Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter”

About the Author

Inspired by her on own life and the many colorful characters she’s met, Boss Amanishakhete (Amani-sha-kete) has brought to fruition the Diary of Tippy Ellis – a long awaited dream.

Although a new author to the world of fiction, Amanishakhete is no stranger to writing and authorship. She’s currently a Word-Soul artist, who writes lyrics, underscored by original music composed by hip hop artist and producer Anuff. Amanishakhete holds an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Business and Communications (Cum Laude) supported by Business and International Relations graduate studies in London, England.

Amanishakhete’s previous career includes many years spent in executive management focused on broadcasting, business, PR, marketing and branding – and as an editor also wrote articles and editorials. She’s managed musicians and models, produced stage shows, served on stage as emcee and keynote speaker. She’s hosted her own TV and radio shows where she interviewed major celebrities and high profile personalities.

Boss Amanishakhete’s mission is to “Inspire positive changes in the world through the heart and soul of a woman.”

About the Book

The Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” is not just any novel but a movement and the first in a series that will be around for many years –says early readers. The Diary is bold and refreshing and a must read for anyone, especially, those who cannot get enough of thriller, suspense and romance. However, this isn’t your typical urban story. The heroine is a black teenage girl who is rich – I mean – really rich. She’s a trust fund baby whose mama comes from a long line of steel and land moguls dating back to the 1700s. And her father is a self-made millionaire who owns a Fortune 500 company.

For starters, imagine being a rich black teenage girl living in Atlanta, Georgia only to have your father uproot your life and move you to predominately white Portland, Oregon where black folks make up less than 2 percent of the population. Despite the culture shock the Diary of Tippy Ellis manages to explore a variety of black experiences – not only in Atlanta but Portland –that collide into this fiery young heroine’s life.

So, you must be thinking rich black girl and easy life – Not! On the surface, it may appear as if being rich is all that, but in the case of Miss LaTonya Loretta Ellis it is far from true. Most everyone calls her Tippy, a nickname her parents gave her at age four for her ability to sneak up on people without them knowing. As an only child, she thought this would be a good source of entertainment. However, she soon learns some of what she witnesses will cause her great pain.

In the Diary of Tippy Ellis, the author will introduce you to colorful, dynamic and real characters inspired by the author’s own colorful and adventurous life and sometimes tragic circumstances. Boss Amanishakhete has captured the essence of human nature in a storyline that will make you laugh, cry and get angry, offering many teachable moments for Tippy and her readers as she’s challenged by a variety of events like losing her mama at a very young age, driving her toward a shocking truth.

Tippy believes her father Robert Ellis is hell bent on making her life miserable – you be the judge. He’s a diehard Democrat but seeks to satisfy his own selfish needs regardless of how it fairs with the people around him, especially, his daughter and only brother. Along with his new wifey, Robert Ellis will push Tippy to the brink of heartache, leaving her to venture out into a dangerous world full of unkind and dangerous people. On the upside, she meets friends from many lifestyles and will learn to love in ways outside the realm of a typical rich girl – perhaps.

Tippy also has the unconditional love and support of her Unc Rae-Rae (Raymond Ellis) who stands beside her despite his brother’s attempts to hold him to an agreement he’d one day regret. And, of course, there’s her BFF TiAnna Johnson. TiAnna will experience a horrific event so shocking it will make you want to stand up and take action. Through it all Tippy and TiAnna remain close friends while continuously reminding the world they are “Girlishcious” a name they created to define their intrinsic beauty.

The Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” will have you guessing through many twists and turns. You will be confronted with many violent scenes that could make you cringe. Although tough for some readers, today’s teens are not naïve and are often forced to experience incredible feats.

In that vein, may Tippy’s journey live in your hearts and minds to the very end. Thank you for listening to her voice.

“My pain may be for a different reason but it’s pain nonetheless.”

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