Lupus Leave My Daughter Alone!!!

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My name is Pearl Lily and I am the mother of six adult children and eight grandchildren I am also an educator all Rain Speaker Bruer member child abuse Advocate and soon to be inspiring children's author. The book that I would like to highlight is the one titled Lupus leave my daughter alone. As a mother it's very difficult to see your child even as an adult to suffer I am in a position now of raising my daughter two children aged four and five one who suffers from autism and developmental delay because of her substance abuse but looking at my daughter and her daily struggle as a result of her lupus condition is heart wrenching feeling that any human being can endure for the more watching your child demise.

About the Book

As a mother it is extremely difficult to see my daughter go through this challenging time with her Lupus. I never knew what Lupus was until my daughter complained that she was in so much pain in her chest, seeping of body fluid coming out of her pores and skin scorched and fragile as if she was a victim of a house fire. Hand, face, skin all victimized by Lupus. Her soul and spirit forever changed, not knowing why she suffers such terrible fate. But God gives her the strength to keep moving.


About the author

Michelle A. Marsh is a published author​ whose creative writing capability captures the reader's attention​, by allowing them to have a front row seat into her ​vivid imagination.

Michelle's passion for writing, started at an early age. Once quiet and shy, she allowed pencil and paper to ​serve as ​her voice. Later in life, Michelle would participate in a journalism course, that solidified her love for writing. In college she ​continued to develop her writing skills and ultimately ​would hold​ jobs that allowed her to utilize ​this valuable skill and become a respected writer​.

​Michelle is the most creative, when writing fiction novels. She ​​values her readers, therefore she writes from the heart about different topics that are relatable across all walks of life. She has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies with a career in government. Michelle is the mother of two young adult sons​ and has one adorable grandson​.

​Michelle grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts, the "City of Champions" and currently resides there. She enjoys writing, spending time with her family, friends and traveling. ​One of Michelle's motto is, "my life experiences have served as some of my best teachers"​

​Her mission is to produce quality writing material and become a respected writer among her peers. She's committed to provide enjoyable reading material that is encouraging, entertaining, informative and relatable to not only her readers but everyone. Michelle wants to encourage others to hone in on their creativity, express their ideas in writing and be the best that they can be, no matter what their passion is. Her desire is to showcase ​her written work ​one day theatrically.

About the book

After not one, but two traumatic events take place on the same day, Grace Johnson is left to push through this difficult time, alone. Deeply missing the one person who could truly give her the comfort and support she so desperately needs, Grace is left to conceal her own HIDDEN SCARS, that time alone would reveal. After months of struggling to put the shattered pieces of her life back together, a shocking discovery unfolds a dark truth that forces family members (already at odds with each other) to choose sides; turning on each other during a time when their bond should be unbreakable. When the truth erupts, exposing it all, it may just cost one of them the ultimate price!

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