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Maxine Ann Bailey
I am very happily married we have a son. My husband and I enjoy travelling and holidays abroad, we hold dinner parties and love entertaining.

I was born in 1960, in Stockport, United Kingdom. I lived with both of my parents and I have siblings. One minute my parents would tell me that I was deaf and the next they said I was playing up. My deafness was not acknowledged, I was punished for not answering when called by my mother, I wasn’t allowed the television volume to be raised so I could hear and when I asked what was happening I was shushed.

I took to reading, I love books everything but science fiction, which I find scary. When I left school and started my working life, I was treated really badly in various jobs. I was ridiculed, ignored or accused of being ignorant and worse of all being excluded because it is easier to ignore me than to make an effort to include me.

I started to write my book in 2012 when I finally got sick to death of seeing deafness and deaf people being wrongly portrayed on television and strangely enough during writing the book I had recourse to take my employer to tribunal for disability Discrimination.

I am currently very happy in my new job working with young children as an assistant in a Nursery and I love the way not one child gets frustrated or snappy when they have to repeat what they are saying or because I am repeating what they say wrong. It is a blessed relief to be able to be completely me among my work colleagues who recognise my deafness and make sure that I am included in all aspects of every conversation be it about work or social lives. I love it.

I am now happier than I have ever been both at home and at work.

About the Book

This book is my story of growing up being deaf and living among people who either didn’t have a clue or just pretended it wasn’t there.

I was born at the end of 1960 and I believe that my mother discovered I was deaf when I was a toddler about to poke a knitting needle in the electric socket. Apparently she shouted me twice to stop but I didn’t respond to her, so she ran to me and grabbed the knitting needle. She said I almost jumped through the ceiling when she grabbed the needle and this alerted her to the fact that something was wrong. Upon confirmation of my hearing loss, mother’s next act was to brush this information under the carpet and pretend it wasn’t happening. Hence my shame and embarrassment of the ‘stigma’ attached to deafness as mother told me more than once that you can see other disabilities such as blindness, the walking stick is a clue, and physical disabilities are obvious also but because you can’t see deafness those who are deaf are seen to be stupid, thick and not very bright. She informed me that I would never be as bright or as clever as my siblings.

I went to mainstream school and every September my mother called the school to tell my teacher to sit me at the front of the class, that’s as far as the acknowledgement of my deafness went. Unfortunately, at secondary school we had a different teacher for each lesson so I was able to sit at the back and try to keep a low profile. However, that isn’t really possible with being deaf as I never heard the teacher telling me to be quiet and earned the nickname “Trouble” for a) my constant talking and b) every word being heard by anyone in earshot, I wasn’t aware then, that I am incapable of whispering. Being deaf I find trying to follow what is going on around me can be very frustrating, I have (and still do) experienced some very embarrassing, hilarious, frustrating and miserable situations on a daily basis and seen how different people, including myself, can behave towards deafness. Oh the stigma attached to being deaf, I was called all sorts, ignorant, not very bright, irresponsible oh the list was endless and this mostly from my mother.

As I grew up between the 1960’s and 1980’s I learned to be ashamed of my “handicap” and I became adept at keeping it secret that I “had trouble hearing” and It wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I began to tell people I was deaf and then only if I really thought they needed to know.

and it must have had some bearing on how my character developed. I tried to keep a low profile at home as I was sometimes punished for not hearing and I was told that I had ‘heard something’ (referring to my deafness) and was playing on it.

This book tells how, I as a deaf person overcame numerous obstacles to achieve my dreams. I swallowed my pride aged 19 and started wearing hearing aids, and during my journey I discovered that I was ambitious and capable I also discovered that had I been able to hear properly during school years I would have passed all my exams with flying colours.

I developed a habit of taking a book with me wherever I went and at every opportunity I would sit and read, people automatically assumed that I didn’t respond because I was reading my school friends gave me another nickname “bookworm” and whoever wanted me made a greater effort to get my attention. A few years ago I learned that some friends thought I was paranoid because during conversations I would constantly nudge the person next to me to ask ‘what did he/she say?’ and ‘what was that?’

In group activities I get bored easily in when I can’t hear properly and I go off into my own world, fidgeting and amusing myself. I forget that because I can’t hear them, it doesn’t mean ‘they can’t hear me’. Consequently there was always something for me to get into trouble for. Nowadays I am happy to speak up and ask people to slow down or repeat something

During a work placement at the local fire station the fire safety officers showed much interest in how being deaf affected myself, my family and my daily life. They were shocked to learn that my two sons acted as my ears in case of emergencies. I have had school teachers ask me how I manage and for advice on how they should approach deaf children in their classes. There are very few organisations that actually have any deaf awareness understanding or training and colleagues I have worked with have behaved in dreadful ways towards me, even though it may be unintentional it is no less discriminating than when done intentionally. I believe there is a very large audience out there that could learn a lot from reading my story.

Books by Renee' B. Drummond-Brown

About the Author

Renee' B. Drummond-Brown was born in North Carolina (Marine brat) at the US Naval Hospital in Camp Lejeune to wonderful parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Charles Drummond of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She refers to her parents as being the sole reason behind her strength but God is the wind beneath her wings. Renee' has traveled to Kenya, Africa, on a Missions trip and has lived across the states on various Military bases, including Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Renee's siblings are Delbert Dwayne Drummond and the late pastor Shawn Charles Drummond.

The Center for Urban Biblical Ministry (CUBM) will forever hold precious memories for Renee'. Renee' was grateful to serve as class president for her alma mater, where she earned her degree in Christian ministry in December 2014. She has continued on a straight and narrow path, furthering her educational pursuit of excellence at Geneva College of Pennsylvania in Christian Ministry leadership, with a minor in biblical theology studies. She is married and refers to her spouse, Cardell Nino Brown Sr., as her soul mate and very best friend. The couple has three children: Cardell Jr., Renee', and Raven Brown.

While at CUBM, Renee's writing career blossomed into Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight, a phrase that eloquently coins her work. She is an accomplished poet. The dominant themes of her writings are spiritually based. She has been led to write about blacks' history, the civil rights movement, slavery, family, and the African American woman, who at times is taken for granted. Drummond-Brown has published her third book and several poems, one of which was written for the original Freedom Singer of the civil rights movement, the legendary Ms. Rutha Mae Harris, titled Ms. Rutha Mae Harris, and published by Judith Hampton-Thompson, her publisher, in the Metro Gazette Publishing Company, Inc., Albany, Georgia. Renee's poetry has wings and has flown across God's great seas.

Although much of Renee’s time is spent at Geneva College, her love for creative writing is undoubtedly displayed through her very unique style of poetry. When asked by others about her writing style, Renee’ posits, ""God’s Word in the Holy Bible, King James Version, inspires my writings, thereby making my poetry very different and unconventional."" Renee’ credits her writings to the following: God before all else; her English professor, Ms. Lydia Bright, for taking her writing up a notch from creative to an academic style of approach; Dr. John Stanko, for building her confidence and challenging her to want to write more; Ms. Rutha Mae Harris, for always encouraging her to continuously write; Dr. Todd Allen, for coaching her relating to public speaking about her writings; Barbara, her mom, and Terri Drummond for always being those extra eyes and ears when needed in the late-night hours; Mrs. Judith Hampton-Thompson, her publisher; the Metro Gazette, for believing in her work before all others; and finally her husband, who puts the final seal of approval on everything she writes. Inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou, Renee' pledges this: ""Still I write, I write, and I'll write!""

About the Books

To the Highest Bidder: Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight

Renee's Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight is a collection of poetic injustices that reflect periods in time relating to slavery, Civil Rights Movement and the 21st century. We Cannot Forget To Remember Our Past, And. . . We Cannot Remember To Forget Our Present, And. . . We Should Never Forget, That We Were Sold: To The Highest Bidder! Renee' B. Drummond-Brown.

The Power of the Pen

Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight are a plethora of poetic thoughts penned to:
I nspire and
N urture
K indreds, while
P reparing and
E mpowering the
N ations.

Renee's Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight: I'll Write Our Wrongs! 

Renee's Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight is a collection of poetic accounts designed to have colorblind justice, hear the truth, touch freedom, taste love, and smell the Rose of Sharon. This book is written with such conviction that it is sure to cleanse the soul, mend the broken heart, and ultimately transform one's mind.

More about Renee:
Poems Wings Words Flight
Power of the Pen
Sold Highest Bidder


About the Author

Dre Lett was born in Vallejo, California and spent most of her childhood years in California. She attended High School, Undergraduate and Graduate College in Michigan. She has spent 25 plus years in Corporate America. She is married with Christian mother of 2 and have called Atlanta, Georgia her home for over 10 plus years. Her hobbies are reading and writing novels. In her spare time she loves to Roller Skate and on occasion she enjoys relaxing at a beach nearby with her family.

About the Books


It all takes place in 1968 and spans until 2008 in Vallejo, California, Ann Arbor/Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia. This is a story about a young girl and boy who grow up together in Vallejo amidst adversity. Both children have huge dreams and aspirations as any child would. Throughout their lives their paths cross over and over again but never coming full circle until the age of 40. This tale has funny, loving, sexual, and mystery moments that will keep you guessing until the end. This book illustrates what life was like in High School, College and Adulthood during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. 


This story is about a group of men and women that reside in Atlanta Georgia by way of other cities. Each person comes from a complete different background but yet face similar struggles. The one thing that brings them together is love and a robbery in a drugstore late one night. After the robbery their lives will never be the same again.


This story is about a married career driven woman who becomes annoyed with her husband’s behavior and infidelity. Nonetheless she remains in the marriage for the sake of her children until her soul is awaken by a man who becomes her friend, her sound board and ultimately her lover. The Pair indulge in the ultimate sin that leads to betrayal and death. This book will captivate your inner love soul and keep you on the edge of your seat. This Tale has several characters in this book that everyone at some point in their life can relate to. This is definitely a story that will have you smiling and crying at the same time. This book is written from a man and woman’s perspective therefore it is definitely a MUST read.

Father, Daddy, Dad

About the Author

My name is Natasha Sayles and I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. When I was a young child my family relocated to Southern California were we bounced around year after year until finally settling in Riverside California. I discovered my love for writing at the age of 15 after completing a high school poetry assignment. However, I didn't really bother with it much. In fact, I was totally into art. I would sit and draw for hours. Eventually it became a way for me to escape my surroundings, which by now were filled with domestic violence and emotional, mental and verbal abuse. In my book “Father, Daddy, Dad” I used my life experiences to tell the story of Natalie. I speak about my struggle with cerebral palsy and how at times I hated being different or deemed handicapped. I also talk about growing up in an abusive household which in turn left me dealing with low self-esteem and searching for love in all the wrong places. Last but not least, I tell the story of how I struggled with trying not to become a product of my environment.

About the Book

Growing up is hard enough, but imagine growing up in a world full of chaos.
In Father, Daddy, Dad, Natalie struggles to find her place in this world, all the while desiring the love of the father she never knew. Follow her on her journey as she battles with cerebral palsy, low self-esteem, and attempts to overcome the obstacle of growing up in a home full of domestic violence.

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Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1634498712/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480478321&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=natasha+sayles

Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/mobile/w/father-daddy-dad-natasha-sayles/1124691723?ean=9781634498715

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Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/home.php?hrc=1&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fh.facebook.com%2Fhr%2Fr&_rdr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sayles1103?s=01

Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness

About the Authors

Joyce & Debra Glenn, “THE GLENN TWINS” are models, actors, TV Hosts and entrepreneurs. Aside from their pursuits in the entertainment industry, the twins are passionate business women with BBAs in accounting and are members of the prestigious business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. The twins have always had a desire to use their influence to empower women and bring awareness to social issues that will initiate positive change within the black community. 

About the Book

Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness is a call to action to challenge black women to live up to their full potential. Black women are strong, beautiful, astute and invaluable leaders worthy of the title “Queen.” 

This book insists that black women raise their personal standards and lead lives reflective of greatness. In particular, there are five specific areas black women should improve upon to advance their own lives and the state of Black America. 

These five areas include: managing our love lives, understanding men, strengthening our sisterhood, changing our views on single motherhood, and improving our self-image. 

Keeping Your Crown is an eye-opening book that forces black women to realize, they hold the power and potential of the black community in their hands. Keeping Your Crown encourages black women to live with purpose and intention and serve as positive agents of change within the black community.

More about the Authors:

‘Ima’ Colored Girl

About the Author

Renee’ B. Drummond is a renown poetria and artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the author of: The Power of the Pen, SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight-I’ll Write Our Wrongs, and Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight.

Her work is viewed on a global scale and solidifies her as a force to be reckoned with in the literary world of poetry. Renee’ is inspired by non-other than Dr. Maya Angelou, because of her, Renee’ posits “Still I write, I write, and I’ll write!”

‘Ima’ Colored Girl

Who hides her smile
All the while
Sometimes late
But always on time
‘Ima’ colored girl
Who holds her past
Make no bones ‘bout’ it
I’ll take you on a swirl
But I know that I know that I know
The first will be last and the last will be first

‘Ima’ colored girl
Who wears a mask
Maya and Paul Laurence Dunbar
Said it’s OK to grin ‘n’ hide
But whateva’ you do
Bear that tide
‘Ima’ colored girl
Naps ‘n’ all
Braids down my back
Expensive weave bought at the mall

‘Ima’ colored girl
Ash claim my knees
Crust own my ‘feets’
But when cleaned up
YOU ‘betta’ ask somebody ‘bout’ ME!

‘Ima’ colored girl
I even have a song
‘Lawd’ have mercy
Marvin Gaye
“Lets get it on”

‘Ima’ colored girl
I don’t need your acceptance
Ima’ colored girl
And that ain’t
What you was expecting!

Author: Renee’ B. Drummond-Brown
(Authored: Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight and

Dedicated To: Renee’ (Dee-Dee) and Raven (Blackbird) You Black Girls Rock!
No part of this poem may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without written permission from the author.

All Rights Reserved@2016‘Ima’ Colored Girl