Torn Between Two Lovers Ministry vs Family

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Patricia was born and raised in a small town of Pineville, Louisiana, two hours from New Orleans. She is a mother of one daughter, Natasha and grandmother of three Jeremiah, Jaycee and Josiah. She is a Minister of the Gospel, Psalmist, Motivational Speaker and an Entrepreneur. She published four books Chastisement through the Love of God, The Power of a True Intercessor, Encountering a Different World while Caring for a Parent with Dementia and Torn Between Two Lovers: Ministry versus Family. She is the owner of Little Pond Big Taste Seafood Restaurant and she hosts the Power of Prayer talk show on blog talk radio. She has a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Her passion is writing and spending time with her family. Her author platform is to inspire, encourage and to motivate. Her favorite scripture:“Without Faith it is impossible to please Him” Hebrews 11:6a. 

About the Book

God has impacted us with so many gifts to spread across the world, however, sometimes we might have a difficult time balancing ministry and family. We may spend so much time with one while neglecting the other. It is so easy to be overcommitted and under- connected, when there is a lack of presence and priorities, relationships with God, spouses and family will suffer. This is dangerous. This book will teach you how to balance ministry and family the Godly way.

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About the Author

D.M. Williams is a black American woman who was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Having always maintained a deep and enchanting love for books, she studied English towards becoming an educator--and afterwards obtained a master's degree in Educational Administration. Williams'master's research centered on literacy and the achievement gap. Her educational tenure lent itself to the development and completion of her debut book LOVE IN, AIR IN which examines the wondrous complexities of the human experience and draws upon metaphysical and mystical insights to provoke enlightened thought and considerations in an elaborate and imaginative work of fiction.

Her author platform is committed to literacy advocacy--where she enjoys sharing information about the importance of literacy, literacy statistics, and the positive impact a resourceful and literate community has on its own growth and development; she welcomes opportunities to speak to students, boards, and any audience regarding social matters, literacy, cultural empowerment, and her authorship.

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LOVE IN, AIR IN is a work of fiction detailing the experiences of several characters whose trials, triumphs, and passions reveal their life purpose and reason for being. Shifting narrative perspectives expose the truths which lie at the core of our conscious and subconscious awareness. It takes readers on a metaphysical journey and offers them a soulful examination of life.

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Life in Its Rawest Form

About the Author

Qiana grew up as a disadvantaged youth where her parents battled with drug and alcohol addiction, and poverty, which caused her to live through tumultuous growing-up years. In addition to her childhood challenges, Qiana became a mother at the age of fifteen years old. She didn’t let her circumstances stop from dreaming of better. She used her growing-up years as an example of what she didn’t want for her future. She worked tirelessly to overcome her past and not to follow in the same path as her parents.

Today, Qiana Hicks is a mother, college graduate, a career professional, and an author. She began her career with a Financial Institution as a Customer Service Representative. In addition to working full-time, she attended junior college where she obtained an associate degree in Applied Science, which landed her a job in technology as a Helpdesk Analyst. After serving in this capacity for a couple of years, she realized that in order for her to grow and advance, it would require a higher education, so she achieved a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, she advanced to a role in Software Engineering.

In this capacity, she learned how IT could be a competitive advantage. She increased her knowledge and skills by learning to program in various software languages. This opened the door to more responsibilities, where she advanced into a leadership role in Data Management and Quality Assurance (QA).

Qiana wanted to take on more business challenges and IT opportunities. She knew that in order to do so, she had to have a well-rounded education, combined with real world experience. For those reasons, she furthered her education by achieving a Masters in Business Administration, which led to her to a senior leadership role in Software Engineering of a Fortune Twenty company. Qiana has received numerous STEM awards, and Women Of Color In Technology throughout her career. As her life and career continues to progress, she is reminded of how far she’s come. That alone is what keeps Qiana striving for better each day.

Qiana’s mission is to empower disadvantaged and at-risk youth and young adults to overcome obstacles and break the cycle of impoverished thinking and behaviors so they can make better choices to create a brighter future for themselves, and be an example for others to follow.

About the Book

This is the story of Qiana - a young girl whose body and soul are battered by abuse, neglect, and abandonment. She grows up in an environment impoverished by drug- and alcohol-addicted parents. She dreams of and hopes for a better life, wishing she could morph into a life of pure peace and happiness. But extenuating circumstances throughout her childhood and young adulthood prevent her from enjoying that life.

Instead, the adversity and oppression she and her siblings frequently endure keep that nostalgic dream tucked away in a far-off place. This young Qiana often wonders why she was born into these circumstances, and why others, perhaps more deserving of such circumstances, were not. She questions whether God is punishing her for being born. She has a hard time understanding why anyone, especially a child, must endure so much pain and hardship.

Eventually, the young girl is separated from her family and placed in foster homes, group homes, and shelters.

When she becomes a mother at the age of 15, her hopes for a brighter future diminish somewhat, yet she continues to believe that future will be possible. Her journey is riddled with struggles. Nothing comes easy. She perseveres, scars from the past being the only real help she has. Somehow, she figures out how to use her scars and experiences as opportunities for the future she’s dreamed of for so long. Regardless of the odds, Qiana relentlessly searches for the future of her dreams – and she triumphs.

Qiana understands that in order to have a better outcome for the future, she has to think differently. Among her toughest challenges are not allowing her mother’s addictions and poor choices to affect her own choices, and not following in her mother’s footsteps and those of others around her.

With a sliver of hope, with cuts, bruises, and a wounded spirit, Qiana is fiercely determined to persevere in conquering her past and to exceed society’s expectations. Her misfortunes inspire her to forge a better future. Though not a single day is easy as she pursues her dream, she never stops dreaming, and she never gives up. She works tirelessly, she overcomes old obstacles—and, early on, she achieves success. Qiana’s journey for a better life ends in triumph!

Qiana’s marvelous story of hope, inspiration, determination, and her tested formula for success can help others who want to beat their own odds—regardless of what has come before—to triumph over the impossible.


“I couldn’t give up or look back, because no one else had my back. The more I understood that, the more I pushed myself to work harder each day.”

“As overwhelming as it could sometimes be, failure was not an option.”

“Regardless of how dark the past may have been, there is always hope for a brighter future.”

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About the Author

Lynette Edwards is a best selling inspirational Author. Some of her works include ‘Take off the Mask’, ‘Uncompromising Love’, and the ‘One Night Only’ series. Lynette writes books with the intent to uplift, encourage, and inspire. From national television and book tours to radio interviews and book events Lynette has reached people through her written words.

About the Book

Unstoppable is an interactive journal written to help you live your best life. The journal pushes you to discover your ‘why’ and it allows you to become a goal getter. After applying the action steps you are sure to become UNSTOPPABLE.

The Adventures of Jaylen Newman

About the Author

A Fresh Face for a Bright New Future

Izzy Spears is celebrating the launch of her debut book, “The Adventures of Jaylen Newman”, a children’s book series that follows Jaylen Newman, an African-American boy, and his family.

“I feel it is important for little boys and girls of color to have a positive representation of themselves. That is what inspired me to start this series. I am excited to share “The Adventures of Jaylen Newman with the world!”, stated Izzy.

One day my son came up to me and asked, “Why are there not many people that look like me on television?, immediately I knew “The Adventures of Jaylen Newman was important, stated Izzy.

“There are not many opportunities for children of color to see reflections of themselves on television, in books, or in movies. I decided to start writing this series so our young children can see themselves, have something to relate to and have something to be proud of. I hope this series inspires some little boy or girl I hope he or she can read one of my books and say I don’t feel alone. I know Jaylen went through a similar situation. If he made it through the other side, I know I can as well.”, stated Izzy.

As a child Spears enjoyed a very loving and pleasant childhood. Izzy spent Summers in the country, playing outside, going to the creek, digging holes and building playhouses. Izzy also understands what it is like to move around since her step father was in the military.

Sears’ experiences as a mother makes her love watching her son grow and find his way in life. She sees so much of herself in her son, and that learning about her son helps her learn more about herself.

One of Izzy’s long term goals is to host her very own talk show. Spears stated she would love to have a platform to reach a large audience on the topics of life, love, success, wealth, health, wellness and fitness. Spears aspires to change people’s lives for the better by sharing positive stories that are meant to motivate and inspire.

Izzy is also a plus size model. She has a goal to inspire people of all body types to walk around with his or her head up, unapologetically.

“If I can lead by example and show people that body shaming is not ok then hopefully others will join me and be happy in the skin they are in.

I find myself constantly speaking up for myself and not letting people body shame me. I am active, I eat well and I don’t have to explain myself. Just because I am plus size does not mean I owe anyone an apology or an explanation.”, stated Spears.

Today, Spears resides in Los Angeles, California. She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications and a minor in Psychology.

About the Book

The Adventures of Jaylen Newman was recently launched this past March 15th, 2018. The debut book titled The Adventures of Jaylen Newman: Jaylen’s First Day of School is about Jaylen as he tries to find his way in his new life in a new state across the country. It features his two parents, his loving Dad and Mom. Jaylen's Dad is a professional at a local firm who is in his mid to late 30's. Jaylen's Mom is also in her mid to late 30's and is a professional at a local firm which was awarded a promotion in a new state, which promoted the family to move across the country. Both of Jaylen's parents are educated and they try to support their only son the best way they know how. What inspired Izzy to write this book is that her son came to her and asked her “Why was there not that many people that look like him on tv?”, which she immediately thought that she felt it was important for boys and girls of color to see children, mothers, and fathers that resembled their families. About the book, Izzy states that “I believe it is important for the world to know a positive representation of young boys of color. There are not many opportunities for children of color to see reflections of themselves on television, in books, or in movies. I decided to start writing this series so our young children can see themselves, have something to relate to and have something to be proud of. I hope this series inspires some little boy or girl I hope he or she can read one of my books and say I don’t feel alone. I know Jaylen went through a similar situation. If he made it through the other side, I know I can as well.”

In addition to her debut book The Adventures of Jaylen Newman, she has a second book titled Diary of a Curvy Gal which will possibly launch this fall of 2018. In this book, Izzy Spears tells about her struggles as a plus size woman. She gives glimpses of her past in a journal entry format. Sharing all her deep secrets, she shares how she learned to love herself, regardless of what society says. This book is a mix of inspiration, self-help and biography. She believes that sharing her story of how she struggled to love herself can inspire others to live life out loud and without fear. She states that “I felt compelled to write Diary of a Curvy Gal because I want curvy girls around the world to not feel body shame, to have pride in their bodies and learn it is ok to love yourself for who you are just the way you are.” Some of her quotes about the book is that “I took me a long time to learn how to say “F$%# the haters”. She states that “Growing up I would look into the mirror and hate what I saw. I was thin and thought I was fat. I was beautiful and thought I was ugly. I want people to know it is ok to love yourself just the way you are.” She comments that “Body shaming is not ok. We are people. We have feelings, we need love. We come in all different shapes and sizes.”, and that “The people closest to you are sometimes the ones that can hurt you the most.”

Following the launch of her two debut books, she is also currently working on other projects. She is currently writing another book which is a motivational book for women who fell their clocks have run out. She concludes with “It is never too late to try to follow your dreams.”

My Scars Tell a Story: A story of a small-town girl who dared to trust God

About the Author

Angela Frazier-Lavalais is the Founder of LAV 4 LLC and The Ellen Marie Shields- Frazier Educational Book Award. She's is an experienced Virtual Talk Show Host, Reporter, Producer and Public Speaker. In 2013, she was named the Breakthrough Leader of the Year in her financial field responsible for mentoring her peers in data analysis, professional growth and development as well as strategies to grow the company on a global scale. She is also recognized for the development series to recognize local Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs called "Lovin' the Locals". As a Blogger/Vlogger, she currently has a motivational series called "Girl Bosses", which airs Facebook LIVE every Thursday at 7pm.

She is currently an Associate Producer with Creator of "Real Talk with Angela". Her previous experienced includes years as a event host. radio personality as well as a marketing and public relations consultant in the State of Louisiana and surrounding areas. She has interviewed notable Community Leaders and musical icons from several states and parishes.

Angela, has accomplished what most would deem impossible as a small-town girl from Alexandria, Louisiana. The rarity of finding a young woman who would remain firmly grounded in her roots while building a successful career is commendable in and of itself; but to couple such devotion with a dedication to serving others is, indeed, an asset to any community, organization or corporation.

Angela works tirelessly in the Alexandria community formally serving on the Food Bank of Central Louisiana Board of Directors, the Louisiana Mentors Board of Directors,VOA, Habitat for Humanity, InnerCity Revitalization, the Zion Hill Family Life Center Board of Directors and the Central Louisiana Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. Angela also serves on the STARS for Central Louisiana Board of Directors where she is a mentor for young ladies in hopes that she can share her success and struggles with the next generation of professional leaders thus the reason she decided to pin this book "My Scars tell a story". A story of trials and triumph of a small town girl that dared to trust God thru the test of life. Those scars lead to the victory that was always hers. She has also taken her love for finance and education and uses it to spear head the Department of Education’s movement to promote financial literacy in our youth. Angela coordinated a financial literacy initiative by partnering with Peabody Magnet High School, Alma Redwine Elementary School, Bolton High School and Rosenthol Montessori Elementary School where she teaches financial Mathematics, “Get Smart About Credit” and “Teach Children to Save” curriculums.

Angela also works as a Host/MC for live events and is often a Keynote Speaker at non-profit events in support of women's empowerment and community stability. For over 20 years, she has been speaking to young women on issues of self-esteem and spiritual awareness. In 2018 she will begin an annual initiative to inspire and uplift young ladies called the Power of Being a Girl Conference. She's proud to have spread a positive message to youth at events, schools and organizations as a featured speaker.

Perhaps her greatest accomplishments are found in her role as the wife of Mr. Terry Lavalais, an independent contractor, of 27 years and the mother of their twin daughters, Terra Ellyse and Tara Elizabeth. Angela looks forward to reaching many more milestones as a professional, community servant, wife and mother and new grandmother.

About the Book

Angela was well on her way to begin to fully enjoy her life. A thriving career, loving family, supportive friends, and a blooming ministry with goals and aspirations in sight. Then something happened. Something unimaginable that would re-shape her whole life. To find victory she had to go back to the beginning and draw strength from the very foundation that framed so much of who she really is. She had to give up all she knew to find what she needed to survive. This story is one of humble beginnings, the rise, fall, and evolution of a small-town girl who dared to trust God thru the various seasons of her life to gain the victory that was always hers.