The Blacksmith's Daughter

About the author

Ngozi Achebe was born in London and raised in Nigeria in a middleclass family; the daughter of Augustine, a civil engineer and Matilda, a nurse. Her uncle is Chinua Achebe, author, Professor at Brown University, and critic, best known for his book Things Fall Apart (1958), which is the most widely read book in modern African literature.

Her early unpublished writings were about the darkness of war and survival having been one of the children that lived through the Biafran war - a catastrophic event that engulfed 1960’s Nigeria and a potent definer of many childhood memories.

She currently lives with her two children in Olympia, Washington and is a practicing internal medicine physician.

About the book

The Blacksmith’s Daughter is a tale of two women separated by four hundred years but linked by history. Maxine, a modern American woman, who is half white and half African, comes across a set of diaries written by a slave in the sixteenth century in her quest to connect with her Nigerian father. Then there is Onaedo, a young woman from Igboland in West Africa, who found herself in the middle of events that were set in motion in a country far away from her small town. This is a coming of age novel set in a terrifying age—the age of Portuguese discovery.

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A Color and A Season

About the Author

I have recently delved into writing Urban Fiction, and my first novel, A Color and A Season was self published back in 2009. I am a St. Louis native, and it is still currently my home. I started writing at a very early age, short stories and poetry. I attended some college at Clark University, before returning home in 2001. I was married November of 2009, and gave birth to a baby boy (Sire), December 17, 2010.

I am currently employed with United Healthcare insurance Company, but am hoping to expand my audience, and eventually write full-time. In my spare time, I love reading and writing, as well as excercising, and spending time with my family. My goal is hopefully to inspire more black women to come out and tell their stories, so that we may continue to have role models that we can identify with.

About the book

When people show their true colors, they change like the seasons.

Zaria and Noelle have been best friends since their early high school years, more like sisters. The girls are complete opposites, but drawn to each other through love, and a sisterhood bond. Zaria makes a terrible mistake and is sworn to secrecy by Carry, Noelle's boyfriend, and the world as they know it crumbles. Their friendship appears irreperable, and they can no longer trust anyone around them. Friendships become few and far between, and enemies are closer than they both think. Will betrayal tear their friendship apart, or will they find it in their hearts to forgive?

Rain Love Poetry & Portraits

About the author

Lilian N. Blankson, an emerging author, was born and raised in New York to parents from Ghana, West Africa. Having written for over 20 years, she holds a BA in English, and an MFA in Literature & Creative Writing. Her thesis, an exceptional collection of poetry and short stories, afforded her a prestigious Graduate Award while graduating with highest honors.

Blankson is a Programming Manager and an accomplished Writer & Producer for Black Entertainment Television Networks (BET International.) For the last decade, she has lent her efforts to the network in a variety of roles ranging from managing all of its Mega Specials & Awards Shows to aiding with it's International Launch in the UK, Ireland, Africa & The Middle East. She has also helped to promote the careers of some very well known African artists. Committed to writing and publishing, she is busy at work composing short stories, a novel, and several essays with the ultimate desire to become an African filmmaker. With two distinct writing voices, (African and African-American,) she can’t be too far from the prize.

Never one to limit herself, additional undertakings for Blankson include serving as a columnist for several publications, and a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits. Her next book, Awaiting Fate & Other Talking Texts, will be released in the Summer 2011. Blankson and her son, Christian, reside in Rockville, Maryland.

About the book

Rain Love Poetry & Portraits is a beautiful generously sized coffee table book that overflows with exquisite black & white portraits that masterfully portray equally effective life poems. By creatively merging the genres of poetry & photography, inspiring bible verses are also incorporated for that special touch.

America’s Change, a Poetic View

About the author

Arnita L. Fields, a woman after God's own heart, has been blessed with the opportunity to write and publish four books of Christian poetry to date. She is also a co-author in a faith filled anthology. Arnita has written over 300 poems and also several short stories. In addition to being an award-winning author, she is a special mom, minister and fulltime student, majoring in Psychology/Marriage Counseling. Arnita and her husband of 13 years currently make Memphis, Tennessee their home.

About the book

Poet, author and writer, Arnita L. Fields presents in America’s Change a Poetic View, poems that were birthed forth in her spirit both before and after the election of our nation’s first African American President. This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and also provoke each reader to embrace God’s change for their lives. God has a special place in His heart for those who are willing to submit to the winds of change. Change is good, and it’s definitely good for the soul

America’s Change, a Poetic View talks about the wind of God and how it has been blowing and moving in a direction much different than many people have been accustomed to. The key focus of this book is to help sound the alarm for America as a country to unite, pray and move in sync with God so that we as a nation can experience the change that has already begun to take place in the lives of men and women all across our country.

This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and also provoke each reader to embrace God's change for their lives. God has a special place in His heart for those who are willing to submit to the winds of change. Change is good, and it's definitely good for the soul.