The Innocence of Others

About the Author

This is the part that usually begins, “Inda Lauryn is constantly changing the soundtrack of her life.” Even though this still rings true, she still continues to find new inspirations for herwriting. Popular culture remains a large influence on her work asseen in my previous novels In Time and One Last Dance, Little Sister? as well as the short story collection The People in My Head.

However,a love of fantasy and Zoe Washburn inspired her to create the webfantasy series The Final Resistance, which allowed her to collaborate for a short time with a very talented artist. In the meantime, she continues to work on the paranormal novel Blood Tastes Sweet. She is also working on an afro-gothic novel, a screenplay, two other novels based on characters from In Time and a host of other ideas that are continuing to formulate in her head. Right now, she is promoting her latest novella collection, The Innocence of Others.

About the book

Dominique Winters has an unusual ability that gives her unusual insight into criminal psychology. Lisa Tisdale cannot seem to get a traumatic past event out of her system… or the man behind it. Keyara Jones finds her unusual affliction affects her credibility as a witness to a crime. Three women find their lives turned upside when the wrong side of the law comes home.

Inda Lauryn presents three novellas about life and crime with the new work The Innocence of Others. “In Vacuo” blends a touch of the paranormal as Dominique Winters returns to her roots to help trackdown a vicious serial killer. “And You That I Defend” finds LisaTisdale also returning to her former home to get closure with the most important man in her life. “Face Blind” questions what Keyara Jones really knows when she loses her ability to recognize faces as well as her faith in the ones she loves.

Fans of Lauryn’s short stories will also find a few surprises in store for them as well. The Innocence of Others uses crime as its basis in order to explore various aspects of human nature.

You can find more information and free reads of her work at any one of her websites. You can check out Kismet’s old website at and the new site at You may also read fantasy work at Kismet Fantasy,

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