New Book Reach Out And Touch (author Suzanne Uzzell)

Reach Out and Touch is Inspirational God inspired book about extending our hands to help others by giving to impact lives.

I am grateful God allowed me to write this book and all glory belongs to him! Feel free to Rate and Review this book at the below links.Please share these links To Preview the book

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I truly believe the message in this book will will transform and bless lives.

Love Suzanne Uzzell

King Peggy


(King Peggy)           (Eleanor Herman)

About the Authors

Peggielene Bartels (King Peggy) was born in Ghana in 1953 and moved to Washington, D.C., in her early twenties to work at Ghana's embassy. She became an American citizen in 1997. In 2008, she was chosen to be King of Otuam, a Ghanaian village of 7,000 souls on the west coast of Africa. A devout Christian, she lives in Silver Spring, MD, still works at the embassy, and spends several weeks each year in Ghana.

Eleanor Herman is the author of three books of women's history, the New York Times bestseller Sex with Kings,Sex With the Queen, and Mistress of the Vatican. Her profile of Peggy was a cover story for the Washington Post Magazine. She lives in McLean, VA.

About the Book

The charming real-life fairy tale of an American secretary who discovers she has been chosen king of an impoverished fishing village on the west coast of Africa. King Peggy has the sweetness and quirkiness of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series and the hopeful sense of possibility of Half the Sky.

King Peggy chronicles the astonishing journey of an American secretary who suddenly finds herself king to a town of 7,000 souls on Ghana's central coast, half a world away. Upon arriving for her crowning ceremony in beautiful Otuam, she discovers the dire reality: there's no running water, no doctor, and no high school, and many of the village elders are stealing the town's funds. To make matters worse, her uncle (the late king) sits in a morgue awaiting a proper funeral in the royal palace, which is in ruins. The longer she waits to bury him, the more she risks incurring the wrath of her ancestors. Peggy's first two years as king of Otuam unfold in a way that is stranger than fiction. In the end, a deeply traditional African town has been uplifted by the ambitions of its headstrong, decidedly modern female king. And in changing Otuam, Peggy is herself transformed, from an ordinary secretary to the heart and hope of her community.

More about King Peggy:


About the Author

Rayna Gray graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. She is an advocate for domestic violence survivors and she has been working in the field of domestic violence for five years. She is a voice for domestic violence survivors and she promotes awareness. Mrs. Gray is a memebr of the Women of Color Caucus. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and children.

About the Book

His 200 pound frame was too much for me. I could not fight back any longer, I was defeated. I lost all of my strength and became very weak and began to go in and out of consciousness. When I lost full consciousness he grabbed me by my neck, sat on a chair and wrapped his legs around my body so I could not move. I heard the sound of clippers.He began to shave my head.

The Other Woman

About Tunette Powell

I am an experienced journalist, with a knack for writing feature stories. As a former editorial assistant and staff writer, who spent five years at the San Antonio Express-News, I have chronicled everything from a homeless community’s fight to save their makeshift homes, to an aspiring rapper in San Antonio. When my husband’s Air Force career relocated us to Omaha, Nebraska, I continued my career in communications and continued my writing via blogging. As a blogger for more than two years at the Express-News, my blog, “Tunette’s Baby Steps” was consistently ranked in the top 25 most read blogs by the San Antonio Express-News’ website. In fall 2012, I was offered a blogging position with Momaha, a parenting site offered through the Omaha World-Herald. Since accepting the position, I have become a regular on the World-Herald’s homepage.

In 2012, I earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, making me the first woman in my family to earn a college degree of any kind. Since graduating, I have charged my motivational speaking career into full gear, covering topics that root from my childhood struggles. I have carried my message and testimony across
the country, including education conferences, shelters, women centers and schools.

I have spoken at organizations that cater to young children, teenagers and adults all in an attempt to encourage people to recycle the human life. As a public speaker, I have seen great success. Most notably, in April 2012, I delivered a persuasive speech about the criminalization of addiction that won the Interstate Oratory competition, which is the nation’s oldest speaking competition. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas but now reside in Omaha with my husband, Jason, and two children – Jason Jr. and Joah. In my free time, I coach girls’ basketball and offer writing and speaking classes.

About the Book

The Other Woman is a bold and emotional memoir based on a sixteen-line rap written by the daughter of an addict. In this honest portrayal of addiction, Nette loses herself in the stories of her father's struggles. She vividly recounts his memories of the crack houses and prison cells he once frequented, and openly recalls how that other world stole so many years from Bruce Callis and his family. Bruce, who began selling drugs when he was fourteen years old, first smoked crack cocaine while selling the drug to an attractive woman in a crack house. In the decades that followed, he traded everything - household goods, the money meant to feed his children - to finance his habit. While Bruce wasn't watching, Nette grew up. She faced challenges of her own - being molested as a young child and searching for her father's love in every man she met. But in the process, Nette searches for a way to not only forgive her father, but to understand him.

Transient: A Colored Girl’s Travels

About the Author

Salihah Simone:Growing up, I travelled in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa with my parents. As freshman in high school they shipped me off to Cote d’Ivoire as an exchange student to be sure that I could understand how fortunate I was to have been born middle class in America. I studied fine art specifically photography and spent a good portion of my college career doing independent studies in foreign countries. Having been exposed to many cultures at home and abroad it was only natural that I would not be happy sitting behind a desk and living a “normal” life.

Today, I work internationally as a communications consultant for non-governmental organizations and grass-roots campaigns concerned with women’s health and girls’ education. I have lived and worked in over twenty-five countries throughout the developing world.


About the Book

TRANSIENT: A COLORED GIRL’S TRAVELS is the idiosyncratic story of a brown girl with an American passport and very little compunction about pursuing what she wants—even when she should stop and think it over. Salihah dances, drinks, dates and attempts to find her purpose in this autobiographical novel that chronicles a young woman’s twenties. With a little flirting, a lot of signs from her guardian angel and her crew of eclectic travel buddies she makes her way across four continents. Her companions on theses escapades include a half-Ethiopian half-Brazilian dating guru, a gay retired ballet dancer and a collection of lovers from the beach who can never come home to her real life.

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