Of Sentimental Value, The Novel

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Fumi Hancock :Filmmaker, screenwriter, bestselling author, TV/ Radio show host, public speaker philanthropist

While living in New York she hosted, produced and directed a local Christian “Straight Talk”in conjuction with the Rhema Prayer Ministries, Inc. as well as a 30 minutes talk show called “Stepping Out with Dr Fumi.”In addition, she has coordinated several programs for women and children with many social service agencies in New York and New Jersey areas, ranging from foster care, adoption, second chance homes for battered women.

As the President of Adassa Adumori Foundation, a US based 501(c )3 nonprofit organization in Tennessee, doing work in Africa and other 3rd World countries; she recently interviewed the African Union Ambassador to the US. She is a noted Mental Health columnist for the New American Times, an Immigrant Newspaper serving Middle Tennessee and has been invited to guest speak at several women’s conferences in the US as well as address governmental leaders such as governors and highly placed business executives in the international arena.

Fumi has been featured in various newspapers and online magazines such as Princeton Packet, The Tennessean. She has been instrumental in assisting start-up organization with their business development and is often called on to help dysfunctional organizations get back to the successful road. She has also written several inspirational Books, Starting Right Now, Diary of an African Princess as well as eBooks: 2Respectmylife.com; Her Online Television Program: Princess in Suburbia was recently released in the year (2013). It is a place dedicated to love, life, relationships and everything in-between. With many women (men alike requesting to be coached by dynamic Innovation Gurus) alongside Yolanda Shields, they are preparing to launch their very first Business Coaching Enterprise Let’s Go Innovate™ with a city tour across the United States of America.

Fumi "Stephanie" Hancock is a walking example of how an ordinary person from a shackled life of broken promises and shattered dreams can live a fulfilled destiny. After twenty years of dropping her pen, she picks it right back up again by releasing November 2012 Teens Amazon Bestseller -The Grimmlyn Series: The Adventures of Jewell Cardwell, Hydra's Nest. Though graduated with a postgraduate degree in communication arts, and undergraduate degrees in English studies and nursing, she ascribes her writing to her life experiences. She aspires to one day write a mystery/detective novel for the adult audience. But for now, she is content with her young adult audience. With her background in nursing, she gently nurses her unusual characters to life for her readers to enjoy. Her second book in the Grimmlyn series, The Sorcerer’s Purgatory is scheduled for release soon.


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SIBERIA TONKA, an African Immigrant's life turns upside down when she mistakenly loses a family artifact while desperately seeking relief from her heap of debt in America! Unknowst to her, she unleashes a mystical power around her in America and also amongst her loved ones in Africa. She must race to save her sister's life by retrieving the family artifact while juggling her two unexpected and very different love interests, an African US based wealthy art collector and a simple American consignment store owner. Who wins her heart and will she save her sister in time?


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Dear Divorce, Thank You (even though I HATE you) Sincerely, My Parents' Grown Kid: A Journey of Hate, Healing and Understanding.

About the Author

Lauren Alicia (Michigan native), is her parents' 20-something year old grown kid of divorce, and the author of Dear Divorce, Thank You (even though I HATE you) Sincerely, My Parents' Grown Kid: A Journey of Hate, Healing and Understanding.

Alicia is a Parsons the New School for Design graduate with a B.B.A. in Design + Management, business/design enthusiast, blogger and collaborator.

In her past time/procrastinating from studying in college, she had her first taste of writing, penning rap verses in her dorm room and only a select few can confirm this as true. Trained by Parsons in business writing and development, she's able to adapt this knowledge into telling her own story. This knowledge helped create her first blog + collaborative, GYC-GirlYOUCrazy.com in 2012, where Lauren Alicia considers herself to be the "Queen of the Process," sharing her own "Girl YOU Crazy" story. As part of her blog, she gifts readers with a free book at the end of the year, publishing through issuu.com, Don't Take the Elevator and Framed Stanzas. Dear Divorce, Thank You... is Alicia's first commercially published book in print format, and directly about a sensitive area of her life.

Since committing to writing as part of her journey, Alicia answers the question: How has your life affected your writing voice? "My life is my writing voice. It's my experience, my journey, and the best story I can tell is my own. At times, I do wish I was writing fiction but some things need to be presented plain and clear. I have written down some titles that I hope to explore in a fiction format, but like they say, all fiction has a hint of truth...right?"

Wanting to have something to call her own that she created, Alicia continues to allow her experiences to evolve into the reality she always imagined.

About the Book

You think parents have a lot to say about their divorce...

Lauren Alicia journeys through being a child of divorce now grown in a series of segments and personal letters designed to confront, cope, learn, decide and apply, providing space for readers to write their own personal letter entries. Dear Divorce, Thank You (even though I HATE you) Sincerely, My Parents' Grown Kid: A Journey of Hate, Healing and Understanding is an intimate conversation about what it feels and looks like to no longer be permitted to live the normal you always knew, and positively moving forward from our experiences. Alicia confesses moments when her present paid for past hurts of her parents' divorce, making this book for our sanity and the purpose of moving forward to a better place.

Through using a conversational writing style, this is a book readers experience, not necessarily a how-to guide, and insight for parents and outsiders (if that makes sense)... Moving past all of divorce's promising statistics for its reality, the family, the people, the normal everyone knew, and the unfiltered honesty...which is where the hate comes in.

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Tears of a Melody

About the Author

Born on 11 May 1992 in Johannesburg of two Congolese (Democratic Republic of Congo) parents, Stella Mpisi is the second born of a family of three beautiful girls. In 2003, both her parents died simultaneously in a car accident leaving my sisters and I orphaned. After the tragic death, things turned upside down and life took an unexpected turn.

In 2010 she wrote her first novel, an autobiography entitled “Sweet Memories: Tears of a melody” which was published in January. In 2011, Stella co-founded a multimedia production company, Sheer Magic Productions. The company, which offers various services such as photography, videography, event management and other, has a mission which entails the education of youth through means of media.
Today she is the Executive Producer and Creative Director at Sheer Magic Productions as well as an active writer, blogger and philanthropist. She am also an activist against colourism and a public speaker.

About the Book

After the simultaneous death of both her parents due to a fatal car accident, ten year old Stella Mpisi and her two sisters are orphaned and left alone. About a year after the tragic loss, Stella and her younger sister are taken illegally and by force out of South Africa and are brought to an unfamiliar country were they suffer both physically and emotionally for nearly six years.
Tears of a melody is the first book of an autobiographic duology in which Stella shows how God’s infinite love and grace helped her through her hardships and sufferings and how it gave her the courage and strength to escape from that dreadful situation in order to make something of her life.

The book is available for free on