What About Your Friends

About the Author

TERESA D. PATTERSON is the author of Project Queen, Uncrossing Her Legs, Ex-boyfriend, In Need of a Joshua Man, and Spin Cycle. She is the founder/CEO of Edit Again Publications, her own independent publishing company. She resides in Florida with her two children where she continues to write.

About the Book

Camille Gray, a newlywed, and expectant mother constantly accuses her husband of infidelity. Even though Dexter isn’t being unfaithful he does have a new secretary, Meredith Walker. Meredith isn’t shy about letting Dexter know that if he does want to stray from his marriage, she’s more than willing to accommodate him. Can Dexter resist temptation?

April Dillard, a single parent of two, has issues with her son’s father, Darren. Because of their on-again, off-again relationship, his selfishness as a parent and her daily issues, April chooses drinking and clubbing as an outlet for her stress. She tries to bury her problems at the bottom of a bottle.

Brittany Anderson has her share of men problems. She goes through one bad relationship after the next, often neglecting her children in the process. While she’s out chasing her latest conquest, a tradgedy occurs. Will she lose her children forever because of her selfishness?

While reading What About Your Friends, you will be left wondering about the people and friendships in your own life. “What about your Friends” e-book is available on Amazon Kindle. The first three chapters can be read on the author’s website: www.teresadpatterson.com.

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