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Women What the Hell are you Thinking

(Author Cheryl Lacey-Donovan)

About the Author

Cheryl Lacey-Donovan, has spent over 20 of her years as a health care provider and educator. In those years Cheryl has helped women learn to overcome and deal with many issues that arise from their many daily challenges as women.

Cheryl's insight through God's word and the bible has proven to be her stronghold in her life. Finding herself with a child in her early teen years has given Cheryl without realizing it, a reason to turn completely towards God for her foundation of strength. Cheryl has two sons and a husband of 14 years. They are members of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

Cheryl is an author, educator, entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker and internet radio talk show host. Her program Worth More Than Rubies can be heard on each Friday from 11:00am - 12:00 noon CST. Cheryl Lacey-Donovan is a true Virtuous Woman

About the book

"Women, What the Hell are You Thinking
An Inspirational Guide To Becoming a Virtuous Woman of God",

A Virtuous Women is: a protector of her spiritual beliefs upright, strong, loving, forgiving, patient, courageous, faithful, wise, kind, owns self-respect, guards her dignity, and will turn away from anything or any one that would dare tear down her self-worth or self-esteem. This Virtuous woman is what the book, "Women What the Hell are You Thinking" is written about. In this book the author teaches women lessons through her words and through the use words of biblical references.

The lessons that you will read in this book are meant to reach your most inner self and help you become more aware of your self-esteem, your self-acceptance and your spiritual self. You will also learn the importance of a no-acceptance policy to allow failure in your life.

"Women What the Hell are You Thinking", is a book for women of all ages. It is well written and easily understood through the author, Cheryl Lacey-Donovan's interpretations. This book will wake up many of your most hidden thoughts and fears in regards to how you are living today.

Through its very inspiring biblical references you will be faced with a very important question such as, are you a VIRTUOUS WOMAN? This question alone will take you through this book page after page, challenging you to look hard at how you think and feel as a woman today. You will also begin to look at how YOU are allowing others to treat you, through every type of relationship. It will unfold many strong feelings, some that you may have never felt before. These feelings are renewed spiritual awakenings which will help you to take a stand for your right as a virtuous woman.

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The Rise of the House of Stone

(Author Rachel Blessing)

About the author

Rachel has been writing since she was 13 but didn't realize until recently that she liked it well enough to create a career out of it; despite the fact that all her English teachers told her she had a wonderful imagination.

Finally, recognizing that God gave her the gift of storytelling for a reason, she decided to sit her butt in a chair and put finger to keyboard. Her debut novel, The Rise of the House of Stone, is the result.

You can visit her at Rachel resides in Indianapolis, Indiana where she is working on establishing her own imprint and the second novel of the Stone Sisters Series.

About the book

Sydney Stone Roberts has only ever dreamed of one thing - to run her family's hotel empire. Now that the president's position is vacant she is sure her father will appoint her right away. Little does she know Kendall, her brother-in-law, is after the same position and it looks like he just may get it. He's brainstormed an excellent plan to promote the hotel impressing her father and garnering his praises.

Sydney soon realizes the only way she can keep her brother-in-law at bay is to enlist the help of her sisters, Kailyn and Ari. Unfortunately, they aren't too fond of her.

There is a war brewing within the Stone family and sides will be chosen. Will the sisters overcome their differences and band together to save the family business, or will they allow Kendall to ruin their family's legacy once and for all?

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Living, Breathing Lies

(Author Gloria Mallette)

About the author

A self-taught writer, GLORIA MALLETTE began her true literary journey by self-publishing her second novel Shades of Jade in April of 2000. By July, and 13,000 sold copies later, Gloria signed on with Random House who re-released Shades of Jade in 2001. Shades of Jade made several best sellers lists, including Black Board, Essence Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and The Washington Post/Washington is Also Reading listing.

Along with numerous reviews in national magazines and newspapers, Gloria has been featured in The New York Daily News, USAToday, ToDay's Black Woman, Upscale Magazine, and The Pocono Record. She also has a featured novella, Come Tomorrow, on the USAToday website.

To her credit, Gloria now has several published titles: If There Be Pain, What's Done in the Dark, Distant Lover, The Honey Well, Promises to Keep, Weeping Willows Dance, Shades of Jade, and When We Practice to Deceive. Her ninth title, Living, Breathing Lies, is due out June 15, 2007.

Gloria and her family recently moved from New York City to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

About the book

Breathe a lie, live a lie is what Nadirah Lewis learns when she uncovers the stunning lie she unwittingly lived for seventeen years. Nadirah was twelve when she was blamed for crippling her Aunt Stephanie. Guilt and her trust fund kept Nadirah a prisoner in Stephanie's home and the object of Stephanie's cruel tongue, but it took another vicious lie and a threat to Nadirah's career as a teacher to infuse her with the energy to fight back.

Nadirah's fight is not just for herself, however. It's also for one of her students, Bree Morrison. When Bree drinks a near fatal dose of poison, Nadirah petitions the Administration for Child Services for guardianship. Bree's mother has inexplicably disappeared, and what Bree won't say is what Nadirah needs to hear before Bree's aunt Erma, a she-devil on wheels, wins custody.

Erma, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Austin Gray, Nadirah's new landlord and close friend of Lynn, Nadirah's cousin, lets Nadirah know she will never get Bree or her husband. But what unforgivable lie does Erma live that could stop her cold? And Lynn, what shameful lie lurks behind her picturesque suburban doors?

Unveil the shocking, real life truths of Living, Breathing Lies.

More about Gloria Mallette:
Gloria Mallette

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Want Some, Get Some

(Author Pam Ward)

About the author

Pam Ward is a graphic artist and Los Angeles native. Her work can be found in Scream When You Burn, Best American Erotica, Grand Passion and Catch the Fire! She's the recipient of a California Arts Council Writing Fellowship and a New Letters Award for Poetry. This is her first novel.

About the book

A gritty street tale bristling with the muscle and teeth of Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines "Trudy, a.k.a. "Trudy with the Booty" knows what she wants and just how to get it. But a better life away from the jack-up streets of South Central L.A. needs to be financed and homegirl can't even think of leaving without delivering some sweet payback to her slick talking ex, Lil Steve.

Ever since he started selling nude videos of her to the neighborhood men, Trudy can barely walk outside. Ganking him would be the icing on the cake to her bank-robbing scheme. But Trudy's plan to get even and escape the ghetto is more than risky it may be the worst mistake of her life.

Having recruited a crew of hustlers, car-jackers and home wreckers who hang out at the seedy nightclub, Dee's Parlor, where she sings after working days as a bank teller, Trudy is ready to put her plan into action a heist to make them all rich.

There's just one problem: Jimmy, a stone-cold killer who doesn't like being ripped off. And while the best laid plans often go awry, no one could have guessed where this wild, crazy ride takes this cast of lawbreakers and heartbreakers as they scramble over and under each other to get what they want.

A fast-paced, exhilarating drama with sharply drawn characters, sultry writing, and a fierce intensity of emotion, WANT SOME, GET SOME is a brilliantly assured debut. A promising new talent, Pam Ward brings a woman's sense of bravado to a boy's game.

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Pam Ward Writer

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Northside Clit

(Author Allysha Hamber)

About the author

Born and raised in Saint Louis, MO, Allysha began her writing career, while serving a 7 1/2 year prison sentence. Writing became her way of escape and healing both spiritually and emotionally. It began with plays and later turned into novels that her peers believed she should publish upon her release.

Born the fourth of five children, Allysha came up on the grimy streets of the STL, learning alot of life's lessons the hard way. It has been the consequences of those lesson, often self-taught, that has inspired Allysha to write about the things all young women can relate too.

Allysha has become the voice of the young, struggling and everyday African American woman, tantalizing her readers with story lines of urban real life situations.

She continues to build towards the future and hopes to become a mentor to trouble and abused young African American women.

Allysha is the proud mother of three beautiful children, Dorian, Davion and Tamara Hamber. She is the CEO of her company, BAMM MANAGEMENT (Books and Music Merging Together To Make a Difference, One beat, One novel at a Time."

About the book

Meet Queen...the leader of one of the most feared female clique's on the City's North Side of St. Louis. Queen, commonly known as a "hood rat" lives her life strictly by the code of the streets...get money, by any means necessary.

Together with her crew, Trey, Lilac, Butter and Pebbles, Queen plots to pull the job of a lifetime. A robbery that is sure the crew madd respect in the hood among their peers and fellow gang members.

But when the job goes wrong and the girls are faced with the possibility of doing hard time...the rules of the hood go out the window and the girls find themselves in situations they never imagined could occur.

Will the threat of life behind bars, force this crew, a crew bound by loyalty and street turn their back on each other?

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The Perfect Gift

(Author/ Publisher/Entrepreneur Angela Thomas)

About the author

My name is Angela Thomas and I am an Author/ Publisher/ Entrepreneur. I have 2 books titled" Chipping Away At The Soul Of Me and " The Perfect Gift"/ Have you ever woke up and said "This is not my Life"? I live in Miami, Florida. I am married with 2 beautiful girls, and a Retired Correctional Officer. Writing is my greatest passion.

About the book

Information about "The Perfect Gift", a book about feeling stuck and looking at yourself in the mirror and inventory your entire life, It's about going on a Life journey and overcoming losing someone, fall- downs, Life disappoinments, Struggles, Rejections, and putting all your trust in" Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ'.

This book is a must have and it's for everyone and that is why I titled it The Perfect Gift. There is also, a Children section, Couples section, Woman and Men. It's Spiritual Enlightening and uplifting. It is a New Beginning!

More about Angela Thomas:

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