Introducing Sophia Firecracker

About the Author

A. A. Riley is an undercover, writing, superhero with mission to tell the stories of Canadian black women and girls. Before moving to her current home in Victoria BC, A. A. was awarded two Ontario Arts Councils grants for her novel Introducing Sophia Firecracker and was published in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. Writing highlights include publication in the Canadian Writer’s Guide, Art Corridors

Magazine and placing her script with a Hollywood actor. Life highlights include being a stunt double in a movie, meeting Alice Walker and Barbara Gowdy and placing her script with a Hollywood actor. A. A. has accepted her writing destiny and can often be foundin her downtown “library office” plotting her next adventure.

About the book

Sophia Firecracker is a nine-year-old girl who thinks she’s a superhero. When Principal Corncob hints that teacher Mrs. Greenbean may be a superhero; Sophia sets out on a mission to discover the teacher’s powers.

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