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JoAnne Culley was born in Newark, New Jersey but raised in East Orange, NJ. She is the youngest of 4 sisters. She started writing poetry at 9 years old , using an escape from the abuse of her family, school bullying, and living in poverty.Her father had a stroke when she was 13 years old, in which she had to give up writing in order to take care of him while her mom was working.

She graduated from East Orange Campus High School in 2005, when she was 17. She instantly got a job as a school bus attendant for three years. When she was 18 years old, she visited Florida, Puerto Rico, Washington, Georgia, and Canada. She also worked as a caregiver for the elderly while being employed at a Child Day Care. She began writing mini love stories and poetry again. At the age of 23, She became a Certified Nurse Assistant. Caring for others is a Life long passion of hers.

She currently wrote and self published Stanley's Cocoa Office Goddess and Love in Black And White: Bernice's Diary of a Scorned Family Curse and a White Christmas from Above, both of these books are series...

She writes with the purpose of inspiring and motivating people.

Books bij JoAnne Culley:

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