Free Copies Color Coded Book Serie (Author Kim Carter-Johnson)

I am offering FREE copies of the Kindle version of my "Color Coded The Novel" Book Series from now until Feb. 22. This is a riveting and engaging family saga based in New Orleans. The state of Louisiana is home to some of the most well--defined sub cultures in America and is the only state that boasts its own language. Enjoy!!

Armand Baptiste’s has never been denied anything in his young life, at least not until now. When he meets a beautiful dark, mahogany skinned girl and instantly falls in love, he learns that there’s no room for ‘that kind of love’ in the life of his wealthy Creole family. He is a privileged Creole of Color in 1960’s New Orleans where marriages are arranged based on skin color and economics. His ruthless mother will stop at absolutely nothing to end his relationship, but soon learns that life is packed with irony and there’s always a price to pay for decisions based on the superficial. This is part one of a gripping family saga that spans several decades.

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