Karma A Book Of Short Poems

About the Author

I've been writing since I was in middle school, but just didn't have the desire to do anything with my writing. Over the years friends, and family members have tried to get me to go to spoken word events, but I turned them down. I am a very shy person, so that just didn't work for me. A few years back I was in an abusive relationship, and is proud to say that I'm a domestic violence survivor. At that point my writing became more personal, and more heart felt. The more my peers asked me to venture out with my writing, the more I held back. I am a strong believer in God, so when I read something I took it as a sign, and ran with it. One day I was on the internet and read something that said: "If God gives you a talent then you need to use it". I looked at that as God talking to me about my talent, so I published a poem book.

About the Book


Red is the color of the blood my ancestors bled
Red is the color my people have shed
They say America is the land of the free
But if you’re BLACK, then how can this be
Just because you’re black
Don’t make you bad
When people stereotype us
It makes me mad
The white man tries to hold us back
They just don’t know we’re about to attack
We’ve been enslaved, beaten, killed and hung
But we still won’t let that
Get in our way
And we don’t care
What no one have to say
We’re going to make it
As you can see
Just like everyone else
We’re going to be all that we can be
Who are you
To call me a nigger
Because of my race
You need to check yourself
And get out of my face
Don’t call me dumb
Because I’m Black
Plus you made it obvious
That knowledge is what you lack
Hopefully one day
People will open their eyes and see
That Black is beautiful
Just take a look at me
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