Africa For Smart Kids - Book1: Let's talk about Africa! (My school of Africa) (Volume 1)

About the Author

Beatrice Achaleke is a mother of two kids, a lecturer, author, and founder of the many organizations and including the GloBUNTU Transformational Mindset System®, Follow Me To Africa, Africa for Smart Kids, The GloBUNTU Fellowship, Diversity Leadership and much more. She is a multiple award-winning social transfopreneur. Beatrice was born in Cameroon and lived for 20 years in Austria from where she travelled extensively and worked around the Globe. Beatrice He is the author of many articles and books many books including “Voices of Black European Women, 2008, Vieltfalt statt Einfalt. Wo ich herkomme, 2011, Erfolgsfaktor kulturelle Vielfalt. Andere Menschen. Bessere Teams. Neue Kunden, 2013, Shit happens, How to transform your individual breakdown into a collective breakthrough, 2016. In 2015 She relocated to South Africa. Upon her return back to Africa it dawned on her that she knew so little about the continent that gave her life. She made a commitment to questioning her own perceptions of Africa. The result is this series of books. She is the Author of more than 5 books and countless articles.

About the Book

Let’s talk about Africa It is the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent, so Nguisse and Atabong, two teenagers children of an African mother and a European father, born and brought up in Europe decided to find out more about their origin in Africa. They meet their Cousin Prince Fuareke, a very knowledgeable and smart 16 years old student who is ready to answer all their questions and much more. Mosquito Zangalo does not want to be left out, so she comes up with a challenge for you. This first book shows you an Africa you probably don’t know. It provides you with fascinating insights including facts and figures that will blow your mind, entertain you and above all, open your eyes to a completely new Africa, a continent full of surprises. “Let's talk about Africa” is book1 of a brand new series called “Africa For Smart Kids” Enjoy and watch out for book2!

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Better Out Than In Part One

About the Author

Ms Cooper was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in the late 60’s where she lived until she migrated to the United Kingdom in the 90’s. She lived in the UK for 12 years earning her Rn degree there. She moved tot he U.S. in 2003 where she furthered her education. She earned a BSN and later an MSN in Nursing Administration. Ms. Cooper has 2 children; 1 adult son and teenae daughter. She currently resides in Suger Land, Texas with her daughter.

About the Book

Better Out than In takes us on a journey from Africa to the U.S. through the author’s experiences growing up and marrying into domestic violence. She speaks to the history of her abuse as well as that of her siblings and how it came through many hands and methods. From watching her father beat her mother on a regular basis to a horribly abusive step-mother who beat and demeaned her, and having been date raped and forced into an abusive marriage, Ms. Cooper paints a chilling image of the effects of domestic violence. Traveling to another continent, the author escapes her tormentors and builds her self-confidence, gets an education and builds a new life for herself. A powerful story of determination, courage, and refusal to accept the status-quo.

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About the Author

Cynthia Harris Casteel was born and raised in Maryland. She attended Morgan State University and went on to be a teacher. After teaching for over 35 years, Cynthia finally retired. Her husband, Charles and she moved to Savannah, Georgia where they still are working to make a difference with the youth. Cynthia enjoys writing poems, inspiring plays and novels. 

I Am My Brother’s Keeper, Not My Brother’s Killer is her latest novel, and the first one was Frankie’s Angels. I Am My Brother’s Keeper, Not My Brother’s Killer was written out of her love for young people. Cynthia’s book was written to “awaken” them of the consequences of making some wrong choices.

About the Book

Malachi Jackson has a choice. He can go to college and get a good education, or he can join the neighborhood gang. If he joins the gang, he can make some quick money, but there are consequences for joining the gang. He wants to get out of his grandmother’s house and that quick money could really come in handy. He is also an “A” student and because this is his senior year, his mother wants him to go to college. He ends up seeing his life come to full term through the eyes of a mortician. The mortician gets to bury a lot of the neighborhood gang members and those who get caught up in the middle of these senseless killings. The gang life has consequences.

Will Malachi be his brother’s keeper or his brother’s killer? The ending will shock you!

Black Women in Europe Blog™ Anniversary Book: 10 years in the making

About the Author

It never occurred to Adrianne George to publish a book before her multi-award winning blog turned 10 in 2016. It was then that it became clear to her that the best way to memorialize that landmark was to publish an anniversary book. Black Women in Europe™ Blog Anniversary Book: 10 years in the making is the result.

Adrianne is an American expat who has lived in Belgium, England and Sweden. She is the author of several published travel articles, has contributed to Voices of black European Women Volume 1 from Black European Publishing Haus, and several blogs. She spends a significant portion of her time sharing positive news about black women in Europe and in 2010 created the ground-breaking Black Women in Europe™ Power List. She takes her role as an unofficial African American Ambassador to the World seriously and is living proof that a smile is rarely lost in translation.

About the Book

The Black Women in Europe™ Blog was created to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. This book is dedicated to them. You will meet 11 Sheros I have encountered over the past 10 years. Many of them have gifts for you contained within. They all have unique stories and talents to share.

The book also contains quotes from women we have met in our social network. You will meet all the women on our Black Women in Europe™: Power List – A List of Our Own© I started in 2010.
You will also meet two men who have supported this blog and brand from the beginning. Their support has been paramount to my success.

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Poems By Author: Renee’ Drummond-Brown

Rutha’s Freedom Still Dreams!
By: Author: Renee’ Drummond-Brown

“If the Son therefore shall make you free,
ye shall be free indeed.”
(John 8: 36 KJV)
those songs
motivated the marchers
to march on
with a King,
But we shall overcome
needs to be ‘sung’.
has we shall overcome;
come and gone?
Just ‘Sing’ Freedom Singer,
‘Sang’ on,
for all

…So ‘SANG’ on
Ms. Rutha Mae
as if it’s
the last song.
like David danced
with all your might.
Your chorus
rings out
for those of us
who are frighten.
Your melody
is in tune
with none other
than the Triune.
Your Godly chant
stops Satan’s
unwanted blues.
Your hymns
teach us
the Father’s
Good (Infallible) News.
Your track record
is impeccable
with ballads
to choose.
And with
God before your solo-
we simply
can’t lose.

…So ‘SANG’ on
Ms. Rutha Mae
as if,
it’s the last song,
…and then
the dance of David,
 while ‘You’ long
for ‘our’ dreams
of freedom,
those songs!

You smelled freedom in the 60’s,
You tasted it in the 70’s,
You touched it in the 80’s,
You saw it in the 90’s
You ‘sang’ about it in the 2000’s
…and ‘I hear’ in ‘2017’…
…just like David’s Psalms;
Rutha’s Freedom
Still Dreams on…

I love you Ms. Rutha Mae Harris.
FOREVER ‘YOUR’ Pittsburgh Author: Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown

Dedicated to: Songbird/Activist, Ms. Rutha Mae Harris,
Original Freedom Singer of the Civil Rights Movement


By: Author Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown

Thank you concerning the Movement,
with your gift of songs,
Thank you for knowing and singing
“It Was the Blood” for me,
while being done wrong!
Thank you for singing about that “Old Time Religion”,
that we so longed!

Thank you for singing
“Before I’ll Be A Slave I’ll Be Buried In My Grave”
Thank you for singing
“Just A Little Walk With Thee”
while being brave,
Thank you for singing
“He’s got the Whole World in His Hands”
While Non Violence
was Dr. King’s message of the day!

Thank you for singing our way in,
and out of those jails,
Thank you for singing
“I’ve got Jesus and that’s enough”,
with no bail.
Thank you for singing:
“He’s so Real” in times,
when you were frail.
Thank you for singing
“We’ve Come This Far by Faith”
can’t turn around,
and we won’t go to Hell!

Thank you for singing
“Pass me not, O’Gentle Savior”,
and hear my humble cry,
Thank you for singing
“Somebody Prayed for me”
and told Satan GOOD-BYE!
Thank you for singing
“I won’t Complain”
which made our oppressors wonder why?
Thank you for singing
“Walk in the Light”
while always prepared to die!

Thank you for singing
“Precious Lord Take my Hand
while you took that stance,
Thank you for singing
“How I Got Over”
while taking that chance,
Thank you for singing to kids
“I’ve Been In A Storm”
and “Respect Yourself” in advance,
Thank you for singing
“I’ve Got A Testimony” to President Barack Obama,
do your Holy Ghost dance
(In Song)!

                                                                   Dedicated to:                                                     
Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White Men who bled and died
 For The Civil Rights Movement!

Published@ The Metro Gazette Publishing Company, Albany, GA.
All Rights Reserved@2015
No part of this poem may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without written permission from the author.