Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by Faith: Labeled a Statistic My Road to Success

About the Author

As a young girl growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Adrienne spent a lot of time in church because her grandfather, Thomas Monroe Hopkins, was a Baptist preacher. Despite being in church three to four times a week, Adrienne had not developed a relationship with God. It wasn’t until 2004, that Adrienne began to develop and strengthen her relationship with God and realized there was no such thing as luck it was the favor of God.

For the past 21 years, Adrienne has been practicing nursing providing quality health care to her patients. Adrienne graduated from Merida Huron School of Nursing (Cleveland, OH) in 1989, receiving a Diploma in Nursing. While working as an RN, eager to excel, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) in 1997 and a Master of Science degree in the area of Family Practice from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) in 2003 and became Board Certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner in July 2003. Adrienne also attended Georgetown University where she studied Nurse Midwifery. Adrienne opened Faith Family Health and Weight Management Clinic on August 13th, 2008.

In February 2007, Adrienne received her Realtor's license and June 2009, was certified by the ISSA as a Certified Personal Trainer. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, relocating to Houston, Texas in 2005, in her spare time Adrienne loves working out, reading, traveling and going to the movies. She is also the proud mother of three children: Lorne Jermaine Brown, Rodney Darrell Mynatt II and India Nicole Mynatt. Also, four grandsons: Xavier, Isaiah, Miraculous, Cassanova and a fifth grandson to arrive in this world in November 2010. Adrienne attends Lakewood Church.

Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by Faith: Labeled a Statistic, My Road to Success, her first book, was published by America's Press in September 2010 — and, as you can imagine, she is thrilled!

About the book

Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up Faith: Labeled a Statistic My Road to Success, Adrienne Mynatt shares with her readers that everyone has challenges in life. But, as we exercise our faith in God, we learn – and it has been proven – that God will never leave nor forsake His people.

Traumatized at age 5, labeled a statistic at 17, and a teenage mom at 18, Adrienne has overcome many obstacles while pursuing her journey to success. As Adrienne shares testimonies from her own personal life experiences, she knows that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged, inspired and blessed.

The three essential messages in this book:
- Everyone has challenges in life, but you are in control of your destiny
- Lessons learned and growth from challenges
- Developing a relationship with God to the point where you know there is no such thing as luck it’s the favor of God.

ISBN # 978-0-615-40139-3
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