Transient: A Colored Girl’s Travels

About the Author

Salihah Simone:Growing up, I travelled in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa with my parents. As freshman in high school they shipped me off to Cote d’Ivoire as an exchange student to be sure that I could understand how fortunate I was to have been born middle class in America. I studied fine art specifically photography and spent a good portion of my college career doing independent studies in foreign countries. Having been exposed to many cultures at home and abroad it was only natural that I would not be happy sitting behind a desk and living a “normal” life.

Today, I work internationally as a communications consultant for non-governmental organizations and grass-roots campaigns concerned with women’s health and girls’ education. I have lived and worked in over twenty-five countries throughout the developing world.


About the Book

TRANSIENT: A COLORED GIRL’S TRAVELS is the idiosyncratic story of a brown girl with an American passport and very little compunction about pursuing what she wants—even when she should stop and think it over. Salihah dances, drinks, dates and attempts to find her purpose in this autobiographical novel that chronicles a young woman’s twenties. With a little flirting, a lot of signs from her guardian angel and her crew of eclectic travel buddies she makes her way across four continents. Her companions on theses escapades include a half-Ethiopian half-Brazilian dating guru, a gay retired ballet dancer and a collection of lovers from the beach who can never come home to her real life.

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