Love’s Persuasion

About the Author

Ola Awonubi was born in London to Nigerian parents and grew up in Nigeria.
On returning to England, she went on to spend three years taking intermediate and advanced writing courses at the Centerprise Literature Development project in Hackney before studying for an MA in Creative writing and Imaginative Practice at the University of East London.

A wide range of themes influence her writing - universal themes that people any where in the world can identify with. Family, love, relationships are a particular interest. For her thesis for her MA in Creative writing - she wrote a collection of short stories that reflected how colonialism had changed African society, culture and relationships.

In 2008 and 2009 respectively, she won two prizes; one for the short story 'The Pink House' in the National Words of Colour competition, the other, 'The Go-Slow Journey' for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize in the fiction category.

Since then she has had two stories featured in anthologies – Illusions of Dreams published in Naijastories and Green Eyes and an Old Photo in African Roar 2013. Other short stories have been published on African, Brittle Paper, Story Time, This Reading Life, and She has featured in Words of Colour, the Newham Recorder and Amina magazine, a woman's magazine with large readership in the French-speaking world.

She has recently had her first book – Love’s Persuasion – a slight adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion – published by Ankara Press – the romance imprint or Cassava Republic. The theme is a second chance to find love again and the story is set in the hustle and bustle of Lagos and London. She is currently working on a collection of short stories based on the African experience, and another romantic novel.
About the Book
Love’s Persuasion is one of the first six titles in the series published by Ankara Press the romance imprint of Cassava Republic Abuja.

Ankara Press a fresh new voice publishing romantic fiction for the African market, and is devoted to publishing easy-to-read, purse-size books with African settings, storylines and characters. The Ankara Press series launched in December 2015 with six new titles, set in locations as diverse as Lagos, Jos, Cape Town and the Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross Rivers state.


Things are changing for the staff of Lagos firm City Finance, and not necessarily for the best. But for Ada Okafor, a bright, dedicated and beautiful trainee accountant, the only change worth noticing is the dashing, British-trained new assistant managing director Tony Okoli. Ambitious and determined, Ada ignores her feelings for Tony and focuses on juggling her work in accounts with completing her degree in business and finance. But their love of books draws them closer together and soon they embark on a secret relationship. They soon discover that the course of love does not run smooth and a host of obstacles - from Tony’s disapproving family to jealous colleagues - litter their path. Their passion for each other is truly tested as they fight to persuade themselves and the world that love, in the end, trumps social status.

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Avaliable at for introductory price of N500 – also available in £ and $. The romances have been published initially as e-books, and are easily downloadable to mobile devices.

Links to publications by Ola Awonubi:

'The Go Slow Journey’, winner 1st prize in the Wasafiri International Writing Competition 2009. Published in the Wasafiri Journal Issue No 61 spring 2010

'The Pink House' winner 1st prize in the Words of Colour writing competition 2008

Short story - Illusion of Dreams published in Naija Stories - Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villains - An Anthology of Short fiction from Nigeria.

Understanding English - Story Time March 2012

Green Eyes and an Old Photo – African Roar 2013


Facebook page: Olawritesfiction

Twitter - createandwrite

Dedicated to Love

About the Author

Nicole Dannielle, an exciting, passionate, fiery and driven Author and Poet is on the brink of greater success. Beneath the surface, Nicole has seen words as art and with passion to unviel the depth of poetry. In her new book, "Dedicated to Love", available now on, Nicole Dannielle showcases her depth and vulnerability to the art of spoken word combined with a love story. "Dedicated to Love", is Nicole Dannielle's first publication of her writing career with a poetry book soon to follow. Nicole Dannielle can be heard on up and coming radio spots and slams all over Ohio.
Nicole Dannielle's poetry pieces and varied scripts can be found on her Facebook page/nicole.dannielle.1 or on Twitter@Nd17Dannielle. Dates of appearances can also be found in both media social sites. Nicole Dannielle is very transparent, vulnerable, inspiring, well-versed and true to her art. Nicole Dannielle defenitly has a promising career ahead of her as being well known in the world of literary art and beyond.

About the Book

Rayna Ransom, a fun, fiesty, sensual and driven telecommunications company executive is on the brink of greater success. Beneath the surface, Rayna struggles with the demons of her past that make her feel ill-equipped to face the challenges of a budding career and a promising love life. Because of a failed marriage, an absentee father, and struggles with alcoholism, Rayna decides to focus on her career and family to shield herself from the potential of another heartbreak. Rayna’s best friend, Shonda, introduces her to Dorian Sloan, a man with outrageous good looks and a questionable past. With too much on the line, Rayna is afraid to lose at love again. She initially resists his advances but when she is finally ready to admit her attraction, her future gets caught in the cross-hairs of her past. Believing that her best friend has betrayed her with her new lover Dorian, Rayna sets out to make her betrayers pay.

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Unfamous Book Two

About the Author

Born and raised in London, England, Shakira 'Scotty Unfamous' Scott burst onto the scene in 2009 with her candid, loud and proud YouTube show 'SDTV'.

In 2010, Scotty originally posted her first published book, 'Unfamous', on Facebook. Later on that year, Unfamous was adapted into a stage play by the Flourish Drama Company. The Unfamous play went on to become the first stage production in history to sell out London's Lost Theatre.

In 2012, Unfamous secured Scotty the BYA Literary Arts Award, and in 2013 it was turned into a web series. Scotty received multiple award nominations from the BEFFTA and Screen Nation awards including Best Author, Best Web Series, Favourite Web Series and Favourite Web Series Ensemble. The buzz around the Unfamous series made Scotty catch the attention of the Virgin/EMI group who hired her later on that year as the assistant producer for a short film for Rap/Vocal group, ‘The Rascals’, to promote the release of their ‘Class 90’ EP.

Along with Unfamous and SDTV, Scotty also has also had her own radio show, hosted events, been featured in various blogs, magazines and much more. Scotty is currently signed to the Peppergrain Media Agency, and is managed by Deb McKoy.

About the Book

After a hectic first term at Brompton, Rio is back to face old demons and inherit some new, darker ones. As the second term plays out, things for the Unfamous wannabe go from one extreme to another when the pressure of being a ‘one of them’ leads her down a path that ends up costing her a lot more than she bargained for.
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