About the Author

Roxanne Ridge is a self-published author and owner of Field Day Press, a publishing company. She authors multi-genres from mystery, thriller, horror, and fantasy for a young adult audience. She writes books for the teen and young adult audience because she believes literature opens a new world. Her passion is for the youth to use imagination and creativity through reading and writing.

About the Book

Admitted to Cladcliffe Psychiatric Hospital, Savannah Stone suffers from memory loss and after a year, she still can’t remember her identity. Her medication only makes things worse, and staff gets in the way whenever she tries to recall her memories. She suspects they’re hiding a secret. She still doesn’t know who admitted her, and she’s determined to find out. Revenge is on her mind and there’s a power within, fueling her rage. The journey won’t be easy, but Savannah is ready to escape Cladcliffe alive.

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