Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by Faith: Labeled a Statistic My Road to Success

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As a young girl growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Adrienne spent a lot of time in church because her grandfather, Thomas Monroe Hopkins, was a Baptist preacher. Despite being in church three to four times a week, Adrienne had not developed a relationship with God. It wasn’t until 2004, that Adrienne began to develop and strengthen her relationship with God and realized there was no such thing as luck it was the favor of God.

For the past 21 years, Adrienne has been practicing nursing providing quality health care to her patients. Adrienne graduated from Merida Huron School of Nursing (Cleveland, OH) in 1989, receiving a Diploma in Nursing. While working as an RN, eager to excel, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) in 1997 and a Master of Science degree in the area of Family Practice from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) in 2003 and became Board Certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner in July 2003. Adrienne also attended Georgetown University where she studied Nurse Midwifery. Adrienne opened Faith Family Health and Weight Management Clinic on August 13th, 2008.

In February 2007, Adrienne received her Realtor's license and June 2009, was certified by the ISSA as a Certified Personal Trainer. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, relocating to Houston, Texas in 2005, in her spare time Adrienne loves working out, reading, traveling and going to the movies. She is also the proud mother of three children: Lorne Jermaine Brown, Rodney Darrell Mynatt II and India Nicole Mynatt. Also, four grandsons: Xavier, Isaiah, Miraculous, Cassanova and a fifth grandson to arrive in this world in November 2010. Adrienne attends Lakewood Church.

Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by Faith: Labeled a Statistic, My Road to Success, her first book, was published by America's Press in September 2010 — and, as you can imagine, she is thrilled!

About the book

Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up Faith: Labeled a Statistic My Road to Success, Adrienne Mynatt shares with her readers that everyone has challenges in life. But, as we exercise our faith in God, we learn – and it has been proven – that God will never leave nor forsake His people.

Traumatized at age 5, labeled a statistic at 17, and a teenage mom at 18, Adrienne has overcome many obstacles while pursuing her journey to success. As Adrienne shares testimonies from her own personal life experiences, she knows that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged, inspired and blessed.

The three essential messages in this book:
- Everyone has challenges in life, but you are in control of your destiny
- Lessons learned and growth from challenges
- Developing a relationship with God to the point where you know there is no such thing as luck it’s the favor of God.

ISBN # 978-0-615-40139-3
Available: Faith Family Health and Weight Management Clinic (

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When Light Breaks Through

About the Author

Melanie Carter was born & raised in a small town called Jesup, GA. A place where everyone knows everybody. Most people would call this place "country". Well, whatever the common term for it may be, I knew very early in life that my mind, heart, spirit & soul was much too big for that place.

See, for as long as I can remember, I've been an avid reader. Novels & words took me places: wild adventurous places to lovers lane. Then,one day, while I was in the 5th grade, I picked up a pen because my heart told me I had something to say & I've been in love with this POETRY THANG ever since! I've been performing Spoken Word at open mic spots, parties & other venues for the last four years. Finally, at the age of 25 on March 7, 2010, I took that last step.

I published my first book of poetry through Whirlwind Publishing, When Light Breaks Through. All I could do was smile that day because I knew it was just the first book of many! For me, this is a FOREVA THANG!

About the book

Although I've been writing for several years, When Light Breaks Through is my first published book of poetry. For a period in my life, I was walking in darkness but every time I picked up my pen, it was like guiding beams of light. Those beams of light guided me through every emotion: happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, pleasure, pain, abuse, love & the loss of love.

So if you want to smile, if you want to dance, remember what love feels like, remember what passion feels like & are not afraid to cry a little bit, then this book is for you. Join me on my journey & see what happens When Light Breaks Through...

Women, War, and Violence: Personal Perspectives and Global Activism

About the Author

Tadia Rice enjoyed a lengthy successful business career when she transitioned to author, playwright and recording artist. Her essay, entitled "Breaking Into The Boys Club" is a personal account of her experience as the only female in the all-male business environment in 1970 affirmative action America. Tadia is a motivational speaker in demand. Her debut CD, "Solace of the Eyes", and the lush original cast recording of the music drama, "A Woman and Her Words" competed for Grammy nominations in ten categories.

Her quest to learn more about Tahirih, the legendary 19th-century Persian poetess and legal scholar known as "Joan of Arc of the Eastern world" inspired her to establish the non-profit organization, the Tahirih Association. The organization has educated women in South Africa; Honduras; China; Namibia and the US. Their motto: "Teach a Girl. Change the World."

Tadia also serves on the Board Directors for the Princess of Africa Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa. This organization is helping to eradicate malaria in Africa by educating vulnerable communities, with emphasis on pregnant women and children under five years old. For her achievements United States Congressperson Diane Watson, California Senator Barbara Boxer, and Mayor Bill Campbell of Atlanta, Georgia have honored Tadia.

Tadia currently resides in Hawaii and is a business consultant specializing in organizational dynamics and professional development.

About the book

Chapter Tadia Rice:Horror to Hope: Tragedy to Triumph.
Product Description Women, War, and Violence: Personal Perspectives and Global Activism draws upon a wide global community of activists, scholars, NGOs, and clinicians to expand the definition of how war and its violent underpinnings affects everyday women and families around the world. Benefiting from first-hand research and definitive assessments of gender-based violence interventions, it invites diverse perspectives of interdisciplinary documentation and storytelling beyond traditional academic writing.

Reflecting on anti-militarist activism, structural violence, post-war atrocities, government commissions and policy solutions, WWV sheds new light on war-related gender oppression at the intersections of race, national identity, religion, and social class and the need to promote a new paradigm of the equality of men and women.

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Looking For The Promise

About the Author

As a music consultant and creative writer Patrice Baylor Leigh finds time to share her music and educator experiences with the public via radio, print media and as a consultant. After beginning her work on a PhD in educational leadership, she discovered with the help of colleagues that her best career move would be to pursue “a career that allowed for growth and room for invention and free expression of ideas.”

Patrice Baylor Leigh’s creative works include published songs, poetry and inspirations that can be found on her blog at She is a member of The Association of Gospel Songwriters, Inc., and can soon be heard on I Like Me an internet radio format.

About the book

The story of Marva Stewart Shepherd is told in a series of flashbacks dating back to her teenage years. Marva, an attractive forty something year old woman has lost her charismatic edge due to a series of unfortunate incidents. She looses herself in the process of caring for others. The ill treatment she receives from the men in her life causes her to take an extended vacation at the family's summer retreat. Alone she can reflect on the status of her life and marriage.

While on the beach the story of her life plays out and what happens as a result of her past involvements is cause for laughter, tears and possible victory.

Marva's desire to escape her circumstances brings around old friends who spark memories of life in the promiscuous lane. Having come from a large family, Marva's ultimate goal is to leave her parent’s home to pursue her life's dreams. Her way of life is threatened when the one she thought would fulfill her longings is caught up in his own issues of infidelity and theft.

When Marva interrupts her vacation and returns to her home in the city, what she finds sends her into a rage. As a result her life takes her on a very interesting journey of loss and redemption.

New Dawn

About the author

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana where I obtained my primary and secondary education. I migrated to the UK many years ago and have lived mostly in the South Eastern part of London. Just last year, though, I migrated to Surrey. I have three young children, two girls and a boy, though not in that sequence. I hold a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Degree in Education and Community Development. Throughout all of these wonderful experiences, a passion for writing has smouldered and waited for its time to be released. Now, that time has come.

I have always had a rich imagination. Even the most routine activities have sparked stories to form in my mind. I absolutely adore making up characters and letting them tell their stories through me. International travel has proved to be a great source of inspiration to me, both creatively and personally; a person can be so enriched by experiencing the vastly dissimilar cultures that human nature has built up. Another source of inspiration has been my third hobby: reading. I’ll read just about any genre, but my favourite is romance.

I have been asked many times by both family members and colleagues why I read so much. My answer is always the same, escape. There is an entire world in my head where I may live with many fictional couples, suffer their trials and experience their triumphs. It has been suggested, not once, that I must read so much because I am escaping a deep unhappiness in my own life. Nothing could be more wrong. True, my life’s path is littered with loss and heartache, but whose isn’t? Our journey is never carefree and rosy, but it is real. And, every challenge along the journey that I have taken was mine to accept and mine to overcome. I believe each experience in life is an opportunity to re-mould ourselves and our spirits; mine have certainly been so and I look forward to a future filled with more of them.

My characters situations are not smoothened by privilege and luxury; rather, they are refined by unique challenges and the routine obstacles of life. Like me, my heroes and heroines find meaningful victory in the power of true love.
As a writer I hope my words will build a bridge across the cultural lacuna that grows deeper as our world continues to shrink. I want to share stories from other continents through characters steeped in centuries old traditions and beliefs as they make their way through our modern-day global community.

My aim is to make my stories reflect real life experience, while not losing the subtle promise of a fairy tale. I look forward to my future as a successful author in which my readers are continually exposed to different cultures and some new and old social issues. Moreso, though, I look forward to my writings evoking a real sense of emotion in my readers, making them fume at the injustices, share in the sadness, understand and relate to new perspectives, laugh in appreciation at human nature and end with a smile.

About the book

In the days of ethnic strife and struggles for Kingdom-wide control in the African Gold Coast village of Asempa’Krom, the beautiful young Ima eagerly awaits for her marriage to the village’s lustiest warrior, Batum. Batum’s air of cockiness and physical strength are nearly a perfect match for Ima’s impetuous spirit, and both have a fire burning in their belly for the power of their promising young lives.

The impending union causes Ima’s peers to envy the haughty, saucy and self-indulgent maiden. But, when Batum carries out a wholly unprovoked attack on the neighbouring village’s Chief warrior, Adiago, to feed his greed for power and glory, his uncontrolled actions prompt his desperate flight from Asempa’Krom.

Learning that Batum has killed the wife and children of another man in the surprise night-time raid, Ima’s father, Seth, informs her of the dissolution of her betrothal. Ima becomes the immediate target of her peer’s ridicule and cruel mocking.

To avenge the attack on Adiago, the offended warrior’s clan sets out to kidnap Ima, and unintentionally begin her journey to womanhood. Over a week’s journey by foot away from her home, Ima is kept in the house of the man whose family was slaughtered by Batum. Referring to her only as “Batum’s intended wife”, Ima must learn to stave off her loneliness, and prove herself as an individual and not the reflection of Batum’s evil doings.

While there, she discovers her compassion and resolves her growing desire for the very man who is now her captor. Her spirit and tenacity which once served as an impediment in her immaturity, now serve her well – helping her to find true love and guide her in the ways to reel in the man’s heart she desires.

New Dawn tells the story of two very complex men and two resolute women who are fierce in their mannerisms, sharp tongued, bold in their actions, protective as lionesses and determined to take what belongs to them – but, will they succeed?

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African American Attorneys In Hawaii

About the author

Daphne Barbee-Wooten has authored several articles, Hawaii Bar Journal, Hawaii's First Black Lawyer, February 2004, Hawaii Bar Journal, The Lawgiver: George Marion Johnson, J.D., LLD, February 2005, Hawaii Bar Journal, "Spreading the Aloha of Civil Rights", October 1999. Hawaii Women Lawyers "Our Rights, Our Lives” hand book, contributing writer, co-editor for 3rd Edition, December 1996, Essence Magazine, African Americans in Hawaii, April 1994, Hawaii Bar Journal, "Hawaii Civil Rights Commission", August 1993, Contributing Writer in AGo Girl!

The Black Woman’s Guide to Travel and Adventure, "Visiting Nanny Town,” (The Eight Mountain Press, 1997), "Following the Tradewinds: African Americans in Hawaii", 2004, contributing author. She also is a regular contributing writer to Mahogany and Afro-Hawaii News, monthly periodicals which emphasize events within the African American community in Hawaii. She was President of African American Lawyers Association in 2003.

About the book

African American, Black lawyers practiced law in the United States before the Civil War ended. Although the number of black lawyers is disproportionately low compared with white lawyers, the numbers are rising. Black lawyers have been instrumental in obtaining and securing equal rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Black lawyers have a keen insight into civil rights violations because they are descendants of an unfair slavery system based upon skin color. Black lawyers who made their way to the Hawaiian Islands continued the civil rights struggle and through law, politics, government and other social acts. Their acts helped Hawaii have a more just and egalitarian legal system.

As an African American lawyer in Hawaii, I felt it was essential to document our contributions. I start with early beginnings, recognizing two African American lawyers, T. McCants Stewart and Dr. George Johnson, both of whom attained International, National and Local prominence in Hawaii.

After presenting early African American lawyers in Hawaii, this book showcases case law and events affecting race discrimination in Hawaii as it pertains to African Americans. From the 1950's through the 1980's, African Americans were not always welcome in Hawaii. Many liquor establishments refused to serve Black military men and allow them into their establishments.

Mayor Frank Fasi appointed Dr. John Edwards to the liquor commission in the 1980's. After this appointment, the Liquor Commission began to fine establishments who discriminated. In the late 1980's, the Civil Rights Commission of Hawaii was created. Several of its rulings dealt with discrimination against African Americans.

The African American Lawyers Association was formed after a prominent Hawaii Court Judge referred to an African American Bail Bondsman using the "n" word. The African American Lawyers Association (AALA) is still an active watchdog for civil rights and gives away scholarships to the youth for writing essays on civil rights.

Some of the winning essays are presented. Minutes of the first meetings of AALA are included along with brief sketches of African American lawyers in Hawaii and historical events they were involved. African American lawyers of Hawaii members are active with the National Bar Association, the largest organization of African American lawyers and Judges in the world.

In 2004, AALA members traveled with the NBA to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. A travelogue of this trip concludes the book, a celebration with returning to Africa, meeting, connecting and observing the African legal system of 3 countries.

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What About Your Friends

About the Author

TERESA D. PATTERSON is the author of Project Queen, Uncrossing Her Legs, Ex-boyfriend, In Need of a Joshua Man, and Spin Cycle. She is the founder/CEO of Edit Again Publications, her own independent publishing company. She resides in Florida with her two children where she continues to write.

About the Book

Camille Gray, a newlywed, and expectant mother constantly accuses her husband of infidelity. Even though Dexter isn’t being unfaithful he does have a new secretary, Meredith Walker. Meredith isn’t shy about letting Dexter know that if he does want to stray from his marriage, she’s more than willing to accommodate him. Can Dexter resist temptation?

April Dillard, a single parent of two, has issues with her son’s father, Darren. Because of their on-again, off-again relationship, his selfishness as a parent and her daily issues, April chooses drinking and clubbing as an outlet for her stress. She tries to bury her problems at the bottom of a bottle.

Brittany Anderson has her share of men problems. She goes through one bad relationship after the next, often neglecting her children in the process. While she’s out chasing her latest conquest, a tradgedy occurs. Will she lose her children forever because of her selfishness?

While reading What About Your Friends, you will be left wondering about the people and friendships in your own life. “What about your Friends” e-book is available on Amazon Kindle. The first three chapters can be read on the author’s website: