Completely Whole

About the Author

Paulette Harper Johnson, an award winning author, writing coach, and speaker, seeks to inspire women from all walks of life. As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the needs of today’s women.

Paulette is a wife, mother, grandmother, Bible teacher, radio host, writer and the owner of WNL Virtual Blog Tours. She has been mentoring and teaching women for years though seminars, workshops and conferences. Paulette Harper Johnson serves in ministry as an Elder with her husband Sr. Pastor Tony E. Johnson at Word of Faith Worship Center in Bradenton and North Port FL.

About the book

Trauma (stress, shock, suffering, pain, hurts) impacts everyone at one point or another. It has the ability to leave scars imbedded in our hearts. We know we hurt don’t know how deep the pain goes until we find ourselves trying to hide behind the pain through temporary remedies that leave us still not healed. Oftentimes, many people try to seek fulfillment from money, relationships, accomplishments, or material things. Others choose to cope with difficult problems by using drugs or alcohol, but they often come up short and soon have to realize that such things do not bring true happiness and fulfillment in life. Completely takes you on a journey of Wholeness by identifying areas that hinder us from becoming whole— spirit, soul and body.
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Birthday Girl

About the Author

Jamila E. Gomez was born on January 15th, 1982 in Chicago, Ill. She is the youngest of three daughters. She lived in Chicago for three years before she and her family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where she attended kindergarten.

After kindergarten, Jamila and her family packed up and moved to Lithonia, Georgia. There she attended Redan Elementary, Salem Middle, and Redan High School, graduating in 2000. She wrote her first poem at age 17 as a means of dealing with the death of her grandmother. Two years after graduation, she attended Georgia Perimeter College, where she majored in English. It was there that she took courses geared towards creative writing and eventually developed an interest in writing poetry. She had three poems published in the school’s literary magazine.

Following her schooling, Jamila maintained her passion for poetry and continued to write, hoping for the opportunity to one day become a published poet. Along the way, she managed to become a freelance editor, editing “Secret Covers” for Timothy Hill and “Seven Days, Seven Nights: More Skeletons Revealed” for L’Mignon.

In a 10-month period, starting in the summer of 2011, Jamila managed to self-publish a collection of her own poetry in a book entitled, “Pure Confessions” (Volumes l and ll). The books contain poems she had written in a 3-year timeframe. She has also written a novella, entitled “Birthday Girl”. The novella was published under One Karma Publishing. Jamila has just completed co-authoring an erotic short story called “Good Men Still Exist”, which is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2012, as well as an erotic short story of her own, entitled “My Sheree Amore”, and a book of erotic poetry called “Pleasures of the Unknown”, both to be released by the 2012’s end. Currently, she works as a freelance copy editor and proofreader.

Besides being a sister and a daughter, Jamila is also an aunt to a niece and nephew. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, board games, and listening to music.

About the book

For most folks in Decatur, Georgia, December 16th was a regular day. However, for Elisha, today was extra special. She was turning 30 and ready to party hard. With her two best friends, Mika and Julie, along for the ride, Elisha was about to experience a weekend that she’d only read about in books and seen in movies.

Considering she’d not celebrated her birthday since childhood, Elisha had no idea what was in store for her; not just for the night, but for the entire weekend. She had one wish for her birthday…Dante. Elisha had been crushing on Dante for as long as she could remember, and he knew it. He saw this as the perfect opportunity to show her that he was well aware of her feelings, and makes a special appearance at Elisha’s birthday party, a party she had not expected. Little did everyone know, his special appearance at the party was not the only surprise of the weekend, not just for Elisha, but for other seemingly innocent bystanders.

Jamila Gomez gives you the inside scoop on the twists, turns, ups, and downs of all the events of Elisha’s weekend. Will truths come out for the Birthday Girl?

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The Blueberry Miller Files

About the Author

Author A. Yamina Collins runs the popular literary blog She has been a journalist for such publications as Affluent Page and New York Resident magazines and has been featured on for women in business. The Blueberry Miller Files is her first published book.

About the Book

The Blueberry Miller Files, has just been produced by DeeBooks publishing, and it is a collection of quirky, dark, and humorous short stories that highlight the tragedy of the human condition, with a multi-ethnical cast.

One of Yamina's favorite stories in the book is about a black women named Madam Adams, who happens to be an Anglophile. While transcribing a play that she assumes is Shakespearean in its scope, we get to enter her "world" and in doing so, discover that she is both delusional and has a tendency to be quite verbose--yet she is loveable, just the same.

Here is one of Yamina's favorite speeches from her: "Indeed, it is imperative that I be brief in this brief introduction of my play, so that the play, which I am now transcribing for posterity’s sake, may commence. Yes, brief I will be indeed, for I was once informed that I sometimes allow my words to stray in any introduction that I give; that is to say that I tend to escape the initial meaning of any correspondence that I, Madam Adams de Adams de Sir, bear forth to extol, though such accusations, I believe, hold neither meaning nor truth. I am merely a storyteller, if you will (and, also, an acclaimed and extensively credentialed award-winning actress), and I hope that this, my latest play, entitled, once again for the record, Calling Viola, shall be neither long nor short, but only simple and straight to the point. My play, about which I will perhaps offer some tiny observations, will begin, quite naturally, at the beginning, if one doesn’t mind, because beginnings are always the best way to begin a tale. And so my tale will begin here, at the beginning, which in many ways is the end, but since the end signifies the essence of the beginning (and the beginning bears witness to the end), then the end really is the beginning and, therefore, that is where my play shall begin—at the beginning."

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