The Blacksmith's Daughter

About the author

Ngozi Achebe was born in London and raised in Nigeria in a middleclass family; the daughter of Augustine, a civil engineer and Matilda, a nurse. Her uncle is Chinua Achebe, author, Professor at Brown University, and critic, best known for his book Things Fall Apart (1958), which is the most widely read book in modern African literature.

Her early unpublished writings were about the darkness of war and survival having been one of the children that lived through the Biafran war - a catastrophic event that engulfed 1960’s Nigeria and a potent definer of many childhood memories.

She currently lives with her two children in Olympia, Washington and is a practicing internal medicine physician.

About the book

The Blacksmith’s Daughter is a tale of two women separated by four hundred years but linked by history. Maxine, a modern American woman, who is half white and half African, comes across a set of diaries written by a slave in the sixteenth century in her quest to connect with her Nigerian father. Then there is Onaedo, a young woman from Igboland in West Africa, who found herself in the middle of events that were set in motion in a country far away from her small town. This is a coming of age novel set in a terrifying age—the age of Portuguese discovery.

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