Dear Little Black Girl You Are Beautiful

About the Author

Miss Trish is a creative entrepreneur who simply believes in the value of self-love.
She has been writing for over 10 years, and is now the author of five books. Her latest books, include 2 children's books that encourage simple expression, and confidence from a young age.

Through film and books, Miss Trish's aim is to keep inspiring people to love themselves. She believes that loving yourself unconditionally is the root to every decision made in life. Look out for more projects Miss Trish in 2018.

About the Book

Little Black Girl, You are Beautiful. It is important that we start our children from young. They need to write, they need to express themselves, and most importantly, they need to love themselves. This 14 day workbook is designed for the parents that are looking to instill that extra confidence in their little black queens. This book allows our little girls to embrace who they are, reassure them that they are beautiful, and look towards the positivity of their future.

Parents, we suggest you get on this book with your child, to help her write in the book. This book also promotes leadership, self worth, and love within the immediate family. Self love and choices are the key to life, and with the promising generation we have coming up, why not give them the boost they need. This book will do just that.