My Scars Tell a Story: A story of a small-town girl who dared to trust God

About the Author

Angela Frazier-Lavalais is the Founder of LAV 4 LLC and The Ellen Marie Shields- Frazier Educational Book Award. She's is an experienced Virtual Talk Show Host, Reporter, Producer and Public Speaker. In 2013, she was named the Breakthrough Leader of the Year in her financial field responsible for mentoring her peers in data analysis, professional growth and development as well as strategies to grow the company on a global scale. She is also recognized for the development series to recognize local Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs called "Lovin' the Locals". As a Blogger/Vlogger, she currently has a motivational series called "Girl Bosses", which airs Facebook LIVE every Thursday at 7pm.

She is currently an Associate Producer with Creator of "Real Talk with Angela". Her previous experienced includes years as a event host. radio personality as well as a marketing and public relations consultant in the State of Louisiana and surrounding areas. She has interviewed notable Community Leaders and musical icons from several states and parishes.

Angela, has accomplished what most would deem impossible as a small-town girl from Alexandria, Louisiana. The rarity of finding a young woman who would remain firmly grounded in her roots while building a successful career is commendable in and of itself; but to couple such devotion with a dedication to serving others is, indeed, an asset to any community, organization or corporation.

Angela works tirelessly in the Alexandria community formally serving on the Food Bank of Central Louisiana Board of Directors, the Louisiana Mentors Board of Directors,VOA, Habitat for Humanity, InnerCity Revitalization, the Zion Hill Family Life Center Board of Directors and the Central Louisiana Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. Angela also serves on the STARS for Central Louisiana Board of Directors where she is a mentor for young ladies in hopes that she can share her success and struggles with the next generation of professional leaders thus the reason she decided to pin this book "My Scars tell a story". A story of trials and triumph of a small town girl that dared to trust God thru the test of life. Those scars lead to the victory that was always hers. She has also taken her love for finance and education and uses it to spear head the Department of Education’s movement to promote financial literacy in our youth. Angela coordinated a financial literacy initiative by partnering with Peabody Magnet High School, Alma Redwine Elementary School, Bolton High School and Rosenthol Montessori Elementary School where she teaches financial Mathematics, “Get Smart About Credit” and “Teach Children to Save” curriculums.

Angela also works as a Host/MC for live events and is often a Keynote Speaker at non-profit events in support of women's empowerment and community stability. For over 20 years, she has been speaking to young women on issues of self-esteem and spiritual awareness. In 2018 she will begin an annual initiative to inspire and uplift young ladies called the Power of Being a Girl Conference. She's proud to have spread a positive message to youth at events, schools and organizations as a featured speaker.

Perhaps her greatest accomplishments are found in her role as the wife of Mr. Terry Lavalais, an independent contractor, of 27 years and the mother of their twin daughters, Terra Ellyse and Tara Elizabeth. Angela looks forward to reaching many more milestones as a professional, community servant, wife and mother and new grandmother.

About the Book

Angela was well on her way to begin to fully enjoy her life. A thriving career, loving family, supportive friends, and a blooming ministry with goals and aspirations in sight. Then something happened. Something unimaginable that would re-shape her whole life. To find victory she had to go back to the beginning and draw strength from the very foundation that framed so much of who she really is. She had to give up all she knew to find what she needed to survive. This story is one of humble beginnings, the rise, fall, and evolution of a small-town girl who dared to trust God thru the various seasons of her life to gain the victory that was always hers.

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