The Perfect Gift

(Author/ Publisher/Entrepreneur Angela Thomas)

About the author

My name is Angela Thomas and I am an Author/ Publisher/ Entrepreneur. I have 2 books titled" Chipping Away At The Soul Of Me and " The Perfect Gift"/ Have you ever woke up and said "This is not my Life"? I live in Miami, Florida. I am married with 2 beautiful girls, and a Retired Correctional Officer. Writing is my greatest passion.

About the book

Information about "The Perfect Gift", a book about feeling stuck and looking at yourself in the mirror and inventory your entire life, It's about going on a Life journey and overcoming losing someone, fall- downs, Life disappoinments, Struggles, Rejections, and putting all your trust in" Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ'.

This book is a must have and it's for everyone and that is why I titled it The Perfect Gift. There is also, a Children section, Couples section, Woman and Men. It's Spiritual Enlightening and uplifting. It is a New Beginning!

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