A Father's Love: a Story of Reflection

About the Author

Lavita was born in raised in Canton Ohio were she attended Canton City Schools graduating from Canton McKinley in 1981 she now resides in Columbus Ohio Serving as Vice President of Three Leaf Productions Inc, A Marketing and Printing company owed and operated by her husband Ronnie Stokes. She Volunteered for 10 years with the Franklin County Childrens Services in their Friendship Program. In 2002 was awarded the Most Inspirational Volunteer of the Year award. Something a lot of people don't know about Lavita is that she is a 1st Degree Black belt.

Through this book, Lavita hopes to give important information, and inspiration to those who may have been hiding their feelings about their childhood, and she hopes to promote fatherhood within all communities. This book is filled with stories of tragedy and triumph, and tips for the thousands of people who are dealing with this issue.

About the book

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Father as a male parent, one who cares for another as a father (i.e. surrogate) A person who invents or begins something. Having my own children and seeing my husband love nurture and guide their every step. Loving them from conception has been a source of inspiration for me for this book. I wanted to tell me story to the many children out there who like me longed to be loved by my father but him never being there for me.

I constantly have heard young men saw how they were raised by a strong mother or grandmother.. You always hear athletes saying HI MOM… Or giving shout outs to them…. MY question has always been why not HI DAD??? WHY not give shout outs to DAD. Why because half of the time dad has not been around or is not in the picture. We will call everybody else our hero. Why not our fathers the very individual who’s blood pulsates through our veins. The dictionary says a father is a person who invents or begins something. We begin with the LOVE of our Fathers.

More about the book at www.afatherslovebook.com

In the Mids of it All

In the Mids of it All

About the Author

Carmen was born in Prattsville, Arkansas, a small town where the people were really friendly and highly acquainted. She attended Henderson State University, then later transferred to Philander Smith College, and received her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Administration.

Carmen is a native of Houston, Texas, and a caseworker for Texas Child Protective Services. Her calling is to help inspire teenagers and young adults. Carmen enjoys shopping, reading, writing, music, and spending time praying in God's presence.

Carmen also likes to spend time with family as well as having fun. Carmen will continue to use her testimony to inspire, encourage, and revive all. She lives by the philosophy, "that every person can and will be someone great if they try!"

About the book

Wow, life experiences can either make you or break you. Ever since my childhood, I knew that I was a very special person. I knew that I was chosen by God. God has had his hand on me ever since I was planted into my mother's womb. I can remember my experiences throughout my childhood as if they were just yesterday.

My parents had instilled in me that I was a child of the King and that God truly loved me. I have always remembered my mother telling me that I was so special. However, the devil tried to make me think different. He tried to attack me on every end of the stick. I dealt with depression, oppression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, emotional abuse, hurt, and pain from my childhood on to my adulthood. I have never shared this story with anyone. On the other hand, I do thank God for keeping some of the things that I endured in the closet… thank you Jesus!

In order for me to be free, God has told me it's time for me to tell and release my story. It is very hard for me to write this book, knowing that I am airing some of my own dirty laundry. As I am writing this book, I'm going to discuss certain things that were personal experiences in my life. Although I know that this is going to help encourage others, I pray that it will keep someone from going down the same road that I went down. I hope my mom doesn't decide to pull out the old belt, or switch on me. (lol)!

Sometimes we go through things to not only build us up, but to help others. I have to tell my testimony! I want to be able to instill in someone, if I can be healed and delivered from certain things, then so can you. I believe that my story can stop you from down the same road I traveled on. I know that someone is going to be blessed; someone is going to be helped; someone is going to come out of their depression; addiction; oppression; and whatever kind of satanic attack! I pray right now that as you read this book, you open your mind and heart to receive what God has for you. If you have placed your hand on this book, it is meant for you to read it. If God brought me out, he will do the same thing for you!

More about Carmen: www.carmenhicks.com

Introducing Sophia Firecracker

About the Author

A. A. Riley is an undercover, writing, superhero with mission to tell the stories of Canadian black women and girls. Before moving to her current home in Victoria BC, A. A. was awarded two Ontario Arts Councils grants for her novel Introducing Sophia Firecracker and was published in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. Writing highlights include publication in the Canadian Writer’s Guide, Art Corridors

Magazine and placing her script with a Hollywood actor. Life highlights include being a stunt double in a movie, meeting Alice Walker and Barbara Gowdy and placing her script with a Hollywood actor. A. A. has accepted her writing destiny and can often be foundin her downtown “library office” plotting her next adventure.

About the book

Sophia Firecracker is a nine-year-old girl who thinks she’s a superhero. When Principal Corncob hints that teacher Mrs. Greenbean may be a superhero; Sophia sets out on a mission to discover the teacher’s powers.

More about the author:www.sophiafirecracker.com

The Innocence of Others

About the Author

This is the part that usually begins, “Inda Lauryn is constantly changing the soundtrack of her life.” Even though this still rings true, she still continues to find new inspirations for herwriting. Popular culture remains a large influence on her work asseen in my previous novels In Time and One Last Dance, Little Sister? as well as the short story collection The People in My Head.

However,a love of fantasy and Zoe Washburn inspired her to create the webfantasy series The Final Resistance, which allowed her to collaborate for a short time with a very talented artist. In the meantime, she continues to work on the paranormal novel Blood Tastes Sweet. She is also working on an afro-gothic novel, a screenplay, two other novels based on characters from In Time and a host of other ideas that are continuing to formulate in her head. Right now, she is promoting her latest novella collection, The Innocence of Others.

About the book

Dominique Winters has an unusual ability that gives her unusual insight into criminal psychology. Lisa Tisdale cannot seem to get a traumatic past event out of her system… or the man behind it. Keyara Jones finds her unusual affliction affects her credibility as a witness to a crime. Three women find their lives turned upside when the wrong side of the law comes home.

Inda Lauryn presents three novellas about life and crime with the new work The Innocence of Others. “In Vacuo” blends a touch of the paranormal as Dominique Winters returns to her roots to help trackdown a vicious serial killer. “And You That I Defend” finds LisaTisdale also returning to her former home to get closure with the most important man in her life. “Face Blind” questions what Keyara Jones really knows when she loses her ability to recognize faces as well as her faith in the ones she loves.

Fans of Lauryn’s short stories will also find a few surprises in store for them as well. The Innocence of Others uses crime as its basis in order to explore various aspects of human nature.

You can find more information and free reads of her work at any one of her websites. You can check out Kismet’s old website at www.conceding2kismet.weebly.com and the new site at www.conceding2kismet.com/website. You may also read fantasy work at Kismet Fantasy, www.c2kfantasy.yolasite.com.