About the Author

D.M. Williams is a black American woman who was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Having always maintained a deep and enchanting love for books, she studied English towards becoming an educator--and afterwards obtained a master's degree in Educational Administration. Williams'master's research centered on literacy and the achievement gap. Her educational tenure lent itself to the development and completion of her debut book LOVE IN, AIR IN which examines the wondrous complexities of the human experience and draws upon metaphysical and mystical insights to provoke enlightened thought and considerations in an elaborate and imaginative work of fiction.

Her author platform is committed to literacy advocacy--where she enjoys sharing information about the importance of literacy, literacy statistics, and the positive impact a resourceful and literate community has on its own growth and development; she welcomes opportunities to speak to students, boards, and any audience regarding social matters, literacy, cultural empowerment, and her authorship.

About the Book

LOVE IN, AIR IN is a work of fiction detailing the experiences of several characters whose trials, triumphs, and passions reveal their life purpose and reason for being. Shifting narrative perspectives expose the truths which lie at the core of our conscious and subconscious awareness. It takes readers on a metaphysical journey and offers them a soulful examination of life.

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