Xpressionz Through My Eyes / Rated Triple R Xpressionz: Restored, Repaired & Reprogrammed By The Blood

About the Author

Enigmatic Mahogany has been writing poetry as an outlet to her innermost emotions to xpress herself as far back as she can remember. Enigmatic Mahogany delivered her first oral delivery as a freshman at Tennessee State University, where she studied Speech Communications Theater, Radio and Television. During her matriculation at Tennessee State University, she formulated an event entitled XpressionZ, in which she provided a platform for all artists to xpress themselves. Not only did Enigmatic Mahogany xpress herself through her poetic pen, but was also afforded the opportunity to xpress herself via musical selections while serving as host for WTST Radio of Lady L In The Wet Zone.

It was following her obtaining her Bachelors Degree at Tennessee State University, that she pursued her innermost passion - poetry. XpressionZ , an online group established via Facebook, was re-birthed as a platform for all artists to xpress themselves. Upon becoming more familiar with Facebook and the various venues provided for poets worldwide, she began to incorporate online radio shows as a part of her tapping into her passion and staying honed in on her craft. It is during this time, various doors were opened. Enigmatic Mahogany served as Social Chapter President of world recognized P.O.E.T. (People Of Extraordinary Talent) organization, one of the most elite entertainment groups in the mid-west for Spoken Word Poetry. Not only did she hold the position of Social Chapter President, but also graciously worked with the 2013 and 2014 National Poetry Award Winning Radio Station in the capacity as station manager as well as host of Inspirational XpressionZ, which aired weekly over the web and phone allowing artists from near and far to inspire others through their pens.

While working with P.O.E.T. Enigmatic Mahogany was provided the chance to provide an additional outlet for those searching for an outlet to all forms of xpression. She also served as station manager for The Epiphany Forreal Radio and Entertainment Network. Although, always eager to assist she also wanted to provide an additional platform for artists to be recognized near and far for all forms of xpression. She also wore the hat of host of Enigmatic XpressionZ, airing weekly via web and phone. Enigmatic Mahogany has been recognized for her rewind poet skills as she ensured during each show to provide back to each poet portions of their piece to ensure that each poet knew that to her life they had made a difference. Her recognition has come in various forms, from being awarded GANSPA Poet Of The Year For The State Of Alabama, featured on poetic musical compilations, featured on various radio shows to being featured in various magazine articles as well. Enigmatic Mahogany has also worn the hat of actress, playwright, album cover designer, host and event coordinator. Enigmatic Mahogany, most recently released her first book of poetry, “Xpressionz Through My Eyes”December 2018 s well as her second book, “Rated Triple R Xpression: Restored, Repaired & Reprogrammed By The Blood, which is a 52 week devotional May 2019.

She xpresses that she is living out her passion and aspires to be a voice for the voiceless, inspire and bring about a change, and last but not least, to leave a dissection of her life through her eyes for her most important contributions to this world, her son and daughter. She lives out her signature piece - Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Her remaining goals include, but are not limited to, composing a compact disc with musical xpressionz behind her poetic pen as well as establishing a venue for artists to xpress themselves without the worry of childcare for she knows the challenges that come with being a single mom, and desires to live out her mission to impact each life she touches through pen or platform in a positive way.

About the Books

Xpressionz Through My Eyes

Creatively Compiled, this collection of poetry offers a look into all forms of xpression revealing the world through my eyes. Each page is guaranteed to give you the food for thought, tug at your heart strings and give you the voices unheard by many while birthing an inspiration within you to bring about a riveting positive change in the world we face.

Poet, Enigmatic Mahogany has captured the intricacies of her life in poetic stance through each trial and triumph!

Rated Triple R Xpressionz: Restored, Repaired & Reprogrammed By The Blood

Upon seeing Rated Triple R, one may think of the very worst scenario. However, Rated Triple R Xpressionz dissects through scripture components of being restored, repaired and reprogrammed by the blood! So many times, people view themselves as broken lacking the tools to heal. Rated Triple R Xpressionz will guide you on 52 weeks of transformation where you won't dare look back and where your grace will be renewed.

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