Deliver Us From Evil

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Through spell binding prose and expert storytelling Cheryl invites you to a world where love is dangerous, and allegiances are tested. These themes are echoed in both of Cheryl's novels, Every Goodbye Ain't Gone, released in February 2006, and her latest release in September 2008, This Ain't Over.

A unique hallmark of Cheryl's writing is the use of the novella, rather than the novel format. Cheryl understands that her reader’s lead busy lives and many don’t have the time to dedicate to long novels. To ensure that busy professionals of today aren't cheated out of a quality reading experience she developed her One Night Stand series of novellas, which includes both of her current titles. These novels offer readers pure entertainment, strong character development, and exciting plot twists without requiring the reader to reschedule their current commitments.

It’s the best of both worlds for Cheryl’s readers as they are able to enjoy quality writing that fits into their busy schedules. Many of her readers comment that the books were so captivating that they finished it in one night yet didn’t feel cheated out of a complete and well conceived story.

Cheryl’s passion for writing was born in high school when her beloved grandfather passed away. The pain of her loss eased as she penned a short story in his honor entitled Going Home. All through high school and college, Cheryl continued to write poetry, and short stories, which she shared with only her closest friends.

However in 2005, she promised her daughter, and God, that she would no longer ignore her love of writing. The following year she self-published her first novel. Though Cheryl faced many of the time constraints of working mothers everywhere such as juggling work and family, she tireless promoted her book all along the east coast of the US. After completing her book tour for her debut novella, she began working on the sequel This Ain’t Over which debuted in 2008 to critical acclaim.

Most recently Cheryl is completing her third book to be released in 2014.

About the Book

Deliver Us From Evil and Forgive Us Our Trespasses. Deliver Us From Evil is a thrilling story about mystery man Spencer McNeel and his girlfriend Tori Maxwell. Tori slowly unravels the truth about her man and his past and present, but not without paying the ultimate price.

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About the Author

Not only is she the author of adult fiction, but native New Yorker, April Alisa Marquette, is an editor. She garnered her love for reading from her mother, a songwriter/recording artist. Ever active in the arts, mom often read to April and her siblings when they were quite young. From her father who pastored, she learned to research/write, a prelude to her realistic fiction.
Whether she's penning fiction or non-fiction, she'd like to make readers pause, and think. She also offers hope. Happily married, she does not succumb to the notion that every story should have an upbeat ending. However, while creating her unforgettable works, she would like for readers to glimpse light at the end of the tunnel. As a reader herself, April has a soft spot for other readers. It is why she is most interested in what they have to say. Therefore on the 'Contact' page, she welcomes comments. And don't forget to check out her videos!

While attending college she enjoyed Creative Writing and Literature electives. Thus, the path for her life was charted. However, on the journey to becoming an author, she worked at Manhattan publishing houses and on Wall Street, for one of Americas most recognized real estate tycoons. This author whose women's fiction has been called 'spicy' has also worked in the commercial technology arena.

About the Book

In Improbable, a story of love and coming of age, readers get to watch Gemma and Jeremy grow up and become a power couple. Undeniably riveting and sexy, readers will never see certain twists or turns coming…
She is a lingerie model, one that fuels the dreams of millions of men the world over. Second generation Hollywood, she becomes a successful actress and a chart-topping movie producer. Her name is Gemma Janelle, and rumor has it that three influential men are deeply in love with her. This is her story.

He is ├╝ber sexy. With a French accent and a fiefdom fit for a king, he alone is the heir to two fortunes. He is Jeremy Baptiste Harden. Brooding and often filled with angst, he is the man atop Gemma’s A-list. Yet there are times when he would rather not love her. He is also sick of seeing her likeness in the tabloids – with other men, but he remains a slave to his heart.

She all but clawed her way out of a dark past; now she wants to live in the light, the spotlight to be exact. However, Gemma Janelle occupies that spot. Fresh from the backwoods, bottled-blond Ashlee is nobody’s bimbo. Boobtaculous and determined, she vows to break Jeremy away from that black chick Gemma. Then Ashlee will get everything she has ever dreamed of, right?

See how feelings can become twisted and thereby take a wrong turn – or two.

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