell is perception…just like heaven is. You can either see it as death, or you can view it as a prologue to life. Most mothers, while deep in the pangs of labor, find it hard to focus on the beauty of what is about to be born into the world. And so it is when we feel like we are going through hell. Oh, but what joy when our beautiful baby is born! Every pain, every tear, every scream and every fear was well worth it. Likewise, the “living hell” we experience along this journey called Life pales in comparison to the wonderment and the natural high of finding “heaven here on earth”!

So now, are you ready to truly live? Are you ready to live life more abundantly? Are you ready to live an authentic life, filled with passion and purpose? Then as a citizen of the world and a minister of Truth, I tell you now in love… GO TO HELL!

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