The Creation of a Manifesto: Black & Blue

About the Author

Cheryl Dorsey was raised in South Central Los Angeles. After attending Catholic school at an early age, she embarked on a career in law enforcement, beginning with the Department of Justice, the Bureau of Investigations, and Narcotic Enforcement, shortly after graduating high school.

She later joined the LAPD in 1980, a time when the department was under a consent decree to hire more women and minorities. Cheryl spent twenty years on the LAPD working patrol, narcotics, and vice assignments for all four bureaus of operation: South, Central, West, and Valley. She is most proud of having spent her entire twenty years working field-related assignments, which included the infamous gang unit known as the Community Resources against Street Hoodlums, or CRASH.

During her tenure, Sergeant Dorsey received numerous commendations and accolades from her command staff and the public she served. Cheryl enjoys spending time with her four sons, being a grandmother, and appreciating the world around her.

About the Book

Let me first state, without any equivocation, I DO NOT condone the senseless murders. However, I do UNDERSTAND. It is my hope that this book will help to make sense out of the nonsense that was instrumental in the creation of a manifesto and the wrong thinking of one individual who challenged the LAPD machine. I pray for the families affected by the violence that God will grant you a peace that will surpass all understanding.

I, too, was betrayed and beaten down by the LAPD system. I was wrongly charged with giving false and misleading statements and ordered to an arbitrary and capricious Board of Rights (BOR). The BOR members are LAPD command staff officers and have a vested interest in adjudicating personnel complaints in a manner which protects the department and the City of LA, by any means necessary. These biased BOR decisions have resulted in numerous civil suits by officers, BOR termination reversals, and officer reinstatements. LAPD’s problems and internal struggles, which precipitated the creation of the Christopher Commission in 1991, are the same issues facing the department in 2013; they’re cultural and systemic.

The department crafts an image of any officer who complains in such a way that makes that officer appear distasteful, and therefore anything that they say or do is rejected. However, I am an honorably retired police sergeant who's willing to expose the department's two-tiered system of discipline and the manner in which the LAPD condones acts of sexism, racism, and reverse racism.

I could have created a manifesto—I chose a different path.

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Love Letters:To Whom They May Concern

About the Author

Ramona Jones was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Florida with a degree in Marketing and moved shortly thereafter to Atlanta, Georgia to began her career. She is the mother of 2 boys and currently lives in Marietta, Georgia, where she works as an IT Project Manager for Cisco Systems. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, an avid hiker and traveling foodie.

About the Book

Love Letters: To Whom They May Concern is the first compilation of Jones' poetry. It is the testimony of the gifts and callings we try to outrun, which instead overtake us so that we might give birth to something greater than ourselves.

From the thought provoking "Prevalence of Irrelevance" and "Loaded" to the romantic "Poetry's Ocean" and "Strange-Hers," these 40 soul searching poems are timeless, commanding, enchanting and transparent. Arranged as love letters to the most important things in her life, they reflect the journey Jones has embarked on as a woman, lover, mother and poet. Here is the personification of humanity's pursuit of love --genuine and uplifting -- from a poetic force to be reckoned with.


About the Author

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance author Chicki Brown has published seven novels and one novelette. She was the 2011 SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine) Author of the Year and also a contributing author to the Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor (Special Cancer Awareness Edition). Chicki is currently working on the second book in her Stafford brothers series.

Since she published in 2010, Chicki isn’t able to read as much as she once did, but her favorite authors are Beverly Jenkins, Eric Jerome Dickey, Lisa Kleypas, J.R. Ward and Suzanne Brockmann.

Brown hails from New Jersey and loves living in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, but she still misses the Jersey shore.

About the Book

School media specialist, Gianne Marvray, has been through the worst two years of her life physically and emotionally. After a battle with cancer and all it entails, she is finally ready to start living her life again. She wants to see new places, meet new people and experience new things, but she isn’t ready for the rollercoaster ride she’s about to embark on when she meets Las Vegas personal trainer and raw vegan foods advocate, Marc Stafford.

After a four year absence, Marc comes home to Atlanta to attend a family celebration in one of his brother’s honor. He’s not thrilled about seeing his father, but he has promised his mother that he won’t throw off the family balance by being the only one of their six sons absent. All Marc wants to do is make an appearance at the event and spend a little time with his brothers. Little does he know that this is the night he will meet the woman who will forever change his life.

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EDEN IN SUMER ON THE NIGER by Prof. (Mrs) Catherine Acholonu and Sidney Louis Davis

About the Author Prof. (Mrs) Catherine Acholonu

Prof. (Mrs) Catherine Acholonu was born in Orlu to the family of Chief Lazarus Olumba. She attended secondary schools in Orlu before becoming the first African woman to gain a master's degree (1977) and a Ph.D. (1987) from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.[1] She taught at Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, commencing 1978.

Acholonu is the author of over 16 books, many of which are used in secondary schools and universities in Nigeria, and in African Studies Departments in USA and Europe. Her works and projects have enjoyed the collaboration and the support of United States Information Service (USIS), the British Council, the Rockefeller Foundation and in 1989 she was invited to tour educational institutions in USA, lecturing on her works under the United States International Visitor’s Program. In 1990 Catherine Acholonu was honored with the Fulbright Scholar in Residency award by the US government, during which she lectured at four colleges of the Westchester Consortium for International studies, NY, USA.

Part of her work has taken her into the wider sphere of sustainable development. In 1986 she was the only Nigerian, and one of only two Africans, to participate in the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on “Women, Population and Sustainable Development: the Road to Rio, Cairo and Beijing”, which was organized jointly by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Division for the Advancement of Women, and the Division for Sustainable Development. This took place in the Dominican Republic, and focused on the mainstreaming of gender into the Plans of Action of the UN world conferences of Rio, Beijing and Cairo. Prof Acholonu holds several awards from home and abroad.

From 1999 to 2002, she was the Special Adviser on Arts and Culture to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a post she resigned from to seek election, along with a number of other writers who felt their inclusion in Nigerian politics would for the good. However, she lost the contest for the Orlu senatorial district seat of Imo State, and drew attention to irregularities and rigging.

She was recently appointed African Renaissance Ambassador by the African Renaissance Conference with head quarters in the Republic of Benin, and Nigeria’s sole representative at the global Forum of Arts and Culture for the Implementation of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNFAC). She is listed in the International Who’s Who of World Leadership, USA; the African Women Writers’ Who’s Who; the Top 500 Women in Nigeria; Who’s Who in Nigeria; and the International Authors and Writers Who’s Who, published in Cambridge, UK.

Acholonu is the Director of the Catherine Acholonu Research Center, Abuja (CARC). The center, based in Abuja, is pioneering research into Africa's pre-history, stone inscriptions, cave art, and linguistic analyses of ancient symbols and communication mediums from the continent. She argues that Nigerian rock-art inscriptions known as Ikom Monoliths prove that "Sub-Saharan African Blacks possessed an organized system of writing before 2000 B.C." and that she and her assistants are able to translate these.[2] In her book They Lived Before Adam: Prehistoric Origins of the Igbo The Never-Been-Ruled she argues that Igbo oral tradition is consistent with scientific research into the origins of humanity.


About the Author Sidney Louis Davis

Sidney Louis Davis, Jr., (Prince Eluemuno of Iduu Eri Kingdom) born in Kittery, Maine, USA, is a retired decorated Naval Petty Officer Corpsman. He received his B.Sc. in Liberal Sciences from the University of the State of New York (Albany, NY 1990) and Master of Arts in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College (Newton, MA 2010). He is a researcher and lecturer on African History, Pre-History, Black/African Judaism, and African Spirituality and Senior Research Fellow at the Catherine Acholonu Research Center for African Studies; the President and CEO of NAGAS International Consortium, Inc. and the USA Director of the Ebo (Igbo) Landing Project, Inc. Davis was awarded a Doctorate Degree for his work in Indigenous African Studies from the Aba Campus of the Pilgrims University and Theological Seminary, Burlington, NC, USA.

About the Book







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Christians with Pervasive Issues

About the Author

Annie Brown is the mother of four adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She is a licensed minister and social worker. As a social worker, Annie works the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual's life. It is Annie's desire that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life, so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth, and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

About the Book

Even as a faithful Christian, there may be times when you feel that there is no hope of escaping issues and themes in your life that ensnare and trip you up time and time again. When a certain pattern of behavior or type of suffering has been following you all your life, it’s hard to believe that you can ever escape from it. Christians with Pervasive Issues shows us that every child of God can be delivered from issues that cause them to be a victim, rather than walking in victory. In compassionate, no-nonsense language, Annie Brown demonstrates that with genuine repentance, using God’s principles, and the right counseling/support, you can overcome anything. Christians with Pervasive Issues gives you the ray of hope you need in order to heal your life, and get closer to God.

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They Lived Before Adam by Professor Catherine Acholonu

About the Author

Former Special Adviser on Arts and Culture to the Ex-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Acholonu is a writer, researcher and former lecturer on African Cultural and Gender Studies. She is the author of over 15 books, most of which are used in secondary schools and universities in Nigeria, and in African Studies Departments in USA and Europe, the most notable of which are The Gram Code of African Adam: Stone Books and Cave Libraries, Reconstructing 450,000 Years of Africa's Lost Civilizations which earned her the award of Professor of African History and Philosophy from Pilgrim's University and Theological Seminary, North Carolina; The Earth Unchained - A Quantum Leap in Consciousness, A Reply to Al Gore; Motherism - The Afrocentric Alternative to Feminism and The Igbo Roots of Olaudah Equiano. Prof. Acholonu's works and projects have enjoyed the collaboration and the support of United States Information Service (USIA), the British Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft World and the World Monument Fund.

In 1989, as an upcoming scholar, Acholonu toured universities in USA and United Kingdom, lecturing on her research findings and discovery of the Nigerian origin of 17th Century slave author Olaudah Equiano under the United States International Visitor's Program and the British Council sponsorship Program. In 1986 she was the only Nigerian, and one of only 2 Africans to participate in the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Women, Population and Sustainable Development: the Road to Rio, Cairo and Beijing, which took place in Dominican Republic, focusing on the mainstreaming of gender into the Plans of Action of the UN world conferences of Rio, Beijing and Cairo. Prof Acholonu holds several international awards and honours. She is the founder of Afa Publications, a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Corporate Administration, a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Administrators and a Fellow of the Whelan Research Institute, Owerri to name a few. She is the founder of the Let's Help Humanitarian Project, a charity-based NGO and the Head of the Catherine Acholonu Research Center for African Cultural Sciences based in Abuja, Nigeria.

In 1990 she was honoured with the Fulbright Scholar-Writer-in-Residency award by the US government, during which she lectured as Visiting Professor at 4 colleges of the Westchester Consortium for International Studies, NY, USA.

She is listed in the International Who is Who of world Leadership, USA; the African Women Writers, Who's Who of the Top 500 Women in Nigeria; Who s Who in Nigeria; and the International Authors and Writers Who's Who, published in Cambridge, UK. She was recently appointed African Renaissance Ambassador by the African Renaissance Conference with head quarters in Benin Republic.

Prof Catherine Acholonu is Nigeria's Country Ambassador for the UN Forum of Arts and Culture (UNFAC) instituted by the global Secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification based at the UN Building, Bonn, Germany. Before this new assignment, she was the Special Adviser on Arts and Culture to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 1999-2002. Under the leadership of Prof. Acholonu, UNFAC a number of ambitious programs aimed at creating an interface between cultural development in local communities of Nigeria and sustainable environmental development. Under this program, UNFAC has been partnering with Microsoft to give basic IT Training to under-served community dwellers in Nigeria under the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program.

The UNFAC team of culture researchers- linguists, anthropologists, historians, IT specialists, folklorists - led by Prof. Acholonu, are conducting research aimed at unearthing the hidden meanings of ancient Nigerian rock art/inscriptions known as Ikom Monoliths of Cross River State, which thanks to Acholonu's research findings and nomination application, have now been listed by the World Monument Fund in its 2008 list of 100 Most Endangered Sites as "a ancient form of writing and visual communication ... dating before 2000 B.C." Acholonu is seeking international support and funding for her monoliths research by which she has proved that Sub-Saharan African Blacks possessed an organized system of writing before 2000 B.C. (more than 4000 years ago) and a Pre-History recorded on 350 stones which she and her team of researchers are now transcribing and translating. (See The Gram Code of African Adam, the first in a series on the monoliths research.) She believes that the contents of these stone records will prove that Black Africans were the midwives of human civilization, and will change human history as we know it.

Acholonu is an incurable idealist and a frontline political activist. She contested for the post of President of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1992. Acholonu is one of the founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party, a member of its National Women Mobilization Committee and the Imo State Woman Leader of PDP in the formative years of the party. She is the National Spokesperson of the Movement for Gender Parity, a gender-advocacy group that was in the frontline for the demand for and attainment of the post of the First Woman Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives. As a leading Nigerian political activist Prof. Catherine Acholonu is an advocate for human rights and women's rights and often expresses burning opinions in the national media on the need for government to put the people first.

About the Book

They Lived Before Adam is another full length book of over 500 pages and is the sequel to the Gram Code of the African Adam and a continuation of research begun in the former. It won 2 international awards at the 2009 Harlem Book Fair, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Studies, New York and was featured on C-Span Book TV on 18th July - 31st August ad 1st September 2009.
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Feminine Transitions


About the Author

An author and an accomplished photographer who has contributed to National Geographic, Discovery Channel, America Online and the Smithsonian Institution, Alyscia Cunningham graduated from Montgomery College with degrees in photography and web design. She also exhibited her photography throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and New Orleans, LA.

Alyscia’s photographs have been published in several books including e Best of Photography 2011, Beauty Around Us, Endless Journeys and Homes of Color Magazine. Her goal for the near future is to shoot stills for cinematographers and work in commercial portraiture. After the production of her photography book, Feminine Transitions, Alyscia plans to publish other photography books on the subject of femininity.
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Karma A Book Of Short Poems

About the Author

I've been writing since I was in middle school, but just didn't have the desire to do anything with my writing. Over the years friends, and family members have tried to get me to go to spoken word events, but I turned them down. I am a very shy person, so that just didn't work for me. A few years back I was in an abusive relationship, and is proud to say that I'm a domestic violence survivor. At that point my writing became more personal, and more heart felt. The more my peers asked me to venture out with my writing, the more I held back. I am a strong believer in God, so when I read something I took it as a sign, and ran with it. One day I was on the internet and read something that said: "If God gives you a talent then you need to use it". I looked at that as God talking to me about my talent, so I published a poem book.

About the Book


Red is the color of the blood my ancestors bled
Red is the color my people have shed
They say America is the land of the free
But if you’re BLACK, then how can this be
Just because you’re black
Don’t make you bad
When people stereotype us
It makes me mad
The white man tries to hold us back
They just don’t know we’re about to attack
We’ve been enslaved, beaten, killed and hung
But we still won’t let that
Get in our way
And we don’t care
What no one have to say
We’re going to make it
As you can see
Just like everyone else
We’re going to be all that we can be
Who are you
To call me a nigger
Because of my race
You need to check yourself
And get out of my face
Don’t call me dumb
Because I’m Black
Plus you made it obvious
That knowledge is what you lack
Hopefully one day
People will open their eyes and see
That Black is beautiful
Just take a look at me
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Books by JoAnne Culley

JoAnne Culley was born in Newark, New Jersey but raised in East Orange, NJ. She is the youngest of 4 sisters. She started writing poetry at 9 years old , using an escape from the abuse of her family, school bullying, and living in poverty.Her father had a stroke when she was 13 years old, in which she had to give up writing in order to take care of him while her mom was working.

She graduated from East Orange Campus High School in 2005, when she was 17. She instantly got a job as a school bus attendant for three years. When she was 18 years old, she visited Florida, Puerto Rico, Washington, Georgia, and Canada. She also worked as a caregiver for the elderly while being employed at a Child Day Care. She began writing mini love stories and poetry again. At the age of 23, She became a Certified Nurse Assistant. Caring for others is a Life long passion of hers.

She currently wrote and self published Stanley's Cocoa Office Goddess and Love in Black And White: Bernice's Diary of a Scorned Family Curse and a White Christmas from Above, both of these books are series...

She writes with the purpose of inspiring and motivating people.

Books bij JoAnne Culley:

Soul Recovery – 12 Keys to Healing Addiction


About the Author

Ester Nicholson, a celebrated vocalist formerly with Bette Midler and Rod Stewart, is a gifted speaker, teacher, spiritual therapist and former addict who has developed a unique and powerful 12-Step-informed,complimentary program for healing addiction and dependence. The program is the result of more than a decade of work, refining a unique combination of spiritual practice and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The program has been organized into a 12-week process in Ms. Nicholson's new book, "Soul Recovery - 12 Keysto Healing Addiction," which will be released by Agape Media and Hay House on June 7,2013.

Ester's life story sketches a path from humble beginnings: as the youngest child born to a Baptist minister father, growing up on Long Island (NY) then moving to Los Angeles -where she honed her addiction to crack cocaine and later found her redemption from it.Showing unusual talent in music as a child, she began  her love of singing in school and church 2 performances, and standing in her
backyard with faux microphone in hand. It would seem unbelievable to her at the time, that one day she would stand on the stage at Madison Square Garden in front of screaming fans as she sang with Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Faith Hill, Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand and so many more. But this life of extremes also had a dark side.

Introduced to snorting cocaine and having a baby while still in her middle teens, Ester was setting herself up for a life denied. Out on her own, surviving by whatever means, she descended into the hell of addiction, nurturing her anger and resentment and bouncing between relationships both temporary and frightening. By the early 1980's, Ester was a "functional" addict, doing office work part time, freebasing when the money was there, and finding any means to feed her various addictions. Music was long forgotten.Finally, her child was removed from her custody when it was clear she could no longer care for her - functional or not.

As so often happens, tragedy created the perfect incentive. Slowly climbing out of desperation, Ester found her way to 12 Step meetings. At first only seeing them as a continuing venue for her disease, she later was inspired to do the hard work of declaring her powerlessness in the face of the addiction. From these tentative beginnings, she worked her way forward. One, two, five, ten days; then two weeks, then 90 days clean, this was progress that counts. But relapses happened. It wasn't clear why.

What was the underpinning that drove the addiction in the first place? It couldn't be purely medical. And it couldn't be purely psychological. As Ester later discovered addiction, dependence, obsession and compulsion are related, yet entangled challenges. They require unraveling because the dysfunction becomes a part of the identity. In point of fact, they are identity diseases. But for Ester to discover that, she needed a state-change in her awareness - a non-linear jump. For her, that came in the form of a spiritual teaching that redefined what her personal identity was. She had to "find God" but a God redefined beyond the 2 dimensional view of an angry, withholding and anthropomorphic God. And very likely, a God that would be unrecognizable to her Baptist roots.

She had hit a wall with the 12 Steps. In the early 1990's, two years sober - Ester attended an unusual church service with a gifted "spiritual director" named Michael Bernard Beckwith. Beckwith later was recognized as a "teacher" featured in the pop, spiritual-light movie, "The Secret." But the essential teaching that Beckwith expounded was one of re-identification of the self in terms of spiritual unity - essentially a "one-ness" with a redefined Divine Presence. This was a key moment for Ester, because it addressed the root identity issues that had caused so much difficulty in her life.

Studying under Beckwith - who also penned the Foreword for Soul Recovery - familiarized Ester with the metaphysical principles she 2 would later turn into the Soul Recovery teaching. But it was the inspiration of joining and uniting these teachings with the 12 Step process itself, that revealed the answer and finally turned the tables on the addictions she had suffered from for so long. Sometimes, an internal realignment changes the conditions outside. Ester had just started singing at church after nearly 10 years of "not even singing in the shower," when she got a call from Bette Midler's manager asking if she would be interested in background singing on Bette's next tour. Appearances on Oprah, Ellen and other shows followed. Then toward the end of the tour, Ester got a phone call from Rod Stewart asking if she wanted to do his next world tour. One thing led to another, and soon Ester was to be seen on Good Morning America, back on Oprah and Ellen, and widely considered a top, background vocalist call in the most competitive music market in the world.

But Ester had an even higher calling: to be of service to the communities of people who could use what she had learned the hard way. "We don't have to do this the hard way anymore," Ester declared to a workshop she gave several years ago. "What we have to do is engage both the heart and mind to address this serious personal issue that spills over into our families and communities. And it’s deeper than just substance dependence." She recognized the disease for what it was, an affliction of the identity. Ester Nicholson has spent the last 7 years traveling the nation, giving keynote speeches, facilitating workshops and teaching a curriculum for the healing of dependence and dependence-related conditions. During that time, her work has been to optimize the best practices to heal the underlying causes of these conditions.

“My life demonstrates that it’s possible to permanently heal addiction. I know that’s a controversial stand, but it is possible. I know it is possible, and I’m committed to helping others find their healing in this. It’s just too important to do otherwise.”

About the Book

What is Soul Recovery?
Soul Recovery is a process by which we uncover the essential truth that each of us are whole and complete expressions of Life – no matter what our history or experience might suggest. As we grow up and learn the lessons of our parents, friends and communities, there are coded messages that embed into the development of our personalities. Some of these are very positive - others less so. Because the human brain is capable of taking seed ideas and turning them into full fledged belief systems and life patterns - it is vital that we revisit some of these ideas to insure that they accurately resonate with the lives we are attempting to build for ourselves. For example, most of us grow up with completely rational fears that serve to protect us during early stages of development. But there comes a time when many of these fear-based ideas become impediments to our highest creative functioning and spiritual development.

That is what Soul Recovery was crafted to address. In a step-by-step incremental process, Soul Recovery's 12 Keys are designed to resolve dependence, childhood trauma, issues of unworthiness, abandonment, shame, rejection, not-enough-ness, guilt and any other influence that is incongruent with your essential wholeness as a spiritual being having a human incarnation. By addressing these impediments, you free yourself to reveal your highest potential in all areas of life – be they personal, professional or spiritual. Soul Recovery is a 12 Week process that walks the reader through the necessary steps to address patterns of dysfunction that may have become entangled with your sense of self.

Because the work is done at the level of one’s identity,many challenges – from dependence and obsessive behaviors to relationship and prosperity issues - can be resolved for good.

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About the Author

As any lyricist will attest, transforming introspection into a written piece—subsequently creating an exposé of self—takes an immense amount of fervor and delicacy. As premeditated as a crime, yet as authentic as innocence itself, the perplexity of a poet is like that of a puzzle.

Alexzenia Davis is this; an enigma of sorts: penning her life without ever quite wanting to tell on herself, open, vulnerable, honest, but yet mysterious and guarded. All of these characteristics can prove to be a possible testament to her Brooklyn, NY upbringing, or even the learned sly maneuvering of her journalism background. Either way, one thing is for sure: she is baring pieces of her soul one poem at a time; and she is inviting you to come along.

Davis published her first book, “Would You Love Me?” in 2011. The book—a poetic piece—contains one poem, of the same title, and is broken only by illustrations. Delving into her inner emotions, Davis ultimately presses the idea of true and undeniable love; even under unfavorable circumstances. Past the initial interrogation, she explores the possibilities of a limitless love.
Davis, who has been writing creatively since childhood, began posting YouTube videos upon entering college. The videos—edited with music and stylized to fit the feel of each individual poem—provide a backlog into the journey of the young poet.
The topic of love is one of the many Davis revisits throughout her body of work. Those very thoughts helped garner her recognition on a wider scale with her most recent collaboration. The viral release of the short film, “Make Me a Doorway” (directed/edited by Jesse Russell Brooks; written/narrated by Alexzenia Davis), caused a buzz throughout both poetry and film communities, earning the film several screenings at festivals throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition to love, her poetic portfolio speaks to politics, activism, religion, and more recently, breaking the chains of mental enslavement. Her views speak to an intense maturity—persistently questioning, yet remaining consistent in her emotional and analytical processes.

Professionally, she has also worked to leave an imprint. Davis began her career as a freelance journalist spotlighting up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs. With aspirations to mesh her love for music with her passion for writing, she eventually amassed a diverse background by pursuing jobs that complement both desires. Working for companies such as SOTAC Magazine, Nitram Knarf Magazine, Creative Loafing (Charlotte, NC), Y2 Management and Interscope Records, her work has been highlighted in various mediums including online, print, and television.

Davis is a graduate of the renowned LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She graduated summa cum laude from Johnson C. Smith University with a bachelor's degree in communication arts/journalism. Currently working in entertainment in Los Angeles, California, Davis plans to release her second book of poetry in late 2012.Her life experiences continue to fuel her drive. Her desire for betterment continues to dictate her journey. And her love of poetry continues to write what will certainly be her legacy.

About the Book

New-York-A-Tude is a compilation of the poetry Davis has written over the years. Choosing poems most representative of her feelings and attitude while growing up in the city, not only is her collection a beautiful book, it is sincere. It is poetry that Davis personally believes many people can appreciate — from avid poetry-lovers to romantics. It is thought-provoking and blunt, yet sophisticated and smooth, much like the titular city itself. It is a fantastic display of the multidimensional and dynamic characteristics that New Yorkers are not shy to show.

“I want readers to have an all-around experience when reading my poetry. From the font to the photography, I want everyone to be moved by the words… and I want them to be visually stunned,” Davis shares.Through her work, Davis invites readers to dive into their emotions. New-York-A-Tude gives them a rare chance to wade through the thoughts and feelings of a life-long resident of one of the greatest metropolis in the world, an exploration of the wide range of emotions that come with having lived in the city that never sleeps.
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Love Lust or Lies


Love lust or lies is a southern urban fiction book of romance by Jacksonville’s own Monya Williams. See how the entanglement of the hearts want, desires, and needs captivates you reeling you into the pleasures of the mind, body and soul. Feel the passion for one’s aspiration to love and be loved, the longing to be touched and the choices that have been made in order for these events to take place. The knowing when to let seasonal things past in order to make way for lifetime embraces.

Monya Williams explores the false realities of the misunderstanding of relationships as she personifies the truths about life and love. Taking blinders off our eyes in order for us to see what truly is and not just what we want them to be. Let go and become captured in the journey of love lust or lies as she draws you in as if it were your story being told.

Love lust or lies by Monya Williams go out and get your copy you will be glad you did.

God, Give Me Strength

About the Author

My name is Pearl Lilly and I am native of Michigan. I am a educator, child abuse advocate, poetry, spiritual person. I enjoy reading and writing. I currently live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas; attending University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I lived here for just a little over a year now and enjoying the different cultures here. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends, traveling, and more. I have written these books out of healing within myself.

About the Book

"God, Give Me Strength"- is based on the challenges that I had dealt with court cases and being tortured a child.

A New Life: Delivered from Lesbianism

About the Author

Linda Carter, a born again, ex-lesbian, She spent 15 years of her life living as a Lesbian. In 1995, God saved and delivered her from lesbianism. Today, she is a born again woman of God, mother and author. My desire is to see all who are bound by homosexuality and lesbianism set free. She has a heart, for those who are bound by homosexuality and lesbianism. Her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

Linda Carter’s mission is to see God save and deliver, those who are bound by their sexual identity and share my personal testimony on how God supernaturally delivered me from Lesbianism. To educate Pastors, Youths and all those who are willing to listen.

Linda Carter, God has blessed her to share her testimony by way of TV, Conferences, Churches, Blog talk radio, Charisma magazine and She Blog’s for Christian Post. Member and Team Leader for Overcomers Network. She is a member of Goodwill Church Ministries International, where Apostle Jeffery & Prophetess Sandra Thrash is her Pastor.

Linda Carter is the author of “A New Life: Delivered from Lesbianism” a book that takes us on her personal story and journey through lesbianism and how God freed her from bondage. Her summations to the word of God and her story makes great for comprehension and understanding.

About the Book

Linda Carter is a living example of the mercy, grace and power of God. having lived as a lesbian for 15 years, she was saved and set free by Jesus Christ at age 33. She is no longer gay, has no desire to return to her former life, and offers that when an authentic Christian conversion take place, a gay person will completely renounce that lifestyle. Delve into first hand account regarding one of life's most controversial subject matters, and find out how her choice to serve God dramatically transformed her life.

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Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter”

About the Author

Inspired by her on own life and the many colorful characters she’s met, Boss Amanishakhete (Amani-sha-kete) has brought to fruition the Diary of Tippy Ellis – a long awaited dream.

Although a new author to the world of fiction, Amanishakhete is no stranger to writing and authorship. She’s currently a Word-Soul artist, who writes lyrics, underscored by original music composed by hip hop artist and producer Anuff. Amanishakhete holds an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Business and Communications (Cum Laude) supported by Business and International Relations graduate studies in London, England.

Amanishakhete’s previous career includes many years spent in executive management focused on broadcasting, business, PR, marketing and branding – and as an editor also wrote articles and editorials. She’s managed musicians and models, produced stage shows, served on stage as emcee and keynote speaker. She’s hosted her own TV and radio shows where she interviewed major celebrities and high profile personalities.

Boss Amanishakhete’s mission is to “Inspire positive changes in the world through the heart and soul of a woman.”

About the Book

The Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” is not just any novel but a movement and the first in a series that will be around for many years –says early readers. The Diary is bold and refreshing and a must read for anyone, especially, those who cannot get enough of thriller, suspense and romance. However, this isn’t your typical urban story. The heroine is a black teenage girl who is rich – I mean – really rich. She’s a trust fund baby whose mama comes from a long line of steel and land moguls dating back to the 1700s. And her father is a self-made millionaire who owns a Fortune 500 company.

For starters, imagine being a rich black teenage girl living in Atlanta, Georgia only to have your father uproot your life and move you to predominately white Portland, Oregon where black folks make up less than 2 percent of the population. Despite the culture shock the Diary of Tippy Ellis manages to explore a variety of black experiences – not only in Atlanta but Portland –that collide into this fiery young heroine’s life.

So, you must be thinking rich black girl and easy life – Not! On the surface, it may appear as if being rich is all that, but in the case of Miss LaTonya Loretta Ellis it is far from true. Most everyone calls her Tippy, a nickname her parents gave her at age four for her ability to sneak up on people without them knowing. As an only child, she thought this would be a good source of entertainment. However, she soon learns some of what she witnesses will cause her great pain.

In the Diary of Tippy Ellis, the author will introduce you to colorful, dynamic and real characters inspired by the author’s own colorful and adventurous life and sometimes tragic circumstances. Boss Amanishakhete has captured the essence of human nature in a storyline that will make you laugh, cry and get angry, offering many teachable moments for Tippy and her readers as she’s challenged by a variety of events like losing her mama at a very young age, driving her toward a shocking truth.

Tippy believes her father Robert Ellis is hell bent on making her life miserable – you be the judge. He’s a diehard Democrat but seeks to satisfy his own selfish needs regardless of how it fairs with the people around him, especially, his daughter and only brother. Along with his new wifey, Robert Ellis will push Tippy to the brink of heartache, leaving her to venture out into a dangerous world full of unkind and dangerous people. On the upside, she meets friends from many lifestyles and will learn to love in ways outside the realm of a typical rich girl – perhaps.

Tippy also has the unconditional love and support of her Unc Rae-Rae (Raymond Ellis) who stands beside her despite his brother’s attempts to hold him to an agreement he’d one day regret. And, of course, there’s her BFF TiAnna Johnson. TiAnna will experience a horrific event so shocking it will make you want to stand up and take action. Through it all Tippy and TiAnna remain close friends while continuously reminding the world they are “Girlishcious” a name they created to define their intrinsic beauty.

The Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” will have you guessing through many twists and turns. You will be confronted with many violent scenes that could make you cringe. Although tough for some readers, today’s teens are not naïve and are often forced to experience incredible feats.

In that vein, may Tippy’s journey live in your hearts and minds to the very end. Thank you for listening to her voice.

“My pain may be for a different reason but it’s pain nonetheless.”

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What the Devil Meant for Bad

About the Author

T.M.Duncan is originally from Louisiana and currently live in Georgia. I graduated from Savannah State University and am now studying at Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of my Masters of Creative Writing. Needless to say, writing is a passion. If I'm not writing, then you can find me spending time with my family, reading, blogging, travelling, or trying a new YouTube'd style on my natural hair.

About the Book

Shantelle marks the third generation of women in her family to mistress as a means of making ends meet. However, the collapse of her gifted lifestyle causes her to question her mere existence. Who is she? What is her purpose? Everyone seems to know theirs but her.

She begins to realize that the life that she is living is not hers and she must make a critical choice of either stepping onto new grounds or resorting back to what she knows best.

Her decision grows even more complicated with the revelation of a familiar stranger from her past causing everything that she thinks she knows to be questioned in ways that only she can answer.

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New Book Reach Out And Touch (author Suzanne Uzzell)

Reach Out and Touch is Inspirational God inspired book about extending our hands to help others by giving to impact lives.

I am grateful God allowed me to write this book and all glory belongs to him! Feel free to Rate and Review this book at the below links.Please share these links To Preview the book

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I truly believe the message in this book will will transform and bless lives.

Love Suzanne Uzzell

King Peggy


(King Peggy)           (Eleanor Herman)

About the Authors

Peggielene Bartels (King Peggy) was born in Ghana in 1953 and moved to Washington, D.C., in her early twenties to work at Ghana's embassy. She became an American citizen in 1997. In 2008, she was chosen to be King of Otuam, a Ghanaian village of 7,000 souls on the west coast of Africa. A devout Christian, she lives in Silver Spring, MD, still works at the embassy, and spends several weeks each year in Ghana.

Eleanor Herman is the author of three books of women's history, the New York Times bestseller Sex with Kings,Sex With the Queen, and Mistress of the Vatican. Her profile of Peggy was a cover story for the Washington Post Magazine. She lives in McLean, VA.

About the Book

The charming real-life fairy tale of an American secretary who discovers she has been chosen king of an impoverished fishing village on the west coast of Africa. King Peggy has the sweetness and quirkiness of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series and the hopeful sense of possibility of Half the Sky.

King Peggy chronicles the astonishing journey of an American secretary who suddenly finds herself king to a town of 7,000 souls on Ghana's central coast, half a world away. Upon arriving for her crowning ceremony in beautiful Otuam, she discovers the dire reality: there's no running water, no doctor, and no high school, and many of the village elders are stealing the town's funds. To make matters worse, her uncle (the late king) sits in a morgue awaiting a proper funeral in the royal palace, which is in ruins. The longer she waits to bury him, the more she risks incurring the wrath of her ancestors. Peggy's first two years as king of Otuam unfold in a way that is stranger than fiction. In the end, a deeply traditional African town has been uplifted by the ambitions of its headstrong, decidedly modern female king. And in changing Otuam, Peggy is herself transformed, from an ordinary secretary to the heart and hope of her community.

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About the Author

Rayna Gray graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. She is an advocate for domestic violence survivors and she has been working in the field of domestic violence for five years. She is a voice for domestic violence survivors and she promotes awareness. Mrs. Gray is a memebr of the Women of Color Caucus. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and children.

About the Book

His 200 pound frame was too much for me. I could not fight back any longer, I was defeated. I lost all of my strength and became very weak and began to go in and out of consciousness. When I lost full consciousness he grabbed me by my neck, sat on a chair and wrapped his legs around my body so I could not move. I heard the sound of clippers.He began to shave my head.

The Other Woman

About Tunette Powell

I am an experienced journalist, with a knack for writing feature stories. As a former editorial assistant and staff writer, who spent five years at the San Antonio Express-News, I have chronicled everything from a homeless community’s fight to save their makeshift homes, to an aspiring rapper in San Antonio. When my husband’s Air Force career relocated us to Omaha, Nebraska, I continued my career in communications and continued my writing via blogging. As a blogger for more than two years at the Express-News, my blog, “Tunette’s Baby Steps” was consistently ranked in the top 25 most read blogs by the San Antonio Express-News’ website. In fall 2012, I was offered a blogging position with Momaha, a parenting site offered through the Omaha World-Herald. Since accepting the position, I have become a regular on the World-Herald’s homepage.

In 2012, I earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, making me the first woman in my family to earn a college degree of any kind. Since graduating, I have charged my motivational speaking career into full gear, covering topics that root from my childhood struggles. I have carried my message and testimony across
the country, including education conferences, shelters, women centers and schools.

I have spoken at organizations that cater to young children, teenagers and adults all in an attempt to encourage people to recycle the human life. As a public speaker, I have seen great success. Most notably, in April 2012, I delivered a persuasive speech about the criminalization of addiction that won the Interstate Oratory competition, which is the nation’s oldest speaking competition. I am originally from San Antonio, Texas but now reside in Omaha with my husband, Jason, and two children – Jason Jr. and Joah. In my free time, I coach girls’ basketball and offer writing and speaking classes.

About the Book

The Other Woman is a bold and emotional memoir based on a sixteen-line rap written by the daughter of an addict. In this honest portrayal of addiction, Nette loses herself in the stories of her father's struggles. She vividly recounts his memories of the crack houses and prison cells he once frequented, and openly recalls how that other world stole so many years from Bruce Callis and his family. Bruce, who began selling drugs when he was fourteen years old, first smoked crack cocaine while selling the drug to an attractive woman in a crack house. In the decades that followed, he traded everything - household goods, the money meant to feed his children - to finance his habit. While Bruce wasn't watching, Nette grew up. She faced challenges of her own - being molested as a young child and searching for her father's love in every man she met. But in the process, Nette searches for a way to not only forgive her father, but to understand him.

Transient: A Colored Girl’s Travels

About the Author

Salihah Simone:Growing up, I travelled in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa with my parents. As freshman in high school they shipped me off to Cote d’Ivoire as an exchange student to be sure that I could understand how fortunate I was to have been born middle class in America. I studied fine art specifically photography and spent a good portion of my college career doing independent studies in foreign countries. Having been exposed to many cultures at home and abroad it was only natural that I would not be happy sitting behind a desk and living a “normal” life.

Today, I work internationally as a communications consultant for non-governmental organizations and grass-roots campaigns concerned with women’s health and girls’ education. I have lived and worked in over twenty-five countries throughout the developing world.


About the Book

TRANSIENT: A COLORED GIRL’S TRAVELS is the idiosyncratic story of a brown girl with an American passport and very little compunction about pursuing what she wants—even when she should stop and think it over. Salihah dances, drinks, dates and attempts to find her purpose in this autobiographical novel that chronicles a young woman’s twenties. With a little flirting, a lot of signs from her guardian angel and her crew of eclectic travel buddies she makes her way across four continents. Her companions on theses escapades include a half-Ethiopian half-Brazilian dating guru, a gay retired ballet dancer and a collection of lovers from the beach who can never come home to her real life.

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Sin is a Puppy That Follows You Home


About the Author

Balaraba Ramat Yakubu is a Nigerian author who writes in Hausa. She is a leader in the genre of littattafan soyayya or "love literature", and one of the very few Hausa writers whose work has been translated into English. She has also worked as a screenwriter, producer, and director of Kannywood films. Her stories have focused on issues such as forced marriages and women's education.


About the Book

Sin is a Puppy That Follows You Home, by Nigerian Hausa novelist Balaraba Ramat Yakubu, is just one example of the flourishing genre of Hausa popular literature known as littattafan soyyaya, or “love literature”. As the term suggests, littattafan soyyaya is primarily concerned with love and romance, although like many definitions for genre literature this is a reductive one: Hausa popular literature generally depict situations that involve family and communal strife and resolution amidst the bounds and strictures of politics, religion, and social and cultural norms. Its focus on how traditional mores or values rub up against newly-defined values or boundaries brought about by the invasion of capital, or “globalisation”, is a theme that strikes a chord among its younger readers, in particular. Littattafan soyyaya has also come to be known by its academic term, Kano market literature, primarily because Kano is the city where the majority of the literature is written and sold.

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For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone

About the Author

Debra Powell-Wright is a published poet and a founding member of In The Company of Poets, an African American female spoken-word ensemble based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The recipient of several poetry awards, Debra's work has been published in BMa: The Sonia Sanchez Literary Review, The African, Essence Magazine, and several local publications.

About the book

For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone is a collection of short stories and poems in which a diversity of voices speak on behalf of women of color from around the world: Africa, America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

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Philadelphia area contributors are: Pat McLean, Sandra Turner-Barnes, Aziza Kinteh, Darlene Godwin, Nish Pugh, Oni Lasana, KT Terry the Poetic Queen, Alida Padilla, Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Jaz Withonez, Bridgette Howard, Xavier Richardson, Tina Smith-Brown, Rahnda Rize, Emmalee Smith, Annette Owens, and Kia Knight.

Out of state contributors are: Sailume Walo, Wanda Flowers, Brenda Hodges, and Karen Celestan. And across-the-water contributors are: Della Hicks-Wilson, Annee Lawrie, Malaika Rose Stanley, Joanne Hillhouse, and Razinatu Talatu Mohammed.

Shout-out also to Leeway Foundation, Art Sanctuary, and Black Classic Press for helping me to make one of my dreams come true; and to Toni Kersey, Biany Perez, and Charles Lowder for making the front and back covers look beautiful.

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The Seed of a Slave

About the Author

Irene Booker is a Real Estate Professional and the Author of Feelings From Deep Within, Prey of Innocence and The Seed of a Slave. Ms. Booker is a poet of truth and has been writing since the age of 12. As a poet, she transcend buried emotions longing for existence. She has captured the true essence of one’s torn soul. As we identify with her writings, we are reborn within ourselves.


About the Book

This keepsake is dedicated to our ancestors who marched and died, in order for us, to live the life they could only dream of. Their prayers and sacrifice should never be forgotten. Their strength in unison should be a reflection of each of us today.We were born for greatness, not less than.

Diva’s Jotz N Tittlez

About the Author

Sheila M. Lockhart, mother of four who had been residing in the Antelope Valley for over fourteen years. Formerly a member of Antelope Valley Christian Center in Lancaster, California for eleven years where she served faithfully in the music, dance, drama, publication, and prayer room ministries. As her season ended at AVCC, she joined Greater Harvest Christian Center in Palmdale, California, where she served as youth facilitator. Sheila was also a board member of L’Tanya James Outreach Ministries, where she was licensed as Minister, she also served as Administrative Assistant and Armorbearer. Sheila has since returned to Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California, where she worships and receives the Word of God. Among a diversity of gifts in the creative arts, Sheila’s first passion is writing which allows her to express her love for the Lord to those that are lost, wounded, or just seeking to hear His voice. Shes has been writing as long as she can recall. She always says, " As a child I would sit in the bathroom and write until my legs went numb". Her out the box way of thinking allows for her mind to be open to ways to capture her readers heart. Her most recent book, “Diva’s Jotz N Tittlez”, has captivated her audience with its mixture of quotes and poetry from her heart.

About the Book

Diva's Jotz N Tittlez is a book of quotes and poetry that will warm the heart soul and spirit.