Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by Faith: Labeled a Statistic My Road to Success

About the Author

As a young girl growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Adrienne spent a lot of time in church because her grandfather, Thomas Monroe Hopkins, was a Baptist preacher. Despite being in church three to four times a week, Adrienne had not developed a relationship with God. It wasn’t until 2004, that Adrienne began to develop and strengthen her relationship with God and realized there was no such thing as luck it was the favor of God.

For the past 21 years, Adrienne has been practicing nursing providing quality health care to her patients. Adrienne graduated from Merida Huron School of Nursing (Cleveland, OH) in 1989, receiving a Diploma in Nursing. While working as an RN, eager to excel, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) in 1997 and a Master of Science degree in the area of Family Practice from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) in 2003 and became Board Certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner in July 2003. Adrienne also attended Georgetown University where she studied Nurse Midwifery. Adrienne opened Faith Family Health and Weight Management Clinic on August 13th, 2008.

In February 2007, Adrienne received her Realtor's license and June 2009, was certified by the ISSA as a Certified Personal Trainer. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, relocating to Houston, Texas in 2005, in her spare time Adrienne loves working out, reading, traveling and going to the movies. She is also the proud mother of three children: Lorne Jermaine Brown, Rodney Darrell Mynatt II and India Nicole Mynatt. Also, four grandsons: Xavier, Isaiah, Miraculous, Cassanova and a fifth grandson to arrive in this world in November 2010. Adrienne attends Lakewood Church.

Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by Faith: Labeled a Statistic, My Road to Success, her first book, was published by America's Press in September 2010 — and, as you can imagine, she is thrilled!

About the book

Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up Faith: Labeled a Statistic My Road to Success, Adrienne Mynatt shares with her readers that everyone has challenges in life. But, as we exercise our faith in God, we learn – and it has been proven – that God will never leave nor forsake His people.

Traumatized at age 5, labeled a statistic at 17, and a teenage mom at 18, Adrienne has overcome many obstacles while pursuing her journey to success. As Adrienne shares testimonies from her own personal life experiences, she knows that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged, inspired and blessed.

The three essential messages in this book:
- Everyone has challenges in life, but you are in control of your destiny
- Lessons learned and growth from challenges
- Developing a relationship with God to the point where you know there is no such thing as luck it’s the favor of God.

ISBN # 978-0-615-40139-3
Available: Faith Family Health and Weight Management Clinic (

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When Light Breaks Through

About the Author

Melanie Carter was born & raised in a small town called Jesup, GA. A place where everyone knows everybody. Most people would call this place "country". Well, whatever the common term for it may be, I knew very early in life that my mind, heart, spirit & soul was much too big for that place.

See, for as long as I can remember, I've been an avid reader. Novels & words took me places: wild adventurous places to lovers lane. Then,one day, while I was in the 5th grade, I picked up a pen because my heart told me I had something to say & I've been in love with this POETRY THANG ever since! I've been performing Spoken Word at open mic spots, parties & other venues for the last four years. Finally, at the age of 25 on March 7, 2010, I took that last step.

I published my first book of poetry through Whirlwind Publishing, When Light Breaks Through. All I could do was smile that day because I knew it was just the first book of many! For me, this is a FOREVA THANG!

About the book

Although I've been writing for several years, When Light Breaks Through is my first published book of poetry. For a period in my life, I was walking in darkness but every time I picked up my pen, it was like guiding beams of light. Those beams of light guided me through every emotion: happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, pleasure, pain, abuse, love & the loss of love.

So if you want to smile, if you want to dance, remember what love feels like, remember what passion feels like & are not afraid to cry a little bit, then this book is for you. Join me on my journey & see what happens When Light Breaks Through...

Women, War, and Violence: Personal Perspectives and Global Activism

About the Author

Tadia Rice enjoyed a lengthy successful business career when she transitioned to author, playwright and recording artist. Her essay, entitled "Breaking Into The Boys Club" is a personal account of her experience as the only female in the all-male business environment in 1970 affirmative action America. Tadia is a motivational speaker in demand. Her debut CD, "Solace of the Eyes", and the lush original cast recording of the music drama, "A Woman and Her Words" competed for Grammy nominations in ten categories.

Her quest to learn more about Tahirih, the legendary 19th-century Persian poetess and legal scholar known as "Joan of Arc of the Eastern world" inspired her to establish the non-profit organization, the Tahirih Association. The organization has educated women in South Africa; Honduras; China; Namibia and the US. Their motto: "Teach a Girl. Change the World."

Tadia also serves on the Board Directors for the Princess of Africa Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa. This organization is helping to eradicate malaria in Africa by educating vulnerable communities, with emphasis on pregnant women and children under five years old. For her achievements United States Congressperson Diane Watson, California Senator Barbara Boxer, and Mayor Bill Campbell of Atlanta, Georgia have honored Tadia.

Tadia currently resides in Hawaii and is a business consultant specializing in organizational dynamics and professional development.

About the book

Chapter Tadia Rice:Horror to Hope: Tragedy to Triumph.
Product Description Women, War, and Violence: Personal Perspectives and Global Activism draws upon a wide global community of activists, scholars, NGOs, and clinicians to expand the definition of how war and its violent underpinnings affects everyday women and families around the world. Benefiting from first-hand research and definitive assessments of gender-based violence interventions, it invites diverse perspectives of interdisciplinary documentation and storytelling beyond traditional academic writing.

Reflecting on anti-militarist activism, structural violence, post-war atrocities, government commissions and policy solutions, WWV sheds new light on war-related gender oppression at the intersections of race, national identity, religion, and social class and the need to promote a new paradigm of the equality of men and women.

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Looking For The Promise

About the Author

As a music consultant and creative writer Patrice Baylor Leigh finds time to share her music and educator experiences with the public via radio, print media and as a consultant. After beginning her work on a PhD in educational leadership, she discovered with the help of colleagues that her best career move would be to pursue “a career that allowed for growth and room for invention and free expression of ideas.”

Patrice Baylor Leigh’s creative works include published songs, poetry and inspirations that can be found on her blog at She is a member of The Association of Gospel Songwriters, Inc., and can soon be heard on I Like Me an internet radio format.

About the book

The story of Marva Stewart Shepherd is told in a series of flashbacks dating back to her teenage years. Marva, an attractive forty something year old woman has lost her charismatic edge due to a series of unfortunate incidents. She looses herself in the process of caring for others. The ill treatment she receives from the men in her life causes her to take an extended vacation at the family's summer retreat. Alone she can reflect on the status of her life and marriage.

While on the beach the story of her life plays out and what happens as a result of her past involvements is cause for laughter, tears and possible victory.

Marva's desire to escape her circumstances brings around old friends who spark memories of life in the promiscuous lane. Having come from a large family, Marva's ultimate goal is to leave her parent’s home to pursue her life's dreams. Her way of life is threatened when the one she thought would fulfill her longings is caught up in his own issues of infidelity and theft.

When Marva interrupts her vacation and returns to her home in the city, what she finds sends her into a rage. As a result her life takes her on a very interesting journey of loss and redemption.

New Dawn

About the author

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana where I obtained my primary and secondary education. I migrated to the UK many years ago and have lived mostly in the South Eastern part of London. Just last year, though, I migrated to Surrey. I have three young children, two girls and a boy, though not in that sequence. I hold a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Degree in Education and Community Development. Throughout all of these wonderful experiences, a passion for writing has smouldered and waited for its time to be released. Now, that time has come.

I have always had a rich imagination. Even the most routine activities have sparked stories to form in my mind. I absolutely adore making up characters and letting them tell their stories through me. International travel has proved to be a great source of inspiration to me, both creatively and personally; a person can be so enriched by experiencing the vastly dissimilar cultures that human nature has built up. Another source of inspiration has been my third hobby: reading. I’ll read just about any genre, but my favourite is romance.

I have been asked many times by both family members and colleagues why I read so much. My answer is always the same, escape. There is an entire world in my head where I may live with many fictional couples, suffer their trials and experience their triumphs. It has been suggested, not once, that I must read so much because I am escaping a deep unhappiness in my own life. Nothing could be more wrong. True, my life’s path is littered with loss and heartache, but whose isn’t? Our journey is never carefree and rosy, but it is real. And, every challenge along the journey that I have taken was mine to accept and mine to overcome. I believe each experience in life is an opportunity to re-mould ourselves and our spirits; mine have certainly been so and I look forward to a future filled with more of them.

My characters situations are not smoothened by privilege and luxury; rather, they are refined by unique challenges and the routine obstacles of life. Like me, my heroes and heroines find meaningful victory in the power of true love.
As a writer I hope my words will build a bridge across the cultural lacuna that grows deeper as our world continues to shrink. I want to share stories from other continents through characters steeped in centuries old traditions and beliefs as they make their way through our modern-day global community.

My aim is to make my stories reflect real life experience, while not losing the subtle promise of a fairy tale. I look forward to my future as a successful author in which my readers are continually exposed to different cultures and some new and old social issues. Moreso, though, I look forward to my writings evoking a real sense of emotion in my readers, making them fume at the injustices, share in the sadness, understand and relate to new perspectives, laugh in appreciation at human nature and end with a smile.

About the book

In the days of ethnic strife and struggles for Kingdom-wide control in the African Gold Coast village of Asempa’Krom, the beautiful young Ima eagerly awaits for her marriage to the village’s lustiest warrior, Batum. Batum’s air of cockiness and physical strength are nearly a perfect match for Ima’s impetuous spirit, and both have a fire burning in their belly for the power of their promising young lives.

The impending union causes Ima’s peers to envy the haughty, saucy and self-indulgent maiden. But, when Batum carries out a wholly unprovoked attack on the neighbouring village’s Chief warrior, Adiago, to feed his greed for power and glory, his uncontrolled actions prompt his desperate flight from Asempa’Krom.

Learning that Batum has killed the wife and children of another man in the surprise night-time raid, Ima’s father, Seth, informs her of the dissolution of her betrothal. Ima becomes the immediate target of her peer’s ridicule and cruel mocking.

To avenge the attack on Adiago, the offended warrior’s clan sets out to kidnap Ima, and unintentionally begin her journey to womanhood. Over a week’s journey by foot away from her home, Ima is kept in the house of the man whose family was slaughtered by Batum. Referring to her only as “Batum’s intended wife”, Ima must learn to stave off her loneliness, and prove herself as an individual and not the reflection of Batum’s evil doings.

While there, she discovers her compassion and resolves her growing desire for the very man who is now her captor. Her spirit and tenacity which once served as an impediment in her immaturity, now serve her well – helping her to find true love and guide her in the ways to reel in the man’s heart she desires.

New Dawn tells the story of two very complex men and two resolute women who are fierce in their mannerisms, sharp tongued, bold in their actions, protective as lionesses and determined to take what belongs to them – but, will they succeed?

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African American Attorneys In Hawaii

About the author

Daphne Barbee-Wooten has authored several articles, Hawaii Bar Journal, Hawaii's First Black Lawyer, February 2004, Hawaii Bar Journal, The Lawgiver: George Marion Johnson, J.D., LLD, February 2005, Hawaii Bar Journal, "Spreading the Aloha of Civil Rights", October 1999. Hawaii Women Lawyers "Our Rights, Our Lives” hand book, contributing writer, co-editor for 3rd Edition, December 1996, Essence Magazine, African Americans in Hawaii, April 1994, Hawaii Bar Journal, "Hawaii Civil Rights Commission", August 1993, Contributing Writer in AGo Girl!

The Black Woman’s Guide to Travel and Adventure, "Visiting Nanny Town,” (The Eight Mountain Press, 1997), "Following the Tradewinds: African Americans in Hawaii", 2004, contributing author. She also is a regular contributing writer to Mahogany and Afro-Hawaii News, monthly periodicals which emphasize events within the African American community in Hawaii. She was President of African American Lawyers Association in 2003.

About the book

African American, Black lawyers practiced law in the United States before the Civil War ended. Although the number of black lawyers is disproportionately low compared with white lawyers, the numbers are rising. Black lawyers have been instrumental in obtaining and securing equal rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Black lawyers have a keen insight into civil rights violations because they are descendants of an unfair slavery system based upon skin color. Black lawyers who made their way to the Hawaiian Islands continued the civil rights struggle and through law, politics, government and other social acts. Their acts helped Hawaii have a more just and egalitarian legal system.

As an African American lawyer in Hawaii, I felt it was essential to document our contributions. I start with early beginnings, recognizing two African American lawyers, T. McCants Stewart and Dr. George Johnson, both of whom attained International, National and Local prominence in Hawaii.

After presenting early African American lawyers in Hawaii, this book showcases case law and events affecting race discrimination in Hawaii as it pertains to African Americans. From the 1950's through the 1980's, African Americans were not always welcome in Hawaii. Many liquor establishments refused to serve Black military men and allow them into their establishments.

Mayor Frank Fasi appointed Dr. John Edwards to the liquor commission in the 1980's. After this appointment, the Liquor Commission began to fine establishments who discriminated. In the late 1980's, the Civil Rights Commission of Hawaii was created. Several of its rulings dealt with discrimination against African Americans.

The African American Lawyers Association was formed after a prominent Hawaii Court Judge referred to an African American Bail Bondsman using the "n" word. The African American Lawyers Association (AALA) is still an active watchdog for civil rights and gives away scholarships to the youth for writing essays on civil rights.

Some of the winning essays are presented. Minutes of the first meetings of AALA are included along with brief sketches of African American lawyers in Hawaii and historical events they were involved. African American lawyers of Hawaii members are active with the National Bar Association, the largest organization of African American lawyers and Judges in the world.

In 2004, AALA members traveled with the NBA to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. A travelogue of this trip concludes the book, a celebration with returning to Africa, meeting, connecting and observing the African legal system of 3 countries.

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What About Your Friends

About the Author

TERESA D. PATTERSON is the author of Project Queen, Uncrossing Her Legs, Ex-boyfriend, In Need of a Joshua Man, and Spin Cycle. She is the founder/CEO of Edit Again Publications, her own independent publishing company. She resides in Florida with her two children where she continues to write.

About the Book

Camille Gray, a newlywed, and expectant mother constantly accuses her husband of infidelity. Even though Dexter isn’t being unfaithful he does have a new secretary, Meredith Walker. Meredith isn’t shy about letting Dexter know that if he does want to stray from his marriage, she’s more than willing to accommodate him. Can Dexter resist temptation?

April Dillard, a single parent of two, has issues with her son’s father, Darren. Because of their on-again, off-again relationship, his selfishness as a parent and her daily issues, April chooses drinking and clubbing as an outlet for her stress. She tries to bury her problems at the bottom of a bottle.

Brittany Anderson has her share of men problems. She goes through one bad relationship after the next, often neglecting her children in the process. While she’s out chasing her latest conquest, a tradgedy occurs. Will she lose her children forever because of her selfishness?

While reading What About Your Friends, you will be left wondering about the people and friendships in your own life. “What about your Friends” e-book is available on Amazon Kindle. The first three chapters can be read on the author’s website:

There is Too Much Hell in The Church

About the author

Andrea Michele Mills, 47, is a Christian author, Inspirational Speaker, Minister of the Lord and Freelance writer. She is the founder and CEO of Love Inspite of Women’s Bible Fellowship. Under her pen name, Michele Mills, she co-authored an anthology, Victorious Living for Women (Suber Pullins Publishing), and she is a contributing writer for Divine Inspiration Magazine. She is launching Love Inspite of Women’s Christian Magazine, an online magazine for women. She lives in Northern CA, has two children and a granddaughter, and is a member of The Well Christian Community Church, Dublin, Calif.

About the book

Christian author Andrea Michele Mills hopes to bring “repentance, righteousness, holiness, and most of all, the fear of the Lord back into the churches.” Her book, There’s Too Much Hell in Church, confronts the difficult issues afflicting today’s churches from prideful, prestige-seeking pastors and congregations to homosexuality in the pulpit. Mills encourages churches to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” by repenting of lifestyles and choices that compromise the spiritual health of the church body. Holy Fire Publishing

“It’s my supreme desire for this book to optimistically agitate change in the churches and hearts of Christians all across the nations. These writings and scriptures will inspire [readers] and allow the Holy Spirit to bring true repentance, righteousness, holiness, and most of all, the fear of the Lord back into the churches. My ultimate heart’s desire is to do the will of the Lord, and to see all churches in commission under the unction of the Holy Spirit, worshiping the one and only, true and living God, which is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…. [M]y heart is deeply committed to the body of Christ: The Church!”—Andrea Michele Mills

“It’s time to stand up for righteousness’ sake. No more merchandising the anointing: Give $1000 and your blessing is on the way; give your bill-money, and you will receive a blessing in seven days; or stand in the $1000-line because the Lord has a Word for you—in seven days you will be married. This is ludicrous and not biblical.”—excerpt, There’s Too Much Hell in the Church!

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The Playmaking Way

About the Author

Rabin Nickens is a dynamic New York City-based educator with over 15 years of experience as a classroom teacher, dramatic arts instructor, performing artist, and advocate for children. In her mission to “help young people empower themselves through education and the arts,” she has worked with thousands of kindergarten through 12th grade children of diverse backgrounds, helping them discover the talents and aptitudes within them.

Rabin earned her Master of Science degree in early childhood and elementary education from Bank Street College. Her theatre training includes study at Baruch College, Black Spectrum Theatre, Joy of Performing Theatre Ensemble, and the New Federal Theatre Workshops where she worked with master thespians such as Ruby Dee and Dr. Barbara Ann Teer. Her advocacy work began with appointment to the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, where she advised former New York City mayor David N. Dinkins and other high-ranking city officials on issues affecting youth. She went on to recruit and lead other teams of youth who were awarded the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Peace Keeper Award for non-violent community action.

She is the recipient of numerous honors including the Friars Foundation Scholarship for Excellence in Theatre Arts, a curriculum-writing grant from Columbia University's Teachers College, and the Theadore Roosevelt Association Medal for Public Speaking. When she is not in the classroom, Rabin travels internationally studying world cultures, and conducts professional development trainings and presentations on topics in education and cross-cultural competency for organizations such as The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, and The Student Conservation Association (SCA).

About the Book

Rabin Nickens' The Playmaking Way: Using Dramatic Arts to Support Young Readers and Writers is a guide for educators that will show you how to:

- help your K-3rd grade students plan, write, set-design, and perform their own plays

- fit dramatic arts into your busy daily curriculum

- develop and reinforce often hard-to-teach reading and writing skills

- make education culturally and socially relevant to your students' lives

- engage a diverse range of learners, including children with special needs, gifted-and-talented students, and English language learners

"The Playmaking Way" is the perfect compliment to your existing language arts curriculum. It actually makes learning FUN - for YOU and your STUDENTS!

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Soul on Fire

About the Author

Before Soul on Fire, Banks shared her works with the world through free-lance writings. She is a native of Arkansas who now calls Atlanta, GA her home. Banks enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. Banks uses her writing as a platform to encourage her readers to explore taboo subjects and engage in dialogue to find solutions. She is a self-motivated woman and knows the world is waiting for her greatness. “The only limits are the ones I place upon myself; I don’t have any.”

About the Book

Dana Taylor is 29, a beautiful, well- educated, rising star in corporate Atlanta. Dana lives life on her own terms, no matter the cost. She can have any man she wants, and often finds herself in the throes of one unhealthy relationship after another. Not until she has retreated into the emotional shelter of various “unavailable” men, ruined a marriage, and jeopardized a friendship does she look inward to find the source of her self-destructive behavior. To reclaim herself and find redemption, she must unlock the demons of her past and confront those that stole her innocence. Soul on Fire chronicles one woman’s journey for inner peace and happiness; neither of which comes without a price.

More about Skyy Banks:
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ISBN: 978-0981532653

Only Hers

About the Author

New York Times' author Francis Ray is a native Texan and lives in Dallas. INCOGNITO, her sixth title, was the first made-for-TV movie for BET. Her literary fiction series-Taggart and Falcon,the Invincible Women, Grayson Family, and Grayson Friends have consistently made bestseller's lists, and are enjoyed by readers world-wide. She has written forty-three titles to date.

About the Book

ONLY HERS, the reissue of Taggart Brothers series book #2 on August 3, 2010.

When St. Louis nurse Shannon Johnson inherits a cabin in Texas, she hopes it will be the perfect getaway from her high-pressure job—and her low-energy love life. Unfortunately, the place is a rundown shack with no electricity…except for the sizzling sparks that fly when she meets Matt Taggart, the big strapping rancher next door.

One of the Lone Star States most desirable bachelors, Matt Taggart has seen more than his share of gold-diggers—including his ex-wife—and he's sworn off love forever. He's convinced Shannon only wants a piece of his ranch. But when he challenges her to help him work the land, Matt begins to see Shannon for who she really is. And soon those sparks are igniting a fire they can't put out…

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Can I Get a Witness? 21 Frustrations of Black Women (Including Me)

About the Author

Mikki Zimmerman is a writer, Louisiana native and proud sports-crazed member of the "Who Dat Nation" - supporting the New Orleans Saints since the age of 8. She is an animal lover, preferable cats and dogs, who is a dreamer with a HUGE imagination. Currently she is a graduate student working towards an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Her first book - Can I Get a Witness? 21 Frustrations of Black Women (Including Me) is available online @, or by calling 888-795-4174

About the Book

With prejudice and racial injustice still rampant in society, black women have reasons to be angry and frustrated. An engaging discussion about the concerns and views of black women awaits readers in Can I Get a Witness? 21 Frustrations of Black Women (Including Me).

In the book, Mikki attempts to rescue and restore the tarnished image of black women by shattering the negative and stereotypical myths that are widely associated with women of color. Can I Get a Witness? Offers readers an in-depth examination on the circumstances that cause black women to be angry and upset about the way they are treated in society as well as how their situations fare with other women. It exposes many varied reasons that make black womens lives depressing such as discrimination on race, social inequalities, lack of opportunities, dictation from the status quo, and more. Filled with logic and philosophy, this book's discussion will remind readers why African-American women deserve attention and care.

Created from the compelling testimonies of frustrated black women worldwide, Can I Get a Witness? will enlighten, encourage, and entertain readers from start to finish! (added by author)

The Blacksmith's Daughter

About the author

Ngozi Achebe was born in London and raised in Nigeria in a middleclass family; the daughter of Augustine, a civil engineer and Matilda, a nurse. Her uncle is Chinua Achebe, author, Professor at Brown University, and critic, best known for his book Things Fall Apart (1958), which is the most widely read book in modern African literature.

Her early unpublished writings were about the darkness of war and survival having been one of the children that lived through the Biafran war - a catastrophic event that engulfed 1960’s Nigeria and a potent definer of many childhood memories.

She currently lives with her two children in Olympia, Washington and is a practicing internal medicine physician.

About the book

The Blacksmith’s Daughter is a tale of two women separated by four hundred years but linked by history. Maxine, a modern American woman, who is half white and half African, comes across a set of diaries written by a slave in the sixteenth century in her quest to connect with her Nigerian father. Then there is Onaedo, a young woman from Igboland in West Africa, who found herself in the middle of events that were set in motion in a country far away from her small town. This is a coming of age novel set in a terrifying age—the age of Portuguese discovery.

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A Color and A Season

About the Author

I have recently delved into writing Urban Fiction, and my first novel, A Color and A Season was self published back in 2009. I am a St. Louis native, and it is still currently my home. I started writing at a very early age, short stories and poetry. I attended some college at Clark University, before returning home in 2001. I was married November of 2009, and gave birth to a baby boy (Sire), December 17, 2010.

I am currently employed with United Healthcare insurance Company, but am hoping to expand my audience, and eventually write full-time. In my spare time, I love reading and writing, as well as excercising, and spending time with my family. My goal is hopefully to inspire more black women to come out and tell their stories, so that we may continue to have role models that we can identify with.

About the book

When people show their true colors, they change like the seasons.

Zaria and Noelle have been best friends since their early high school years, more like sisters. The girls are complete opposites, but drawn to each other through love, and a sisterhood bond. Zaria makes a terrible mistake and is sworn to secrecy by Carry, Noelle's boyfriend, and the world as they know it crumbles. Their friendship appears irreperable, and they can no longer trust anyone around them. Friendships become few and far between, and enemies are closer than they both think. Will betrayal tear their friendship apart, or will they find it in their hearts to forgive?

Rain Love Poetry & Portraits

About the author

Lilian N. Blankson, an emerging author, was born and raised in New York to parents from Ghana, West Africa. Having written for over 20 years, she holds a BA in English, and an MFA in Literature & Creative Writing. Her thesis, an exceptional collection of poetry and short stories, afforded her a prestigious Graduate Award while graduating with highest honors.

Blankson is a Programming Manager and an accomplished Writer & Producer for Black Entertainment Television Networks (BET International.) For the last decade, she has lent her efforts to the network in a variety of roles ranging from managing all of its Mega Specials & Awards Shows to aiding with it's International Launch in the UK, Ireland, Africa & The Middle East. She has also helped to promote the careers of some very well known African artists. Committed to writing and publishing, she is busy at work composing short stories, a novel, and several essays with the ultimate desire to become an African filmmaker. With two distinct writing voices, (African and African-American,) she can’t be too far from the prize.

Never one to limit herself, additional undertakings for Blankson include serving as a columnist for several publications, and a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits. Her next book, Awaiting Fate & Other Talking Texts, will be released in the Summer 2011. Blankson and her son, Christian, reside in Rockville, Maryland.

About the book

Rain Love Poetry & Portraits is a beautiful generously sized coffee table book that overflows with exquisite black & white portraits that masterfully portray equally effective life poems. By creatively merging the genres of poetry & photography, inspiring bible verses are also incorporated for that special touch.

America’s Change, a Poetic View

About the author

Arnita L. Fields, a woman after God's own heart, has been blessed with the opportunity to write and publish four books of Christian poetry to date. She is also a co-author in a faith filled anthology. Arnita has written over 300 poems and also several short stories. In addition to being an award-winning author, she is a special mom, minister and fulltime student, majoring in Psychology/Marriage Counseling. Arnita and her husband of 13 years currently make Memphis, Tennessee their home.

About the book

Poet, author and writer, Arnita L. Fields presents in America’s Change a Poetic View, poems that were birthed forth in her spirit both before and after the election of our nation’s first African American President. This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and also provoke each reader to embrace God’s change for their lives. God has a special place in His heart for those who are willing to submit to the winds of change. Change is good, and it’s definitely good for the soul

America’s Change, a Poetic View talks about the wind of God and how it has been blowing and moving in a direction much different than many people have been accustomed to. The key focus of this book is to help sound the alarm for America as a country to unite, pray and move in sync with God so that we as a nation can experience the change that has already begun to take place in the lives of men and women all across our country.

This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and also provoke each reader to embrace God's change for their lives. God has a special place in His heart for those who are willing to submit to the winds of change. Change is good, and it's definitely good for the soul.

A Collection of Poetry

About the author

Robin Bellamy, a native of Conway, South Carolina, resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and currently works as a copywriter for an internet company.

The author has a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and a Masters degree in Business. She’s been writing since high-school, and due to her many life experiences, she felt compelled to put together this book of poetry to help others cope with similar life issues, and to give them encouragement. She is also the author of "Grandma's Brooch."

About the book

A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart, Revealed , a deeply personal poetry collection by Bellamy, brings together a lifetime of work by the pensive author; a kaleidoscopic mix of lyrical gems that touches on the many sides of life with stunning depth and sensitivity.

The themes of this sterling volume are truly an eclectic mix, providing Bellamy a diverse layout of avenues to showcase her infectious optimism, delicate sensitivity, and philosophical depth — and she succeeds spectacularly in this volume.

The result is a poetry collection like no other; one that strongly warrants a slot in every poetry enthusiast’s collection

More about Robin Bellamy:

The Past Between Them

About the author

I am the author of sensual romance (borderline erotica) in the Contemporary African American, Interracial, Multicultural genres. I love to write according to my moods but you will always get a story that combines a sensual energy with a captivating storyline. A native of the Dallas, TX area, I currently reside in Fort Worth, TX area.

In my free time I love to write, read, travel, cook, spend time with my family, drink coffee, eat sour sugar candy and a few other things that are bad for me.I have been creating stories in my head since I was a teenager. I have always written for my own enjoyment and pleasure but now I want to share it with other readers.

I aspire to fill the world with romance one bookshelf at a time. I specialize in full-length novels but I do have a few short stories as well. Sometimes my heroines have an edgier persona to them and sometimes they are of a softer essence. But all the time, my heroines are like real women, just trying to make a living and keep on going no matter what challenges life brings her. Racial conflict is never a part of my storyline. My character's are more focused on the romance aspect.

In my stories you will always get a strong sense of family. Growing up in the South, family dinner's have always been a big part of my life. Family togetherness shine's through in one aspect or another in most if not all of my novels.

Writing and reading books are my biggest passions and I hope to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of my books.

With my stories you will find mind-stimulating indulgence that will leave you satisfied but wanting more. So settle in with a glass of wine and savor the titillating tales of characters you won't soon forget. A story so captivating you won't want to put it down even when it's over.

About the book

Tovah Warren is devastated when she loses her father. Things get worse when she loses her job. Just when it seems that the world is already crashing down around her, the attorney of her father’s nemesis son shows up on her doorstep insisting that her father still owes money to Jefferson Incorporated. With the all the bad blood between the Warren’s and the Jefferson’s, Tovah can’t be sure if this is just another underhanded ploy or not. What she does know is that she isn’t going to pay Cordell Jefferson one penny. The debt is her father’s, not hers.

Cordell Jefferson is infuriated when his attorney returns with the torn pieces of a notification to Tovah Warren informing her of the debt that her father still owes to his company. Their families have been feuding for decades, but that wasn’t his concern. He wants to collect the money owed to his company and move on to the next debt. Only Tovah makes it clear that she doesn’t plan to cooperate. Cordell decides to take matters in his own hands, only the instant he meets her, the reason he wants her to cooperate changes…

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Words 2 Ignite The Soul

About the author

Suzanne E. Uzzell 37yrs old Native New Yorker attended Herbert H. Lehman College and graduated with a B.A. in 2001. Suzanne is also an Ordained Evangelist began preaching at age 26 in New York and continues to preach the Gospel she also sang in choirs and lead on praise & worship teams at various churches.

Suzanne is the Author of a new book Words 2 Ignite the Soul & first book written book Chosen Words self published on She hopes to inspire and captivate her audience. Suzanne is grateful and thanks God for allowing her to complete this endeavor.

Suzanne is also an Entreprenuer who enjoys creating gifts and things she would love to continue creating more business opportunities in the near future.

She is married to Husband Ssgt Jahi J. Uzzell who serves in the United States Air Force. She is an Air force Spouse who currently resides in Brunssum Netherlands . She relocates every 3 to 4 years and enjoys living in new places.

About the book

Words 2 Ignite the Soul is written for Woman and young ladies who desire encouragement and seeks to draw closer to God.This book inspires every woman to be the Godly Queen God designed them to be.

The Heart of a Godly Queen Pg 35 Words 2 Ignite the Soul

The heart of a Godly Lady is dear it holds the love that many need to receive. When a lady loves she releases healing to those around her. She is able to share her gift of love, compassion, patience and care for those who are willing to receive from her.

She is a nurturer and her words are soft and comforting to her family, friends and those around her. The strangers she encounters from day to day seems receptive to her posture of kindness and beauty after indulging in conversation.

The Heart of a Godly Lady reaches out to her community and helps those in need. She reaches out to the abused and suffering throughout the land. She loves through adversity and shows herself friendly. She walks by faith and leads by example serving with integrity.

Godly Queens strive for Excellence in Character and in Heart.

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Leveled Mind Confused Heart

About the author

Angelique, an administrator in local government, was born and raised in the rural Low Country of South Carolina. She first expressed her desire for writing around the age of 9 when she began creating 4" x 5½" booklets and filling them with short stories. Angelique then soon after discovered writing as a way to express her emotions and ambitions, keeping a journal for the past 14 years.

Once each journal is filled, she would destroy it to signify that her problems have been resolved, her goals have been met, and her emotions have been overcome. Angelique went on to achieve five years of higher education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before landing her job in the field of politics, which has further developed her writing ability and continues to enhance her skills as a writer and editor. Angelique currently resides in the fast-growing state of North Carolina, along with her beloved husband of one year, her curious 7-year old stepson, and a hyper yet spoiled Boston Terrier.

Leveled Mind Confused Heart is her first novel, while she is currently working on her second, We're Family...Right?, which tells the story of a young woman's rise, fall, and redemption evoked by her own family. Angelique's hobbies include writing, photography, traveling, and simply spending free time enjoying her family.

About the book

Adrienne Whitney, a small-town, country gal, ventures into a different world when she enters the realm of college. While in a rocky, long-distance relationship, she unexpectedly meets a younger yet attractive and sensual college student, who steals her attention and eventually her heart.

However, unbeknownst to her, this new stranger would bring about countless moments of passion in addition to countless hours of heartache, leading her to experience several encounters with other men. Travel the path of Adrienne in Leveled Mind Confused Heart as it chronicles her college years where she finds herself facing the ramifications of love and lust.

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That Was Then, This Is Now

About the author

Breathing a breath of fresh air into Christian writing, Inspirational Speaker, Paulette Harper is a woman of purpose, passion and power. Paulette seeks to inspire women from all walks of life. Her desire is to empower, equip and transform the lives of women through her preaching and teaching from the Word of God. As a licensed and ordained minister, Paulette’s passion is to minister the Word of God with boldness and accuracy so those who are dealing with life’s complexities will become whole and walk in their God given potential.

A woman of destiny, Paulette has accepted the call from God and established herself as a best seller, award winning author. Ms. Harper’s writing career begins in 2007 with her first published book “That Was Then, This Is Now” which achieved national recognition by being awarded a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Award and ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers, Non-Fiction. Published articles have appeared on CBN, Internet’ Café, WOW magazine, Black Pearl Magazine and Divine Inspirations.

“Victorious Living for Women” (an anthology) is her second book; which features 40 incredible women who share stories of their life experiences, from their heart to yours. Collectively, theses women have endured personal tragedy and have emerged empowered, encouraged and victorious. Paulette’s third book “Completely Whole” will be released in 2010.

Paulette is the visionary behind “Write Now” (releasing the word in you) literary workshops designed to coach inspiriting writers in the areas of creativity, development and publication of Christian books. God has given her a desire for writers especially those who want to write for the Lord. Through these workshops it is her desire to provide information that will help inspiring authors dream come to reality, by providing tools, resources and opportunities to help them succeed.

To schedule Paulette Harper for a book club meeting, interview, book signing, speaking engagement, workshop, seminar, or other appearance, please contact her at

Paulette currently resides in Northern California.

About the book

How could God have a purpose for me amidst this mess? Why do such bad things happen to good people? If you’ve recently asked yourself these questions, Paulette Harper’s That was Then, This is Now has the answers. Struggling to recover from a broken marriage and disappointed dreams, Paulette Harper gropes for meaning and understanding, and through her searching, God reveals Himself to her in ways she never before imagined possible. By sharing her struggles with transparency, she illustrates how a heart attitude of surrender allows God to use a broken vessel for His ultimate plans of glory. Non-fiction Inspirational ISBN# 978-1-60462-554-7

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How To Spiritually Attract Your Perfect Mate

About the author

LENA WILSON-CLAYBON, Author, Television Writer/Producer, Filmmaker and Businesswoman has been writing inspirational content for many years. Her first foray was as a newspaper columnist for the Alexandria Weekly News entitled, Positively Speaking, which led to her working with Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, as a Writer and Consultant. She went on to write many inspirational articles in numerous publications and co-authored the self-help business biography, Purpose To Blessings: 14 Faith Principles for Business and Living.

As a television and film writer/producer, she has written and produced over 100 hours of television working with companies such as Twentieth Television, Saban Entertainment, BET, Paramount Television and Brainbox Entertainment. Her series work has included USA Network’s CLAUDE’S CRIB, UPN’s MOESHA, FOX’s, TEXAS JUSTICE and TLC’s, THE REAL ESTATE PROS.

In addition to this, Lena wrote, directed, and co-produced, a comedic short film, `The Myth’ which was chosen for the Showtime Black Filmmaker’s Showcase, and co-wrote two musical stageplays, CHEATERS starring Brian McKnight and CASINO starring Kelly Price.

In 2007, she formed Limitless Life Entertainment, LLC to produce, distribute and exhibit inspirational content via film, television, and other multi-media formats. Her company was instrumental in working with Lionsgate to bring the premiere screening of “The Great Debaters” starring Denzel Washington to Wiley College (Marshall, TX) and has since contracted with several non-profit organizations for inspirational film screenings in various venues.

Lena is a graduate of Grambling State University and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband.

About the book

Did you know there are scientifically-proven methods for attracting your right mate and that you have been `programmed’ your whole life to do it the wrong way? “How To Spiritually Attract Your Perfect Mate” gives you the `real deal’ behind attracting the man/woman of your dreams. If you're familiar with "The Secret", this book explains why `The Law of Attraction' DOESN’T work for most people and what you must do beyond The Law of Attraction to manifest your most heart-felt desires.

It then gives you a step-by-step approach for attracting the right relationship into your life. The author who was a mid-career professional (meaning over 35) and had never been married, put this approach to the test for herself. Within three months, not only did she meet the man who would later become her husband, but also got a great new job, a new car and a great new place to live! Download this e-book now and start on your way to attracting your perfect mate (or anything else your heart desires)!

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Chosen Words

About the author

Suzanne E. Uzzell 37yrs old Native New Yorker attended Herbert H. Lehman College and graduated with a B.A. in 2001.

Suzanne is also an Ordained Evangelist began preaching at age 26 in New York and continues to preach the Gospel,she also sang in various choirs and led on praise worship teams at various churches.

She is married to Husband Ssgt Jahi J. Uzzell who serves in the United States Air Force. She is an Air force Spouse who currently resides in Brunssum Netherlands, Europe. She relocates every 3 to 4 years and enjoys living in new places.

Suzanne is the Author of a new book Words 2 Ignite the Soul and first book written Chosen Words which are self published on She hopes to inspire and captivate her audience. Suzanne is grateful and thanks God for allowing her to complete this endeavor. She prays she will inspire and touch the souls of every reader.

About the book

Written by Suzanne E. Uzzell is inspirational poetry which expresses God, Love, Family, Friends and relationships. This book is written with everyone in mind, if you love poetry Chosen Words will appeal to you and transform your inner being.

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Tourmalines: Beyond the Ebony Portal

About the author

Kathryn Waddell Takara, PhD was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama, and retired as an Associate Professor from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa where she developed early courses in African American politics, history, literature, and culture beginning in 1971.

She has published 2 books of poetry: New and Collected Poems and Pacific Raven: Hawai`i Poems. Over 250 of her poems have been published separately in a variety of literary magazines and her essays have appeared in various scholarly journals.

Recipient of the Board of Regents Outstanding Teacher Award and a two-time Fulbright Fellow, Takara holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and an M.A. in French and has taught, advised, and mentored innumerable students.

She has read and performed her poetry and lectured extensively in universities, colleges, schools, and at community and military events throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the Continental United States of America and in Beijing and Qingdao, China. Dr. Takara is the daughter of pioneer black veterinarian, author, and world famous Buffalo Soldier, William H. Waddell, VMD (1908-2007).

About the book

Tourmalines: Beyond the Ebony Portal, is a collection of poems with a focus on Black history and African Americans, named and unnamed, represented by various colorful gemstones, with a variety of characteristics, properties and histories, and reflecting their unique experiences in their worlds.

The themes include: African origins, myths, nature, spirituality, music, identity, color and politics, contemporary issues, courage, growth and transformation written in lyrical poetic style. From the ebony of rich and lustrous old world trees and ancient tourmalines, these poems represent the world of a colorful, durable, ancient people still standing in modern times, weathered survivors of cyclones of racism, earthquakes of power, floods of oppression, and cruel sandstorms of history. Darkness presents the riddle of how to see. On close observation of ebony, one sees the fine and intricately grained surface, as things dark or unknown require a new way of looking and seeing depth, finding light, shadows and perhaps a soul of essence.

Like humans, every tourmaline is essentially different. The reader can experience tourmalines as a metaphor for the complexity of African Americans, mixed with people of various origins: different Native American groups, Europeans and euro Americans, Caribbeans, South Americans, Asians and different African ethnic groups. The result is a collection of richly colorful poetic gemstones.

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I Didn't Work This Hard Just to Get Married

About the author

Nika C. Beamon resides in New Jersey. Currently, she is a Writer/Producer for WABC-TV Eyewitness News in New York. In her seventeen years as a journalist, she has worked at various television stations including WABU-TV in Boston, ESPN Classic and WABC-TV in New York. She also served as Coordinating Producer for “Like It Is with Gil Noble,” the country’s longest running African American public affairs show, airing on WABC-TV.

She is the author of the new non-fiction project, I DIDN'T WORK THIS HARD JUST TO GET MARRIED. It was published on May 1, 2009 by Chicago Review Press.

In 2000, she published her first novel, Dark Recesses, the poignant tale of David Jackson, a promising, young attorney who travels to rural Virginia for a family reunion and is entangled in a web of betrayal that had been hidden in his family tree. In 2002, she completed her second mystery novel, Eyewitness.

She is a blogger for AOL Love and has been a reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly Magazine and QBR: The Quarterly Black Book Review Magazine, as well as various websites. She is also a member of the Writers Guild of America East and the National Association of Black Journalists. She won a Peabody Award for ABC News’ coverage of the September 11th Attacks.

She has also been credited as a reference in the several books on television news including: Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalist Report on September 11 by Alison Gilbert and News is People: the Rise of Local TV News and the Fall of News from New York by Craig M. Allen.

About the book

Expectation is defined as something that is porbable or most likely to happen. It is also described as something we are bound in duty or obligation to do. Like many women, when I envisioned my future. I did not anticipate that I would grow older alone. I expected that I would be married with children at least by the time I was thirty. Moreover, I felt pressured to be happily coupled.

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The Constitution: Major Cases and Conflicts

About the author

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall is the author of the book Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present (Routledge) as well as The Constitution: Major Cases and Conflicts (Pearson) and The U.S. Constitution: An African-American Context (Law and Policy Group Press). She is the recipient of the Ida B. Wells-Barnett Justice Award.

She is an award-winning playwright writing under the name Gloria J. Browne. Her plays have been produced in New York City, Brooklyn, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee. Her plays include My Juilliard, Jeanine, Waverly Place, and Killing Me Softly. Her plays explore race, class, and the consequence of life changing choices. She is a member of the Dramatist Guild, Mystery Writers of America, National Association of Black Journalists, and PEN American Center.

Ms. Browne-Marshall is an Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) and the Graduate Center where she teaches Constitutional Law, Race and the Law, and Evidence and is a member of the Gender Studies faculty. She has published articles on racial justice in the field of education as well as book chapters on international criminal tribunals and the rights of female inmates living with HIV/AIDS. She is a Civil Rights attorney who has litigated cases on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Inc.. She is a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court.

Browne-Marshall’s civil rights litigation has involved education, children’s healthcare, and criminal justice issues. Gloria has worked with law and policy issues of concern to vulnerable groups, specifically children, women, and people of color in the United States, Africa, and Europe. She has presented interventions before the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, on issues of racial justice and is the former Legal Advisor to the Permanent Representation to the United Nations in Geneva and New York of the African Bureau of Educational Sciences/OAU.

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall is the Founder and Director of The Law and Policy Group, Inc. The Law and Policy Group is a “think tank for the community” that provides policy information, speakers, public outreach, and legal analysis on issues affecting the lives of children, women, and people of color. The Law and Policy Group, Inc. released the first of an ongoing national Report on the Status of Black Women and Girls(R) in 2008. It is the first national ongoing report on the state of Black females in America. To purchase copies for your school, organization, college or high school student, library, community or individual reference, see:

While in England and Africa as an exchange scholar in Fall 2007, Gloria J. Browne-Marshall began research on a new book project. She currently resides in Manhattan and is completing a book of essays titled The Haunted Woman.

About the book

Written primarily for undergraduate courses in criminal justice, constitutional law, and government, The Constitution: Major Cases and Conflicts offers the full text of many landmark Supreme Court cases, selected both for the combinations of constitutional issues they involve and for their continuing relevance today.

This text is of particular interest to criminal justice students, because while most constitutional law books used in this field address only criminal cases, The Constitution includes civil cases as well. This is important because various situations involving First Amendment issues, such as protest, can give rise to criminal justice issues when protesters are arrested for disorderly conduct. Thus, in this book the criminal justice (and any other) student is exposed to both civil and criminal Supreme Court cases, along with explanations of their social and historical importance.

The decisions in The Constitution: Major Cases and Conflicts, chosen from among the thousands available, involve multiple layers of legal conflict, so that by studying them, the student can come to understand converging ideals within the Constitution. They also offer insights into American culture that remain relevant to present-day society, and they provide a road map through the evolution of the Supreme Court and its shifting reasoning on issues such as federalism, protest, the right to counsel, search and seizure, and civil rights.

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